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Miiverse Translations #4

Been a while since we’ve done one of these!

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Thanks to BluePikmin11 for picking these out.

For battle exhaustion and allergies: Ganon Nasal Relief L
*Take twice a day
(Gerudo Pharmaceuticals)

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Solid Snake Joins the Brawl! (Translation)

Hey guys, Sutamen here with another translation from Sakurai’s book, 桜井正博ゲームについて思うことDX. This article goes way back to E3 2006, when Brawl was first revealed.

Everyone here at Source Gaming has been keeping busy with the new DLC content, and there are some big projects in the works, so stay tuned! Thanks to CraneZeroYonSan, PushDustIn, and MaskedMan for translation assistance.

To see additional translations, click on the “translation” tag below, or “Smash Translations” on top of the page.

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Sakurai Answers 100 Questions from Fans

Hi everyone, Sutamen here with a translated Q&A session translated from 桜井正博ゲームについて思うことDX, released July 30th 2008. In this article, Sakurai answers fans’ questions about games, his personal preferences, and life in general. Read on to discover his game-making motto, how much sleep he gets, and what he would name his cat!

Thanks to PushDustIn for translation help and for bringing me onboard with this project.

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