Smash 4 Data Discoveries: Round 3

Round 2 -> Trophy categories, Additional unlocks, empty brainage emblem.
Round 1 -> Potential virus enemies, cut stages and possible Rhythm Heaven Rep:
ctg_10_Ws.nut <– World Smash Trophy Icon (Not used in the final game. 3DS version has Smash Run trophy icon)

Not found in the game files.

Not found in the game files.

SSB4\ui\replace\soft\soft_50\soft_50_SuperSmashBros.nut <– Masterpiece for Smash 64?
Only exists in soft_50. soft_51 and soft_52 are missing the texture, so it probably didn’t get far into development. (Punch Out is spelled wrong as soft_50_PanchOut.nut in all three folders.).

Probably removed because of issues with emulating N64 in game/ not worth it as it would be the only N64 title.
The naming of: stagen_10_Colloseum_f suggests there there was going to be a bigger version of Coliseum.

stagen_10_BattleField_f.nut <– The F probably stands for 普通
stagen_10_BattleField_l.nut <–The L probably stands for Large (Yes. Japanese people use the word “L” for Large sometimes).
Need to confirm that the _f and _l are labeled correctly.

SSB4\ui\lumen\order_stage, SSB4\ui\lumen\order_stage_c, SSB4\ui\lumen\order_stage_m and SSB4\ui\lumen\order_stage_c_popup files would be useful to figure out any more information.
Any idea what “tds” stands for? There are tds, tds_c, tds_f, tds_howto, tds_popup folders in lumen.

are two (nearly) empty files in SSB4\sound\config

minigame most definitely means Smash Bomb, Homerun and Trophy Rush as there’s another folder called minigame that has those files in it. This means that it was planned to be able to adjust the music in those mini games. The fighter one is a mystery– does it mean that there were going to be different sound effects? No idea.

Are all empty files found in SSB4\sound\se. I’m guessing the narration_menu was going to be for the top menu. Any ideas on joucyu?


6 responses to “Smash 4 Data Discoveries: Round 3

  1. Any before DLC Mewtwo yet to be used content?

    Any leftovers from Brawl?

    What about the Brain Age emblem picture from the last round?


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  3. Could you give me the ssb4 sources? I want help them.


  4. “Joucyu” (上級) means “advanced”. It’s the kind of generic name that you can’t get the context out of.


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