Rhythm Heaven Mini Comic Translation, Parts 2 & 3

Hey there! Masked Man back for a quick little translation. As someone with an extensive musical background and a strong affinity for quirky games, I found myself immediately enamored with the Rhythm Heaven series the first time I played it at an arcade in Japan. To celebrate the JP release of Rhythm Heaven: The Best+ (tomorrow!), the official site has begun posting a series of “the gang’s all here”-style comics. PushDustIn handled the first part, and I’m here to deliver the rest. Enjoy! Part 2: The Martian Returns
同窓会から…数日後。 Several days after the reunion…

カランカラーン♪ Ding-dong! いらっしゃ… Hey, come on i— ぐっぐっ Bump よ、ようこそリズム天国へ… W-welcome to Rhythm Heaven… Part 3: It’s Me, Tebiri! もぞもぞ Squirm squirm ポンッ! Pop! ぐらっ Whoosh ぺたんっ! Plop! ぐぬぬぬぬ Hrnnngh ぶるるんっ ぶるるんっ Jiggle jiggle ジャーン!!! Ta-daaa!


3 responses to “Rhythm Heaven Mini Comic Translation, Parts 2 & 3

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  2. That’s actually pretty cool for me as a Beginner haha :D. Thanks!

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