Smash Tour Item List:

Red Base:
Back Shield –
Black Knight- Occasionally turns a smash attack into a one-hit KOs.
Bomb-Omb –
Daisy(Baseball) – Lets you automatically catch items
Energy Tank –
HomeRun Bat –
Bunnyhood Hat –
Darkrai –
Dixie Kong –
Franklin Badge –
JetPack –
Kat and Anna – Automatically breaks your impact on walls and ceilings
Hammer – You’ll start the battle with a Hammer.
Home-run Bat -You’ll start the battle with a Home-Run Bat
Latias and Latios –
Majora’s Mask – Inflicts high damage but doubles your stats
Magnus –
Metal Block
Mecha-Flora- Boosts your attack power as you take damage
Mr. Ressetti – Reduces an opponents stats to 0 for one battle
Ore Club – You’ll start the battle with an Ore Club
Plasm Wraith – Heals you when you block attacks with your shield
Poison Mushroom – Shrinks someone ? (According to Pro Jared)
Phosphora –
Sidestepper – Speeds up your sideway dodges
Super Scope – You’ll start the battle with a Super Scope
Steel Diver – You’ll start the battle with a Steel Diver
Ultimate Chimera –
X-Bomb – You’ll start the battle with an X-bomb
Blue Base:
Ashley – Slows down the spinner
Boss Galaga - 自分以外の全員の位置をシャフル (Shuffles the location of everyone else)
Bus to the City – Calls everyone to your space.
Chain-Chomp – Scatters nearby opponents
Ghosts – Lets you walk past stationary enemies
Dillon – Launches rivals that you encounter.
Doc Louis – Increases the effect of the stat boasts you pick up
ExciteBike – Doubles the result of your roll
Great Fox –
Isabella – Changes nearby stats to the maximum size
POW Box – Makes everyone else drop some fighters
Snorlax – Makes you impossible to launch (for now)
Riki – Draws in nearby items as you move.
Tingle – Shuffles everyone’s fighters.
Tetra – Places a trap that can steal a rival’s fighter
Timmy and Tommy –  Transforms nearby items into different ones
Yellow Wollywog – Nullifies a trap that you step on.
Zinger – Places a trap that can launch an opponent
Green Base:
Substitute – Makes one Tour Item hit someone else instead
Porky Minch –
ProtoMan – Reflects the effect of one Tour Item
A Wild Koffing Appears:
Koffing uses Smokescreen! The board is covered!
Metal Face has Appeared:
A big stat boast awaits whoever defeats this foe!
A Banzai Bill has Appeared:
Run Away! It’s gonna blow when the turn ends!
Tacs carring stat boosts have appeared!
Bump into one to get the goods!
A Repear has appeared!
Exchange three fighters for a Checkpoint Bonus!
A Soflee has appeared!
Bump into it for a Checkpoint Bonus!
A Flying Man has Appeared!
Videos I used:
Green are not boss items, but reflection items.
Red are items used in battles.
Blue are items used on the board.
I still think New Pork City is returning. Ultimate Chimeras are also appearing as a trophy, making two assets from the stage as trophies. It’s also possible that the Mario Bros stage is returning, as the Side Steppers make an appearance.

Penny for your thoughts?

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