Composer List vs. Stage Leak

EDIT: After looking at the list of composers for Brawl, and then comparing that to the returned Melee stages, I found that my theory does not hold up. I found that Melee’s original composers were not credited if they did not create any new songs. Please disregard the following theory. Thanks to everyone who commented on the validity of this theory.

Here’s the potential stage leak:

Let’s check the composers of the returning stages, with the newly released 3DS composer list to see if the retro stages are more or less confirmed. Sakurai has stated that the 3DS version will have two tracks each. I do realize that it is possible that Sakurai has not released all of the information in order to avoid spoilers. The second box says if the composer was credited on Brawl’s pre-release of composers.

Yoshi’s Story [From Brawl]:

Ending (Yoshi Story), composed by: Masafumi Takada [Check] [Yes]
Yoshi’s Island, composed by: Noriyuki Iwadare [Check] [Yes]
Flower Field, composed by:Asuka Ohta [X] [Yes]
Wildlands, composed by: Shogo Sakai [X] [Yes]

It’s highly likely that this stage will return.

Brinstar: [From Melee]

Brinstar Depths, composed by: Shogo Sakai [Check]

Already confirmed.

Corneria [From Melee]

Corneria, composed by: Hajime Hirasawa [X]
Venom, composed by: Hajime Hirasawa [X]

Not possible, unless they are not returning these tracks.

Wario Ware [From Brawl]

WarioWare Inc. Medley, arrangement supervisor by:  Ryoji Yoshitomi [X] [Yes]
Ashley’s Song, arranged by: Tomoko Sasaki [X] [Yes]

Not possible, unless they are not returning these tracks.

Distant Planet [From Brawl]

World Map 2, arrangement supervisor by: Masafumi Takada [Check] [Yes]
Stage Clear/ Title, arrangement supervisor by: Kentaro Ishizaka [X] [Yes]
Ai no Uta, by Strawberry Flower [X] [No]
Tane ne Uta, by Strawberry Flower [X] [No]

Possible if they are bringing in a new track from Pikmin 3.

PictoChat [From Brawl]

PictoChat, supervision by Shogo Sakai [X] [Yes]
Lip’s Theme, arrangement by Masafumi Takada [Check] [Yes]

Possible but unlikely that they are bringing in a new track.

Flat Zone II [From Brawl]

Flat Zone II, composed by Kenichi Okuma [X] [Yes]

Not possible, unless they are bringing in new tracks.

Green Hill Zone [From Brawl]

Green Hill Zone, copyright by: Masato Nakamura [X] [No]
Angel Island Zone, copyright by: Jun Senoue [X] [No]

Already confirmed with a picture with Captain Falcon and Sonic. 

Starting Stage tracks that returned from Melee into Brawl:

Rainbow Cruise, composed by Koji Kodno [X] [Yes]
Temple, composed by Akito Nakatsuka [X] [No]
Brinstar, composed by Hirokazu Tanaka [Check] [No]
Yoshi’s Island, composed by Koji Kondo [X] [Yes]
Dr. Mario, composed by Hirokazu Tanaka [Check] [No]


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  1. what? i don’t think that this means anything. this is pretty pointless.


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