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An Amazing Desk, Famitsu Weekly (10/17/2003, Vol.25)

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Hi everyone, I’m a new translator/contributor for Source Gaming. In this article, Sakurai shares a slightly humorous story revolving around his “amazing” desk and its surprising selling point. I hope you all enjoy reading and look forward to more articles in the future!

Think about the Video Games Vol. 25, October 17th, 2003

An Amazing Desk

After becoming my own boss, I had to start getting by all on my own. First things first; after thinking that I really needed to do something about my chair and work desk, I set off searching various department stores. At any rate, chairs and desks are things you’re going to be putting in your own home, so if you get one that doesn’t suit you, I think you would be liable to become tired and doze off. Of course, it’s my own fault that I’m just lazing about! Continue reading