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“Abilities Unlike Any Other” – Sakurai’s Famitsu Column, Vol. 457

Note: Do not repost the full translation. Please use the first two paragraphs and link to this translation. For additional information, please read this post.

Hey there! Here’s a translation I threw together back when Sakurai first published his article on Robin and Lucina, reposted here for posterity. I’ve also included Sakurai’s own comments on the article from his latest book.
I’m currently hard at work translating some other really interesting content, so stay tuned!

Thoughts About Video Games, Vol. 457 – “Abilities Unlike Any Other”

We’ve just announced two new characters who will be joining the fray in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. One is Robin, the avatar from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and the other is Lucina, a swordswoman who plays an important role in the same title. I’ll skip over the details.

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A Short F.A.Q. for the last few D.A.Y.S.

There’s been an influx of new information over the past few days. In particular, Sakurai has released two new books, and Sakurai’s latest Famitsu article: Ryu, Roy and Lucas join the Battle! which was translated by Soma.  With this, I’ve seen some misinformation about both of these topics, so I figured I would address them head on. Also, this will give some insight in how Source Gaming operates, so it’s well worth the read.

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Solid Snake Joins the Brawl! (Translation)

Hey guys, Sutamen here with another translation from Sakurai’s book, 桜井正博ゲームについて思うことDX. This article goes way back to E3 2006, when Brawl was first revealed.

Everyone here at Source Gaming has been keeping busy with the new DLC content, and there are some big projects in the works, so stay tuned! Thanks to CraneZeroYonSan, PushDustIn, and MaskedMan for translation assistance.

To see additional translations, click on the “translation” tag below, or “Smash Translations” on top of the page.

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Quick Facts about the Spacies in Melee

Short post today, but I wanted to bring up something that I recently discovered.

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Can Ice Climber be in Smash 4?

The dynamic duo

The Ice Climbers, though from a forgettable NES game, were a well loved duo in the Smash Brothers series. So much so that their exclusion, due to technical issues with the 3DS version, has brought upon a lot of disappointment and discussion. In the Megapoll, Ice Climbers were the most wanted characters for DLC. However, can the Ice Climbers be included in the newest Smash. That’s what I’m going to try to answer today.

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Sakurai Answers 100 Questions from Fans

Hi everyone, Sutamen here with a translated Q&A session translated from 桜井正博ゲームについて思うことDX, released July 30th 2008. In this article, Sakurai answers fans’ questions about games, his personal preferences, and life in general. Read on to discover his game-making motto, how much sleep he gets, and what he would name his cat!

Thanks to PushDustIn for translation help and for bringing me onboard with this project.

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Sakurai on DLC: “It’s All About Making Players Happy”

Hey there! Masked Man here, bringing you a full translation of Based Sakurai’s latest article in this month’s Famitsu. He talks about DLC in Sm4sh, offering a little insight into how it came to be and what he and the team intend for the future. Enjoy!

Note: In the original article, red is used for emphasis. It was changed to blue to improve readability on the blog.

Famitsu, Vol. 477
“The Creator’s Hands Are Alive and Well!”

In the Users’ Eye section of this magazine, “Sm4sh for 3DS” was the top scoring game of 2014 with an average of 9.58! Personally, I’ve never seen such high marks before, and I would like to thank you for your incredible support.

As I have mentioned in this column, Smash is made up of the incredible hard work and sacrifice of myself and others. I, too, acknowledge, that developing the Smash games is the best way to satisfy the most players worldwide.

And that is precisely why we decided not only to distribute Mewtwo, but to also reintroduce Lucas, the protagonist of Mother 3, as a playable character. In other words, we plan to release premium DLC (downloadable content) for Sm4sh.

These days, the “DLC scam” has become quite the epidemic, charging customers extra money to complete what was essentially an unfinished product. I completely understand how aggravated players must feel. After all, a game should be 100% done at the time of release, and I would be livid if it were split up and sold in pieces.

Why, then, do you think so many titles provide premium DLC on or shortly following a game’s release? It’s because that’s the easiest way to make money.

After all, if you wait too long after a game’s release to distribute additional content, players will already move on to the next title. Even long tail titles–that is, ones that perform consistently well over an extended period of time–make more money the earlier they come out.

The same goes for Sm4sh. We could have easily reserved a few characters on the current roster and later sold them as premium DLC. A considerable amount of work went into development, and the game would have already featured a ton of content. Plus, if you were looking to make a profit, DLC would be the way to go. Development is more costly than ever, yet the price of games has remained the same, so more income would help offset that imbalance.

However, the DLC we are releasing for Sm4sh is authentic, developed only after we finished working on the main game. Of course, said content will come to you at a premium as compensation for the work put into developing additional content post-production. Nintendo has the final say on the price, but given the number of man-hours spent on the creation of this DLC, I’d say it’s a great deal.

We originally decided to create Mewtwo on the premise that we would distribute him as a special thanks to users who bought both versions of Sm4sh, but we realized a flaw in our logic. For example, in a family with several children, each child might have their own 3DS but share the same Wii U. If we were to only distribute Mewtwo to those who purchased both versions of the game, only one of the children could play with this new character on his or her 3DS. Thus, we decided to offer Mewtwo as premium content for other users as well.

Moreover, we decided to release other characters as well because part of the fun of Smash is the anticipation: “Which character will join the fray next!?” If we keep distributing content, we can maintain that excitement, and I think that’s a really great thing.

Our team may have shrunk in size, but I’m still just as excited as ever to be pouring my heart and soul into my work every day. Given the different types of content we’re producing, it wouldn’t be surprising for the planning of one item to coincide with the development, balancing, and finalization of several others. We also have version updates, online features, and additional modes to worry about. It can be quite overwhelming, but it’s all about making players happy.

Fighters take an incredible amount of work to develop, so I don’t think we’ll be able to produce that many. Part of me would also love to finish up the project and finally enjoy some rest and relaxation. That said, we’ve already begun development, so I would like to provide as much additional fun and excitement as possible from here on out. We’ll continue working for a little while longer, so please stay tuned!


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U
On the morning of April 2nd, 2015, we announced our plans to release premium downloadable content for Sm4sh. We will be accepting suggestions for future fighters via the Super Smash Bros. official home page until October 3rd, 2015.

The once-timid protagonist of Mother 3 first joined the fray in “Super Smash Bros. Brawl” for the Wii, and now returns braver than ever in Sm4sh! Like Ness, Lucas commands a wide array of PSI abilities like PK Fire and PK Thunder. His trusty friend Rope Snake also returns to lend a hand–er, tail–in a pinch!

JP Text:
本誌のユーザーズアイで「スマブラfor 3DS」が2014年におけるトップスコアをとったとのこと。なんと、平均点は9.58点!!そんな数字、個人的には見たことがないですよ。おおくの支持をいただき、ありがとうございます。


そんな折。「スマブラ for」の追加ファイターとしてミュウツーを配信するとともに「MOTHER3」の主人公”リュカ”を配信すると発表しました。つまりDLC(ダウンロードコンテンツ)を制作、追加販売するということです。






ミュウツーはもともと”両機種買った人へのサービス”を前提に制作を決定しました。ただ、これだと問題があります。例えばWii Uは家庭に1台で、3DSは兄弟でそれぞれ持っていることがあります。両機種へのサービスのみだと、Wii Uに1体、3DSに1体しかミュウツーを配れなくなり、兄弟で個別に遊べませんよね。なので、ふつうに購入もできるようにしました。




大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズfor Nintendo 3DS/WiiU」のDLCに関する発表
去る4月2日早朝、任天堂による新作紹介放送、Nintendo Direct 2015.4.2にて世界同時に発表された。新たに追加参戦してほしいファイターについては、「スマブラ」公式サイトのて2015年10月3日まで募集している。


Famitsu Vol. 477

The Definitive Unused Fighters List in Smash

Update 4: There is a cut mini racing game from Super Smash 64.
Update 3: Sonic was originally planned for Brawl. According to the History of Sonic, Sega initially refused causing him to be temporarily dropped.
Update 2: Sonic was indeed planned for Melee. I found the full magazine scan, so it’s no longer possible misinformation.
Update 1: Mii Fighters and Pac-Man were briefly considered for Brawl. They’ve been included in the list below.

Seeing your favorite characters battle it out is probably the highlight of any Super Smash Brothers game. Character selection is a closely guarded secret by the series director, Masahiro Sakurai, but over the years he has released juicy tidbits. This entry will outline all of the characters that did not join the fight in each iteration.

For clarity’s sake, I’ve decided to separate each game into three categories: considered, planned and scrapped. Considered are characters that Sakurai and his team thought about putting into Smash. Naturally, this list will always be largely incomplete. Planned characters are characters that made it into the planning stage, but were not started. The last category is scrapped characters, which are characters that nearly made it into the game, or have left over data in the game.

There is a possibility that some characters are miscatergozied in this post, as we have incomplete pictures of the development cycles. Within each title, I will identify common rumors I have read online, but as far as I can tell are not actually based on fact. In this post, there are a ton of links. This is to allow readers to double check the research that was put into this. Of course, the biggest challenge in writing this post was finding reputable sources and quotes for every character.

In some cases, I’ve linked to posts that I have translated. This was done for the benefit of English speakers. In each of these posts, I’ve included the original Japanese so readers may confirm my translation. Please comment with additional sources, or inquires about certain characters. I tried to be as thorough as possible, but I might have missed some. Without further ado, here’s the the list.

Super Smash Brothers 64:

Considered: Planned: Scrapped:
Mewtwo Bowser
DededeRacing Mini Game

 The first game in the series, Super Smash Brothers 64 was developed with a low-budget, and few staff members. Even though it seems common sense now, Smash was not seen as a promising franchise as Nintendo was wary that people would not enjoy a crossover fighting game featuring their mascots. Furthermore, Masahiro Sakurai attempted to revolutionize the fighting genre as he got rid of complex button inputs and lifebars.

Ganondorf wasn’t considered for 64, but I couldn’t help but include this amazing piece of art.

Since Smash 64 had limited resources, there are characters that were planned, but did not made it into the final game. Bowser, Mewtwo and Dedede were confirmed by Sakurai himself when conducting a hypothetical, “If there was a Smash 2” poll (Japanese Source Here). There likely are additional characters planned but, as far as I know, no hard evidence for any other characters exist. Sakurai confirmed that Bowser and Dedede were being worked on for about half of the development of Smash 64 in a Smash 2 response. It’s unknown whether Mewtwo had any work done on him.

The information about the cut racing mini-game can be found here. No additional information is known at this time.

Possible Misinformation:

Sakurai planning Sigurd for Smash 64, seems to be an unfounded rumor. No official sources could be found, making this pure speculation. Fire Emblem is the only non-64 series to receive their own breakdown in the Smash 2 polls, which guaranteed Marth, and eventually Roy’s inclusion in Melee.

Meowth was probably not planned for Smash 64. I found no reference in any of the e-mail responses, despite claims that he was scrapped in favor of Jigglypuff. People tend to forget that Jigglypuff was popular due to her role in the anime at the time.

Pit in Smash 64 being dropped because they couldn’t get his wings working seems to be an untrue rumor. If this was true, I believe we would have heard about it during Brawl, which I’ve been unable to find a source on.

Super Smash Brothers Melee:


Considered: Planned: Scrapped:
Saki Amamiya
Mach Rider
Ayumi Tachibana
Banjo and Kazooie
James Bond
Balloon Fighter
Urban Champion
Sprout Tower (Stage)
Summit (Stage)
Sukapon (Item)
Kingdom of Akaneia (Stage)

Late in the development, the clone characters, Dr. Mario, Roy, Young Link and Pichu were added. Interestingly, Ganondorf was the last character in, and was extremely ‘lucky’ to make it as he was not originally planned. Since Captain Falcon’s model and moveset fit, and because of his popularity in the Smash 2 polls, Sakurai decided to add him in at last minute.

Additional characters were most likely considered, as Sakurai had the Smash 2 poll data. I’ve only included characters that were outright confirmed by Sakurai, or have an interesting history.


Sakurai was asked by a fan what character he would like to see in Smash 2, and Mach Rider was the response he gave. He was most likely joking though, as he said he ‘wanted to include him based on his funny name’.  In an earlier response, he does say that his generation turns to Mach Rider or Takamaru. However, it’s unknown how much consideration was actually given into these characters as he outright stated that Takamaru’s chances of appearing in Smash 2 were low .

A Sin and Punishment character (Most likely Saki) was very briefly considered for Melee (Japanese). In his comment, Sakurai stated that he had no plans for a Sin and Punishment character, as a moveset did not come natural when thinking of a character.

Toad was at least considered for Melee. Not only was he ranked 9th on the Smash 2 polls, but Sakurai also said that he expected Toad to appear in Smash 2 in a reader response. Sakurai used the word “appear/ come out” and not “join the battle”/ “join the roster”; so it’s unknown how likely a candidate Toad was during Melee’s development. Like Wario, it is possible that he was dropped in favor of less Mario representation.

Ayumi Tachibana, one of the main characters in Famicom Tantei Club, was confirmed to have been considered for Melee during a recent NicoNico interview. Sakurai decided not to include her in the final roster plan, as she lacked familiarity abroad. In the Melee emails (Japanese), Sakurai stated that without a new release in the series, Ayumi Tachibana probably wouldn’t join Smash Brothers.

In an e-mail response asking about including a character from Rare (Japanese), Sakurai stated that it was difficult to include a character from Rare for various reasons. While some may see Banjo and Kazooie’s inclusion as natural, they couldn’t make it in due to ‘adult circumstances’ (This most likely means copyright).

In a similar vein, James Bond was considered for Melee. Again, “adult circumstances” led to him not being included. Sakurai actually lists the reasons here (Japanese). The reasons are: Can’t have realistic guns in the game. Can’t use the actor’s likeness. Since the game is originally based on a movie, the copyright won’t go through. Lastly, it’s owned by Rare.

Ice Climbers were chosen as Melee’s retro representation. In one of the Smash 2 e-mails, Sakurai discussed how important it is to have a wide selection of characters in order to appeal to the various demographics. When the Ice Climbers got their Japanese Melee character page, Sakurai included other characters that were considered for the Ice Climbers spot. These include Balloon Fighter, Urban Champion, Bubbles (from Clu Clu Land) and Excitebike.

Not a character, but Sprout Tower was considered for a stage at the start of Melee’s development (Japanese). Summit (Ice Climbers) was also considered (Japanese). Interestingly, ICETOP is a name of a cut stage. Reportedly, it can be loaded but it’s Icicle Mountain without music.

Planned and Scrapped:

During Melee’s development, Kojima (at his son’s request), asked Sakurai if Solid Snake could be in the game. Since Melee was pretty far into development, adding Snake was impossible. When starting Brawl’s development, Sakurai then asked Kojima if Snake could join the battle.

The source for Sonic being planned for Melee Edge magazine in Australia. Yuji Naka spilled the beans on Sonic’s possible inclusion in Melee. In it, Yuji Naka states that it was very close to happening, but because of time constraints, it was impossible. However it, “left the door open for future collaborations”.

Here’s the source information for for the magazine:
Edge Magazine (Australia Edition) Issue 04 (January 2005)
Author:Future Publishing
Subject:Edge Magazine (Australia Edition);

was planned for Melee. Sakurai has mentioned that he was concerned with overrepresentation of certain series, so some characters that were planned got dropped. Wario was the 3rd most popular character on the Smash 2 ballots (After Bowser and Peach). On a Melee site, Sakurai stated that if he had the time to add one more character, he would have added Wario (Japanese). See possible misinformation for additional information on Wario.

Lucas was planned for inclusion in Melee. However, due to Mother 3 being in development hell, Ness was brought back. This is outright confirmed on Ness’ Japanese character page for Melee (Japanese) and in a reply by Sakurai.

was going to be an item in Melee (Japanese).  Sakurai mentioned Sukapon twice in the reader response. He says that Sukapon was cut because of “adult matters”, and that players would’ve been able to ride Sukapon. The bonus text relating to Sukapon was on the site, but it has since been deleted. Unfortunately, the Melee site didn’t allow it to be archived, so we don’t know how many points the bonus would have given. Since Sakurai said “adult matters” it’s plausible that there were legal complications which lead to Sukapon being cut entirely. I found a Japanese blog, supposedly written by someone who worked on Joy Mecha Fight, that stated that the contract for the game was lost, which is the reason Sukapon was cut. The contract was found, hence the Virtual Console release in Japan. It’s unknown the actual validity of the blog.

Not a character, but Kingdom of Akaneia (Fire Emblem) was scrapped from Melee (Japanese)’s stages. It was going to have machines that threw stones at the castle, and have appearances from a dragon and a sorcerer. Due to various circumstances it was cut. AKANEIA was found in the debug menu of Melee, and trying to access it crashes the game. Furthermore, the game’s Fire Emblem track is named AKANEIA.

Luigi’s plan in Melee was decided before Sakurai knew about Luigi’s Mansion (Japanese). His high pitch voice is based off of Mario Kart. “Assist Capsules” were thought of during Melee’s development but were removed for an unknown reason (Japanese). Giga Bowser was made as a reaction towards Bowser’s modern design. Sakurai notes that the old Bowser was really scary, and he wanted to incorporate that. However, since the design has changed, he had no choice but to include the modern version as a playable character (Japanese).

Venusaur, along with other Pokemon, were originally going to appear on Pokemon Stadium (Like Saffron City in 64) (Japanese).

Fire Emblem trophies were planned for the game, but they were too complex so they were not a priority (Japanese).


Update:I got in contact with the original poster for the following information. After careful consideration, we both determined that the information was illegitimate. Therefore, anything from the original post is open to debate as some parts of it are purely speculative.

Not all characters that appeared in the intro movie for Melee were intended to join the fight according to the Japanese official site. Sorry Ridley, Wolf and Samurai Goroh fans.

There is no reliable source for Wario actually being seriously, “considered for a Mario clone but he deserved better”. In addition, I haven’t been able to find hard sources on Japanese character discussion. Sakurai did say, “If I cut all the clone characters, I wouldn’t have been able to even add one new character. However, I could have made Wario using the same body shape and attacks as Mario” (Japanese). He also states that if he cut Roy and Marth or Mewtwo, he might have been able to add Wario, but the Mario representation was too much (Japanese). There’s nothing there that says Wario was cut for deserving better.

Dedede being next in line, or Sakurai choosing between Dedede and the clones, might also be false information. No Japanese sources exist for this comment. Considering that it Sakurai has stated that there was no option between one new character, or the clones in the Melee polls, I’m leaning towards this being false.

Wolf as a Fox clone might also be misinformation. The only source I’ve been able to find is a Neogaf user, who has since been banned. He claims that the information came from a Famitsu article, but provided no scans nor the date of the article. This was said by the same guy that claimed Wario was considered as a Mario clone. Based on Sakurai’s comments about not all characters in the opening movie being planned, and the questionable legitimacy of that user, I believe that this accusation is false. Sakurai mentioned that Peppy’s voice actor was wondering if Peppy was going to be a playable character. Afterwards, he mentioned that fans would really like to see the Starfox team complete (Japanese).

Super Smash Brawl:

At GDC 2008, Sakurai stated that a lot of characters were originally planned, but also many were scrapped so that they could focus on, ‘balancing series representation and making each character unique’.

Brawl’s character selection was essentially completed by July 7th, 2005. The only exception was Sonic, as he was a late addition to the game (Japanese). Sonic was added due to his overwhelming popularity in the ballots (Mainly from the West). This means that characters like Wolf, Toon Link, and possibly Jigglypuff might have dropped at one point from development.  For additional information about Brawl’s development, check out DarkErmac’s comments on reddit for additional information about this theory.

UPDATESonic was planned from the very beginning. However, Sega initially refused to have the hedgehog join the fight.

“Early on, Nintendo asked SEGA if Sonic could be included in the game, but the Haneda company refused. It was only later, when the development of Super Smash Bros. Brawl was nearly finished,
that SEGA changed its mind. This is why the game’s release was delayed.”

History of Sonic, page 210.
Thanks to Sur and Naoshi for providing the quote and source.

Just like Melee, additional characters were surely considered as Sakurai had the results from the Smash 3 ballots. The official site for Brawl was completely replaced by Smash 4’s site. Luckily, I was able to capture all of the poll results by using the Wayback Machine.

Considered: Planned: Scrapped:
Blastoise (Pokemon Trainer)
Mii Fighters
Confirmed: Dr. Mario, Mewtwo, Roy, Dixie.Highly Likely: Toon Zelda/ Toon Sheik.
Speculated: Plusle and Minun


Takamaru – Brawl response #71, #121, #139, #165, #284 all argue that Takamaru should be a playable character, but Sakurai did not give a  response. Flip at NinDB posted:

If the GBA port of Nazo no Murasame sells well, then I will consider Takamaru.
In the same paragraph, he mentions that the GBA port of Kid Icarus was the final deciding factor in the inclusion of Pit as well. He knew Pit was popular, but he didn’t think he could be a “top-seller.” Lo and behold, Kid Icarus was the number one selling title in the Famicom Mini Series and thus Pit was included.

However, I’ve been unable to find the original source of this comment. Additional help finding this source would be appreciated.

Sakurai stated that finding representatives from new series was difficult as many of the characters did not have the fighting spirit, despite being really popular. The Villager and Nintendogs were explicitly named in an Iwata Asks. Most likely, they were only briefly considered.

In the previously mentioned interview (Japanese), Sakurai stated that Blastoise was briefly considered for Pokemon Trainer. However, he felt that having a representation for each of the stages of evolution would really balance the character out.

Pac-Man was briefly considered. Sakurai stated that Miyamoto approached him with the idea, but Sakurai thought it was a little “far-fetched”.

Mii-Fighters were also briefly considered, but Sakurai decided against it.

In a Nintendo Power Article, Sakurai said that “Ridley would be impossible”, “very slow”,and that the team would have to work very hard in order to make him work as a playable character. Interestingly, Ridley was possibly going to be an assist trophy, as leftover data has been found. His role as an assist trophy was most likely changed to a boss role during development.


AKA: The forbidden seven.

Of the characters with leftover data, Mewtwo, Roy and Dixie arguably had the most work done on them. Roy has a unique victory fanfare while Mewtwo had a unique victory fanfare and a Wii remote sound. Dixie had a working prototype at one point, as she was originally envisioned to have a tag-team mechanic, just like in Donkey Kong Country 2 (Japanese). However due to complications in programming, she was dropped and Diddy was made into a full character by himself. It’s unknown how far each of these characters got into development, or when they were dropped as the team worked on various aspects of the game at the same time. Since the other three (and arguably Dixie too) have less references to them, it’s plausible that they were dropped earlier in development.

Toon Zelda/ Toon Sheik are obvious from their filenames. However, it’s unknown whether Toon Sheik was actually Tetra or not. It is highly likely that this is the case, as Toon Link’s design was inspired from Wind Waker and Tetra was made to be Wind Waker’s Sheik. Despite this, it is not 100% confirmed as Sakurai has never talked about this character.

Plusle and Minun draw considerable debate within the community. The files are labeled, pra_mai, which kind of corresponds to their Japanese names, PURASURU and MAINAN(プラスル&マイナン). The main point against them is that the Ice Climbers, and the Dixie/Diddy combo, had two separate character files. This could be explained by Plusle and Minun using an unknown mechanic where they weren’t separated. Furthermore, they do not use the Gamefreak localization for their names, nor the original Japanese. Despite this, it’s interesting to note that Plusle and Minun, along with Pichu and Mewtwo, are all special criteria Pokemon trophies in Brawl.

Super Smash 4 3DS/Wii U:

Considered: Planned: Scrapped:
Speculated: a Rhythm Heaven character
Confirmed: Ice Climbers
Speculated: Dr. Mario Stage
Brain Age Stage
Electroplankton Stage
Swapnote Stage

Additional characters were most likely considered. However, I’m only including the characters that Sakurai himself has stated were considered. Like Melee and Brawl, clone characters (Lucina, Dr. Mario and Dark Pit) were added late into development. DLC for Smash 4 was formally announced on April 1st.

Takamaru was (once again) considered as a playable character in Smash 4. In a NicoNico interview with the voice actor for Takamaru, Sakurai mentioned that he briefly considered adding the unique swordsman as a playable character. However, because of lack of name recognition Sakurai decided against it.

Chrom was briefly considered before deciding upon Robin. Robin was picked as he was more unique than Chrom.

Ice Climbers, officially were scrapped due to issues on the 3DS.

Note: This is my personal opinion, and should not be treated as fact. This is open for debate: Personally, I think that 8 Player Smash might have also played a role in them getting scrapped, despite claims by Sakurai saying they were working on the Wii U. This is because many of the 8 Player stages have removed components which require some artificial intelligence (A.I.). These include boss characters, stages with breakable walls, and even background effects. I believe that that the team could not make 8 Nana’s A.Is. work on many stages. It’s also interesting to note that some characters like Wii Fit Trainer actually have less bones in 8-Player Smash. This causes her thumbs up pose to look a little different– depending on what mode you are playing.

It is speculated that a Rhythm Heaven character was scrapped. This is due to the order of the emblem database that I uncovered while digging through the files. No additional files for the character were found, thus it is a mystery which representative would have been chosen and how long they were being developed. According to the Gematsu leaker, this would have been the Chorus Men. This is a very hot topic within the Smash community.The next article that I’m working on is an in-depth discussion about the potential validity of the Gematsu leaks.

Numerous stage references were found in the Wii U files. These are all speculated, but it’s assumed that Dr. Mario was going to have a home stage (with the Virus’ as boss characters) Furthermore, Brain Age had a blank emblem file present in the Wii U. It’s speculated that this file would have been used on the stage select screen. Furthermore, a reference to the emblem still exists in the emblem database (brainage).  Electroplankton? (Plankton) has an emblem reference, and so does “diary”. “diary” is speculated to be a Swapnote Stage, as いつの間に交換日記 (Literally: Exchanging Diary over Spotpass) is the Japanese name. However, no further evidence seems to exist to confirm or deny these theories. It’s also unknown if all these stages were planned for the Wii U version, or if they are leftover data from the 3DS version.


I believe I provided a comprehensive list of all the unused characters in each of the Smash Brothers game. Please let me know if I made any mistakes or if you guys find additional sources. I will not accept information without legitimate attribution. Special thanks to Flip at NinDB, and Sir llpalazzo at Starman for laying the groundwork for this post. Additional thanks to Spazzy_D (Check out his amazing DLC article) and Frostwraith for giving me suggestions. I spent over 20 hours researching and writing this post so give me a shot out on Twitter. Stay tuned for more great content at Source Gaming.

Smash Reader Response Page 1: Hidden Menu, and the Salt Begins

After Smash 64 was released, Sakurai opened the Smash 64 website. There, he regularly updated the page with interesting tidbits about Smash 64 development, and answered fan questions. I realized that most of these fan responses have not been compiled, nor translated so I decided to start translating them for the community. I’m amazed about how much we still can learn about the series. I’ve kept the original Japanese for reference, and so readers fluent in Japanese may check my translation. Comments will be made in orange.

These are taken from this page.

K.T さん
Smash Brothers will be a long hit! Congratulations!スマッシュブラザーズ現在もロングヒット中!

Thank you very much. It’s because of everyone’s help.
I made this the first entry on this website.


K.K さん
I think this game is really deep (mechanic wise) and interesting.本当に面白い奥の深いゲームだと思います。

I would really like to see Smash Brothers 2 with lots of characters (Even some minor ones!) and stages. If you are working on it,  don’t say anything and go ahead and make it.


Lastly, if you are working on Kirby 64, please make him that cute.


K.C さん
I always use Donkey Kong. Please make the next installment!!! Please!!If you don’t make it, I’ll put a cure on you! (Lol)

Of course, I’m lying!!

いつも ドンキーを使ってます
ぜひ 次回作も作ってください!!! お願いします!!

作ってくれないと のろいますよぉー(笑)

This is one of my favorite e-mails. It reminds me of a girl who wanted to give me a dowry….but that’s a story for another day.

007 さん
This is a really good game. Please Make Smash 2! And then, let’s have a big battle! [Japanese Smash Brothers name]いいですね、かなりいけてるゲームですね、
では、Let’s 大乱闘!

In most of the messages, I heard demands to make “Smash 2”. It’s been said so much that it almost hurts.メッセージの中でもっとも多かった要望は、

If only Sakurai knew….

Tomoko.Y さん
I’m not very good at action games, so I was hesitant to buy it…but I’ve enjoyed it.(I’m weak, but maybe it’s because my hands are too small (Speed, Timing and Skill) so I can’t play. (T_T)アクション弱いので買うとき迷ったんですが、

I would be thankful if the unlock conditions were made a little easier. (;_;)。 (I won’t give up even though I have never encountered Ness. However, I did find the Sound Test (T^T))


*About the ending graphics found in the version sold abroad

If there was a way for me to see this I would be happy, but I guess it’s impossible.


For people with small hands, I have good news. I’ve heard that Hori recently started selling a smaller controller.手の小さい方に朗報です。最近ホリ電機さんから
小さいコントローラーが発売されたようです。これを使って、がんばって!With regards to to the graphic endings found in Smash 64: There is a hidden switch in the Smash menu….try to find it.それと、海外版エンディングのグラフィックについては、

It can be accessed here. This is the only way to see the ending graphics in Japan. It also tells you who made each graphic. Naturally, Sakurai designed the Kirby one.

SHO さん
Note: the website is no longer accessible.

I’m doing something similar to you (^^).So, I’d like you to forgive me. (^^) I’m going to delete my messaging board this month. However, most of the contents are the same…!

I can’t compete with an official homepage, so I I’d figured I have to close my website. What do you think?

となると、内容がほとんど同じに. ..!


“The Smash Brothers Club House” right?
Even though I can’t contribute, I always looked at it.
This website’s “Smash Battle!!” is written by one person.
However, it’s difficult to have a bulletin board without proper administration, so I decided to make the “Online Smash Manual”.  (After all, I have to make my next game and other things). So, this page can’t have two way talk, which I think is important from the bottom of my heart.『スマブラ部遠征合宿所』ですね?
心から願っています。Essentially, Sakurai acknowledges the importance of having a bidirectional community. Because of the limitations on time, he decided to make a dedicated website. It’s interesting to see how Sakurai has later opened several lines of communication throughout Smash’s history. With Brawl and Smash 4, he used daily postings to communicate directly to the fans.

わたりひ さん
I have never seen such an informative official page like this. You can feel the love of the creator (crying).こんなに濃いオフィシャルページは見たことがないです。
「ドンキージャングルだ」(ちがう) はウケた(笑)

No idea what the bold part could mean. I feel it’s a joke, based on Sakurai’s answer.

Hey~ Come home (Faint)
You want to go home alone? (Angry)


レタス さん
I enjoy Smash Brothers.スマブラ、楽しいです。

I heard the single player was quite difficult and you had to try many times in order to win, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

However, I’ve enjoyed fighting against the computers under a variety of different settings. For example, on hard CPUs, setting the handicap high is fun. I enjoy making my adversaries fall.




Out of the 77 techniques (Is that correct?), I’m very good at the Meteor Strike. It feels so good!  After that when you they invincibility (?) t’s difficult, but I like the double edge nature of it.

かなり得意です(笑) 気持ち良すぎ!


It seems that you aren’t making Smash 2 right now, but if you are I’d like you to add more characters. Of course, I’d buy a Disc Drive version for 500 yen (Lol). I look forward to seeing what you make!



E.Y さん
Not only is there Nintendo characters, but also 2D fighting mechanics which I like. Also, the game is incredibly deep, so I’m extremely happy!!

Even though it’s been awhile since the game has been released, I still play it with everyone almost daily. No one ever says “Hey, let’s play a different game”.

Now, we play 2 on 2 tag match. However, Donkey Kong is the villain (lol). When he is carrying your ally away, you have to shoot him with Samus’ Charge Shot.

After, we sometimes use Item Switch and put on only Beam Sword. There we play, “Big Edo Swordfighting Mode” (lmao).






The game, the operation of the game, the concept, and the character’s charisma are all perfect. From years from now, we will still hold this game in high regard (No exaggeration!!)
I’m really happy with the small details too. The bonus game time attack, the characters illustration, the various bonuses (Like Star Finish), the Vs Mode Option menu, that Mario isn’t alone in Classic, the character’s attacks, the voices, the taunts, the hidden characters hidden in the background, the original game music…the game is full of “entertainment”!



This game has both an absurd amount of content and “entertainment” which really pull at my heart strings! 


There are a lot of rule settings that you can enjoy. It would be nice if this page could introduce you to some settings…


宝山りふぁ さん
Everyone seems to love Smash Brothers, but I don’t have any opponents so I’m lonely.スマブラみんなで盛り上がるけど、

I would like Nintendo Entertainment to have a campaign~
Afterwards, I would like a special Smash Controller
Make it cheap so even children could buy it. I want 4, controllers。


I love the opening! I was moved~. I want the sound track.
Fox…he actually doesn’t say “Duty Complete”, he says “Mission Complete” right? How about Captain Falcon’s taunt? What is he saying?


Can you add characters and stages with the 64DD? “Mario Pack” would add Mario characters and Mario stages. I love Mushroom Kingdom~ You also treated Luigi really well! I love Luigi.


However, Pokemon is an anime…~
Even though it’s Nintendo All Star…
Jigglypuff isn’t that well known.
More popular…other characters exist…that aren’t Pokemon…


Ahh, that’s right. Fox says “Mission Complete”. Captain Falcon’s taunt says, “Show me your moves!”. If you bought the Dance Dance Revolution controller (For PlayStation) , it would have the same thing written. That was a coincidence. A coincidence.

[Show me your moves!(おまえのワザを見せてみろ!)]と言っています。ダンスダンスレボリューション(PS)のコントローラーを買ったら

Can’t…stop laughing at this one. Love the saltiness and Sakurai ignoring the Jigglypuff comment.

H.Y さん
I’ve put a ton of hours into Smash Brothers. I’m really strong. Please hope a competition at the Makuhari Messe (In Chiba). It’s very close to me.
幕張メッセなんかで大会やってほしいです、 近いこともあり。This is just me boasting but, I can beat the level 9 computers with no damage. My total score for 1P is 120000 points. I’ve cleared Smash the Targets in about 3:30. Thanks for hearing my idle chat.

てなわけで自慢、 サシ無敵、comLv:9ノーダメージで勝てます。


T.O さん
Smash Brother’s is a really great game.I’m pretty confident in my Smash Brothers skill, but I’d like to show it at an official tournament. However, I live in the country side so I guess there won’t be a competition (near me).

Please hold a Smash tournament in Awaji Island! I will train really hard. Sorry for the sudden e-mail m(_ _)m.



それでは、これからも頑張って下さい。失礼しますm(_ _)m

A nation wide tournament! I hear a lot of those requests.I have thought about hosting one, but without going ahead and doing it yourself, it would be difficult to meet people with high skill level. Of course, I’m leaving it to the community…..


This one was really difficult to translate. Would greatly appreciate input.

カジ さん
Interesting!! Smash is such a novel idea.面白いです!! 斬新なアイデアですし。

I think it’s great that you have this official website with all the information. I very much look forward to seeing what’s next!

とても いいことだとおもいます。

If I made websites like this for all my upcoming games, I think my head would hurt. However, I’m glad you like the website.


まるやま さん
I use Link.I’m very bad at action games, but I finally started with Zelda 64.

Ness is too difficult. When he doesn’t come back from his PK Thunder, I almost cry. However, I triumphantly cleared Very Hard with Link. (I cleared the Kirby arm 3 times).

Even though I’m this bad, would you still call me a gamer?





Yeah, I think your clearly a gamer…Improve your technique by playing versus.


K.T さん
I enjoy Smash Brothers so much! And Kirby is too cute!スマブラおもしろすぎです。そしてカービィかわいすぎ!。

I also read the ほぼ日「樹の上の秘密基地」. I enjoyed reading the various people who supported the project. Need to fix this

応援の声が スタッフの方々だったとか色々解って、面白かったです。

I would like you to make Smash Brothers 2. In addition, I would like a any new Kirby 64 game. I look forward to seeing what Hal Laboratory releases next. Good luck!

あと64のカービィ シリーズなんでもいいから出して欲しいです。

Read Shigesato Itoi’s homepage, “Almost daily Itoi Newspaper [Popular Name Almost Daily” here. It’s very interesting.

う-ろん・あおや さん
On how to remove the “Motion Sensor Bomb” plus put: “Avoid it and pass through it quickly”. It’s very practical advice.
Just as I imagined, I enjoy play Smash. I enjoy that even “Golden Eye” was drawn from in battle. HAL Laboratory is the best!


感想 さすがに面白いです
対戦の楽しさは「ゴールデンアイ」に 迫るものがあります

Because of this, I added “Avoid it and pass through it quickly”. If you are close to a bomb, please try it out.


K@Z さん
“Smash Brothers” has so many unique characters that it has a high name value. However, I don’t feel that it’s naturally “Epic” but I have a good feeling. But, I guess I should call a game I play for 30 minutes every day “epic”.


I got something useful. If you make “2”, I will buy it, but please make a disc drive version.


Please release Mother 3. With that, good-bye. Long live Smash Brothers!


「MOTHER 3」も年内に出してくださいねー。

Please hurry up and make Mother 3. > Mother 3 developer
Never mind, he’s working extremely hard on it every day. Making games is difficult, so please wait a little longer.


S.M さん
I’ve really enjoyed Smash Brothers. Link’s Up B, and Down B, Mario’s fireball. The hammer item, the Super Mario stage…all are amazing. I don’t know about kids these days, but people my age are really enjoying the game (I’m only 20 years old though).

I clearly remember Mario Brothers. You’ve already completed the experience, so making 2 might be difficult but if you are able to do so, I’d like you to make it.

From here, make a game that adults and children can enjoy on the N64. I eagerly look forward.

アイテムのハンマー、 スーパーマリオのステージ、全部最高。

うちらの世代には嬉しすぎます。 (ちなみに俺は20才です)

もう完成度が高いので、 2は難しいのかもしれないけど、


There’s more than a mountain’s worth of stuff to do in Smash Brothers. However, I’m glad that you enjoyed the game. Anyway, you said that you turned 20. That’s the year I first made Kirby.


T.E さん
You need to made a sequel.
If you make the rules similar to other fighting games, then the number of fans would decrease. So without changing the rules, I would like you to just add characters.

If you release just characters, some people might be like “uhh”, so please add characters with the 64DD.

Personally,I love Goldeneye, so I would like to see James Bond but I’m guessing there’s copyright issues. 00 Agents are crying (Lol).






When I think of it, adding characters by 64DD is a popular request. If I sell it for 500 yen, Hal Laboratory might be forced to shut down (joking!).


dsk さん
It’s a simple concept, but it’s fun. This is how games should be made.



I extremely enjoy that the weak Jigglypuff, and Luigi are in the game. (However, I end up using Mario the most).

Then,I’m extremely happy that you put extreme affection into each of the borrowed Nintendo’s beloved characters. I can feel that you really honored each character when you made them. 

Each stage was really well made. In the Metroid stage, when Ridley flew I cried. It’s good that you didn’t pick a generic fighting Pokemon but you went with Jigglypuff instead.

For me, midway in my twenties, who grew up on Nintendo I am extremely happy with this game. I’m glad that it will expose more people to Nintendo’s characters.

I like all the fighters.
It exceeded my imagination on the VS results screen, the losers are clapping for the winner. I think it’s a great performance.

I know you said you don’t have any current plans to make Smash 2, but I eagerly look forward to it. Good luck.






スマブラ2楽しみにしています。 がんばってください。

Thanks for having a good understanding. This game aims to include things that are in sports. Your body won’t break down, and damage is increased in numerical value but there are such things like rules, time limits and points so there’s a lot going on with the losers clapping for the winners.

There’s misunderstandings in the game, but during play I think people forget the physical damage. I wonder if that’s okay?

What? If it’s like sports then why did you name it “Smash Ken” like Kenpo? If you don’t think about really difficult things, then it’s poisonous for your body.





I’m very unsatisfied with my translation of the second half of this answer.Feel like I’m missing something. 

H.T さん
I was looking forward to Smash before it came out. I reserved my copy at Lawson, and bought it on release data. I enjoyed it just as I expected….no more than my expectations. I usually fight against my younger sister, but she’s not that good at action games, and recently I’ve been able to clear Very Hard with No Continues.

Recent fighting games take a long time for beginners to get used to them, but Smash is very easy and very deep.


You said that you don’t have plans for Smash 2, but if you are able to make it, I’d like it. Also, I’d like you to please increase the number of characters for Smash 2.  Including the hidden characters, there are 12 characters which is pretty small. Excuse my long drawn out ramblings. Please try your best.



If I look at recent fighting games, I feel that 12 fighters are a low number. However, please forgive me this time. It wasn’t a port, there was no know how, and the character’s physiques are pretty different; so this was the limit without spending a lot more time. (When I say it like that it seems likes an excuse).

R.K さん
At first, I thought 1 Player Mode was extremely difficult, but now I can clear it with ease.

I think this is a game I can play for 5, 10 years from now. But, my friends say they don’t want to versus me. It puts me in a real bad mood.



Try playing with Auto-Handicap with 3 or more fighters. You can also change the rules.