What do Japanese Gamers Think of the Smash Leak?

EDIT: 930 was incorrectly translated. It’s been fixed. Thanks to ドミニク on Twitter for pointing out the mistake!

Whether or not if this leak is real, it has caused a huge tidal wave of emotions among the Smash community. After two days, no concrete evidence has fully discredited the leak. I thought I would translate some of the impressions from 2ch. Specifically, the replies posted on Smabros.net, a Japanese blog dedicated to Smash.

867: ミュウツーリドリークルール居ないとか外人作じゃないな

I guess a foreigner didn’t make this as Mewtwo, Ridley and K. Rool aren’t in it.


Jigglypuff has gotten much cuter

874: こうして見るとシュルクとルフレ紛らわしい

It would be hard to tell Shulk and Robin apart

876: うわぁ犬居るじゃん  ガチっぽい…m2さんごめんよ

Ahhh the dog has made it in. It looks real. I’m sorry Mewtwo.

877: Miiがいない  Miiって3種類いるけどキャラ選択枠は3枠になるんかいな?

Where are the Mii Fighters? Aren’t you suppose to be able to select the 3 different Mii Fighters?


Even if this was fake, I wouldn’t be angry.

866: 中々よく出来た画像だ  誉めてやる

This is a well made screen. I admire it.

887: そろそろガチリークが出てきても不思議でない時期ではある

It’s about the time that a true leak would appear.

891: ドクマリ復活別枠にクッパJrてマリオ多すぎだろういくらなんでも…

With Dr. Mario being a separate character, and Bowser Jr, Mario has too much representation…


It’s unfortunate that on the character select screen they are lined up by: Pac Man, Mega Man and Sonic, but on the stages select screen their stages are lined up by: Mega Man, Pac Man and Sonic.

904: てかこれ1Pのとこに3DSのユーザーネーム入ってるじゃん  デバッガーが使う名前っぽくしてあるけど、それ故にそんな身バレするもの写せるわけない

It looks like the name for player 1 is be the 3DS username. It seems like the name for a debug unit, so maybe that’s why the picture leaked out in this form.

905: これガチだったら文句無しすぎるな  すっごい理想的だわ  クッパジュニア使いてぇ

If this is real, I won’t complain at all.

It’s perfect. I want to use Bowser Jr.

907: 上画面下2隅の空欄が貧相ってレベルじゃねえのも気になる

The lower far corner of the bottom screen looks a little empty. So I don’t think this is real. Also, it’s normal to have something in the background…

908: もうこれが本物でいいや

If this is real, then I’m okay with that.

915: キャラのアイコンどれも使い回しじゃん

It’s even lit around the characters that are being used.

This amateur even tricked my good eye. I’m disappointed in myself…

920: ガノン様松崎しげるじゃん

Ganondorf looks like Matsuzaki Shigeru [pictured below]

923:今までで一番リアルだな  画像がそれっぽいし  ミュウツー居ないし  クッパJrとかありそうなキャラいるし リアルさが過ぎわ

This is the most convincing one yet. The screen will probably look like that, Mewtwo isn’t there, and Bowser Jr. seems like a character would would be there. It’s too real.

868: なんでダックハントなんだろうな

Why did they name it Duck Hunt?

869: クオリティ高えな

The quality is very high.

912: これゲームボーイのステージはカービィステージだったってことか

So the Gameboy Stage is actually a Kirby Stage.

880: このダックハントドックかわいいな

The Duck Hunt Dog is cute.

883: ルキナが右下にいてまだシリーズ毎に並んでないし  「全キャラまだ解放してません」って設定なんじゃないの  クオリティ確かに高いな、特に下画面のクッパジュニア凄い

Luciana is in the lower right hand corner, and not with her series. The leaker has stated that it wasn’t all the characters. The quality is pretty high, especially Bowser Jr. in the lower screen.

899: 全解放でこれならガセ確定じゃないの、コンパチ勢を右下に追いやる意味が分からないし


If the leaker had said this was all of the characters, then it would be determined a fake. There are things I don’t understand such as why they would move the clones into the lower right side.  However, this and the stage select screen are all well made.

884: 信じちゃうよ

I (unfortunately) believe it.


It seems that Bowser Jr. will ride his Koppa Car normally. It looks fun!


It seems strange to me that Dr. Mario, Black Pit, Luciana would be lined next to each other since they are clones.

896: ダックハントって世界で3番目に売れたゲームだよな確か

I’m certain that Duck Hunt is the 3rd most sold game in the world.

910: 画像がいい


The screen looks good. Shulk looks cool, and Ness and Duck Hunt Dog look cute. Now I’m just waiting to see if Olimar will get a Alpha costume.

930: アップになってるクッパジュニア、ドクマリ、シュルクの3Dモデルを見てみろよ


Look at Bowser Jr, Dr. Mario and Shulk’s 3D models. Don’t you think an amateur made this? A professional definitely did this. However, the stage select leak has Brinstar on it, which was just revealed yesterday. Maybe this is the real leak…


9 responses to “What do Japanese Gamers Think of the Smash Leak?

  1. Your translations are off by a huge margin. Like seriously.


  2. Hi, thanks for the translations, would you mind sending me the source url(s) that you used for this?


  3. Am I the only one who really just wants to see the names on the bottom of the icons make a return? I’ve been following since release on N64, it just feels like it’s missing something


  4. Thank you
    Blog fantastic


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