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Looking Back on “Super Smash Bros. Melee,” Sakurai’s Famitsu column vol. 360 (some old stuff previously translated from 1UP, and some new stuff)

Note: Do not repost the full translation. Please use the first two paragraphs and link to this translation. For additional information, please read this post.

There are sections here that have already been translated by 1UP, in 2010 when the column was originally released. I’ll quote their translation, but I’ve added my own annotations and translation if I feel something is lacking explanation or is wrong. I’m doing this because I believe that their translation is mostly good and I’d like to avoid having two slightly different translations of the same thing. As this could become problematic when being used as a reference. However, I do want to explain and rectify mistakes that I believe they made.

If would like to read 1UP’s translation on its own first, click here.

There’s an additional retrospective section in addition to the original columns when they are collected in book format. They are located on the bottom of this post. Also, underlined segments have attached sidenotes from Sakurai which are translated as well. Asterisks and footnotes are my own commentary. Lines in red are areas where I feel the 1UP translation was mistaken or lacking in some other way, and my translation is written after the paragraph. There were two lines which they apparently didn’t translate in sections that were otherwise translated, so I added my own translation in blue text to avoid any sort of confusion.

A final note, it seems there was some confusion regarding these things: [2] [3], etc. Those are just footnotes, which aren’t natively supported by WordPress (I think. If they are I don’t know how to do them). Also, I would really recommend reading them, as I think they’ll add a lot to your understanding of the translation. I’m sorry that you have to scroll back and forth to do so (I really want to find a way to incorporate Grantland-style clickable sidenotes), but I don’t know how to do so unfortunately.

Think about the Video Games Vol. 360, December 9th, 2010

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“Melee Tournament With The Famitsu Editors!” Sakurai Famitsu Column vol. 89– Sakurai participates in an in-house Melee tournament!

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Weekly Famitsu February 4th, 2005

Vol. 89: Melee Tournament With The Famitsu Editors!

One winter day, I sped my beloved car to the Famitsu editor’s building. However, I wasn’t on my way to discuss my next column, or even to promote or talk about a new game.

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The Life of Sakurai, part I

A short post here —

The very dedicated PushDustIn has been working on a detailed timeline of Masahiro Sakurai’s life and achievements (so far!).   Collaborating with him, I have put together an abbreviated, image version of it that is seen below.  The full timeline will be posted soon in part II.

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“I’m Quitting Hal Laboratory!”

Note: Do not repost the full translation. Please use the first two paragraphs and link to this translation. For additional information, please read this post.

Weekly Famitsu: August 22nd/29th, 2003. Volume 18

This is an abrupt announcement, but I’m quitting Hal Laboratories, the game development company I have worked for up until now.

The name

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Quick Facts about the Spacies in Melee

Short post today, but I wanted to bring up something that I recently discovered.

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Does Lucas DESERVE to get into Smash?

I was listening to the GameChap’s discussion on Lucas, “Super Smash Bros LUCAS DLC – Does He DESERVE a Slot? (Wii U)” and decided to post my own thoughts on the matter. I have some issues with GameChap and Bertie’s argument that I would like to explore. I’ll skip over the fact that they called Ike a clone, because that’s way too easy.

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Thank Iwata for Smash

Thank Iwata for Smash


Satoru Iwata has had a significant impact on the Smash series as a whole. So much so, that I personally consider him the, ‘second father’ of the series. While Masahiro Sakurai deserves all the credit for the creation and implementation of the idea of Smash Brothers, Iwata was instrumental in ensuring that the series made it into a reality. Today, I would like to briefly discuss Iwata’s involvement with the series.

Short biography:

Most gamers now know Satoru Iwata as the president of Nintendo. However, some fans may be unaware that Iwata actually has a strong history in not only management but with programming. Born in the cold Sapporo, Japan on December 12th, 1959; Iwata started programming games from a young age. When he was 19 years old he joined Hal Laboratory as part-time, where he started his professional career as a programming. After graduating, he was hired full time. Four years later, he would begin his career as a video game producer Hal. At this time, is credited with programming and producing such successful games like Balloon Fight, Golf, and Earthbound (Mother 2 in Japan).

Note: Most of the information here came from this site.

Super Smash Bros:

Even though Iwata was Masahiro Sakurai’s supervisor at Hal, they enjoyed a close working relationship and respected each other. Iwata produced two of Sakurai’s Kirby games. Later, when Sakurai came up with a way to revolutionize the fighting game genre, he approached Iwata to help program the prototype.

However, Iwata’s involvement did not stop there. Iwata helped Sakurai receive permission from Shigeru Miyamoto in order to use Nintendo characters in their new fighting game. Originally, Miyamoto turned down Iwata’s idea. Despite this, Iwata convinced Sakurai to demonstrate the idea to Miyamoto while withholding the fact that Miyamoto has already said ‘no’. This demonstration by Sakurai got Miyamoto’s approval, and thus Nintendo All Stars: Super Smash Brothers was officially born.


During Melee’s development, Iwata moved from his position in Hal took the position of General Manager of Corporate Planning at Nintendo. Despite his managerial position, he actually helped out with debugging and some programming in Melee. Because of Iwata’s efforts, Melee was able to release on time. Iwata is credited with a “Special Thanks” in the credits. After Melee’s release, Iwata would be promoted to the CEO of Nintendo, succeeding Hiroshi Yamauchi in 2002.

After Melee and Kirby’s Air Ride was released, Sakurai decided to leave Hal Laboratory. Before leaving, he consulted Iwata on a number of topics. To Sakurai’s surprise, a sequel to Super Smash Brothers was brought up. Iwata promised Sakurai that if a sequel were to be made, Nintendo would consult Sakurai. This is because, Iwata believed that only Sakurai possessed the tact and vision to ensure that Smash Brothers was true to its’ source material, while being enjoyable and successful.


When the Nintendo Revolution was announced, Iwata had confirmed that a Smash Brothers game that made use of the Nintendo WiFi connection would be released alongside the console– much to Sakurai’s surprise.

Shortly after that announcement, Iwata and Sakurai met in a private hotel room. Iwata reaffirmed his promise to Sakurai. If, and only if Sakurai did not sign on to making a new Smash Brothers game, then Iwata would have staff remake Super Smash Brothers Melee with online capabilities for Nintendo’s new system. Iwata told Sakurai that he would probably not change anything else. No extra stages, no extra fighters. Sakurai was initially unsure whether or not to sign on to this project, but felt that a full re-release was unfair to the fans of the series. Eventually, Sakurai would sign on and make Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. For additional information about this, stay tune for a full translation of Sakurai’s Famitsu column about Brawl.

“Smash for”

There isn’t any clear information about Iwata’s role in “Smash for”. It is important to note that after Brawl was released, Sakurai expressed interest in making a handheld version of Smash for the DS  and might consider a new Smash for the next Nintendo system (Japanese). Sakurai ended up doing both with the 3DS and Wii U.

I do believe that Iwata has had a huge influence in Sakurai’s decision to work on Smash for Dlc. During the announcement of additional Dlc, Iwata stated that he approached Sakurai with the idea of a fighter ballot. From a business perspective making some DLC makes perfect sense, and the way that Sakurai is doing it does not contradict his earlier statements about DLC.


All in all, Iwata has played a huge role in Super Smash Brothers from it’s inception. Please take a moment…and please understand.

Yesterday, I wrote about Sakurai’s cat, Fukura. Tomorrow, I will finish either the Brawl translation piece, or write about Michiko Sakurai. I haven’t decided yet.

How Does Sakurai pick the Roster?

I choose you…Dark Pit!

Reading the Smash 2 e-mails/ poll results, interviews with Sakurai, reflecting on the games, and looking over cut content I think I have an approximation on how Sakurai thinks. I have noticed that with the sole exception of Sheik (who was part of Zelda’s original moveset), every character choice in the Smash franchise is one of the the following:

1. They are a protagonist in the game.
2. They are a recurring character in the series.
3. They represent hardware or an era.

That’s it. No exception. More characters follow rule #1 than rule #2. For  rule #3, they add one per game (Game and Watch, R.O.B, and Duck Hunt respectively).
I know some of you are about to say, “Hey! What about Lucina or Dark Pit?”. Those characters were originally costumes who were upgraded late into development. Therefore, these are exceptions as they were not planned.

By looking at the Smash 2 e-mails/ poll results and Sakurai’s thoughts, I believe he chooses characters based on the following criteria:
(All examples are based off the transition between 64 and Melee, but they apply to the series in general. I ordered them based on speculated importance to Sakurai.)

1. Characters already in the series. He tries not to cut characters between games. Everyone from Mario to Jigglypuff was added into Melee.
2. Characters that filled a role. In 64: the lack of women and baddies are recurring e-mails to Sakurai. Sakurai realized this was an issue. So Peach, Zelda filled the women quota. Bowser, Mewtwo for the villain role (Dedede was also considered, but Sakurai didn’t want to add his own characters in Possibly false information). “Filling a role” can also be introducing a new series to the fighter lineup.
3. Characters that had huge amount of support or are highly recognizable by the general public.This is Bowser, Peach, Mewtwo.
4. Characters who were planned, but were scrapped/cut because of time constraints/ limitations. Bowser, Mewtwo for 64-> Melee
5. Characters that piqued Sakurai’s interest– but are obscure/ not heavily requested. Mr. Game and Watch, Ice Climbers, Dr. Mario, Zelda/Sheik,  Ayumi Tachibani [considered], Takamaru (Considered?). Usually retro by nature. The e-mail that could have inspired Mr. Game and Watch will be on page 10 here (Need to translate it first).
6. Lastly, Clones if extra time: Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Pichu.

Important to note: Ganondorf was much more popular in the Smash 2 poll than Zelda, but Zelda was prioritized, while Ganondorf was ‘extremely lucky to get in’ (Japanese Melee page). Ganondorf does fulfill criteria #3 and #4…but in the end it was #6 that got him in. It’s impossible to say whether or not he was on the Project Plan though.

As you can see, the more criteria they fill, the more likely they will be added into Smash.

What do you guys think? Let me know!

Mega Smash 4 Poll Analysis Week 1: Meet the Hardcore Community


I’m excited to show you guys the first wave of information from the Mega Smash 4 Poll I’ve been conducting. The poll is open in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and French! Thanks to the hard work of the translators who have made it possible. If you have not already, please take the poll here before reading. The poll will be open until the end of the month, but I wanted to show you some information. Furthermore, the goal of this post is to promote the poll. The more respondents we have, the more accurate the data will be. Once the poll closes, the data will be released to everyone . So please do your part and take the poll. If you have already taken it, please help promote it.

This post takes into account over 2,300 responses. As of writing, the poll has gathered almost 3,000 votes in all languages. However, in this post, I will be focused on the English results for simplicity sake. I’m going to let the data do most of the talking. This post has a ton of data in it, and I look forward to seeing the conversation that emerges as a result.

Who Voted So far (English):

Mean: 19.69271061
Mode: 19
Median: 19

Males from North America are the common poll takers. The male-to-female ratio is actually observed in all languages. Hardcore Smashers tend to be young males. The average age of the poll taker is 19 years old. About 60% of the respondents have played Project M. Most respondents claim that Smash 4 Wii U is their favorite Smash game yet. The legend on the right follows the order from biggest to smallest perctange.

Average Age For Favorite Smash Game:

Super Smash Bros. (64) 21.36170213
Super Smash Flash 20.44444444
Super Smash Bros: Brawl 20.0733945
Super Smash Bros: 4 Wii U 19.61052632
Super Smash Bros: Melee 19.53200883
Super Smash Bros: 4 3DS 19.40718563
Project M 18.91341991
I don’t own any Smash Brothers game 17.25

Respondents who said Smash 64 was their favorite game tended to be older. Super Smash Flash places second, with Brawl being third. Not owning a Smash Brothers game usually meant that the user was younger, by almost 4 years when compared to Smash 64.

83.7% of respondents owned the Wii U version. 71.5% owned the 3DS version. I believe these are good percentages to have in this poll, as most of the other questions deal with Smash 4.

Average Age for Responses on 3DS/ Wii U ownership:

Neither 19.66055046
Wii U Only 20.15498155
3DS Only 18.79752066
Both 19.4612069

Wii U only users tend to be older. This is surprising, as I assumed owning both would the older as the respondents would be more likely to work full time. 3DS only users tended to be the youngest. Perhaps, the majority of 3DS only respondents received the 3DS version as a present.

Hardcore Ranking:

Users were asked on a scale of 1 to 10 to rank how hardcore they are. 1 is the “most hardcore” while 10 is the “most casual”. Most respondents claimed they are extremely hardcore.

Mean: 3.542869641
Mode: 10
Median: 3

Legend of Zelda 559
Pokemon 490
Mario 272
Fire Emblem 172
Earthbound 111
Metroid 101
Kirby 77
Mega Man 68
DK 57
Sonic the Hedgehog 57
Xenoblade 56
Metal Gear Solid 48
Animal Crossing 45
Star Fox 41
Pikmin 32
Kid Icarus 31
F-Zero 19
Retro 14
Wario Ware 9
Wii Fit 8
Namco 6
Punch Out!! 5
Yoshi’s Island 4

Yoshi’s Island was not included as an option for about 1,400/2,300 respondents so more users may like it.

The series that are liked tend to be the more “hardcore” series, which makes sense considering the respondents.

Below, I compared the favorite series to the respondents age.

Average Age per favorite series:

Yoshi’s Island: 28.75
Metroid: 21.4
Mega Man: 20.53
DK: 20.35
Retro: 20.35
Legend of Zelda: 20.28
Namco: 20.1
Punch Out!!: 20
F-Zero: 19.75
Mario: 19.65
Star Fox: 19.65
Metal Gear: 19.34
Animal Crossing: 19.31
Fire Emblem: 19.25
Warioware: 19.25
Pokemon: 19.1
Earthbound: 19.04
Kid Icarus: 19
Sonic: 19
Kirby: 18.13
Pikmin: 18
Xenoblade: 17
Wii Fit: 15.6

Character Preferences (Interactive Version):

Most Like Votes: Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, Marth, Shulk, Mario

Most Liked Ratio: Captain Falcon, Kirby, Marth, Mario, Ganondorf

Most Dislike Votes: Diddy Kong, Rosalina and Luma, Dark Pit, Sonic, Mii Swordsman

Most Dislike Ratio: Mii Swordsman, Diddy Kong, Mii Gunner, Dark Pit, Rosalina and Luma

Captain Falcon not only got the most “like votes”, but his like-to-dislike ratio is perhaps the best in the game. His clone, Ganondorf is also well-liked by many of the English poll takers.

Most of the “dislike” characters are either considered OP (Hoo, Hah), or a “waste” of a character slot. Mii Swordsman is usually ranked one of the worst characters in the game with regards to tier list, which may explain his lack of popularity.

Character Name: Likes Dislikes Total Votes: % Like % Dislike
Mario 981 121 1102 89.02% 10.98%
Luigi 878 126 1004 87.45% 12.55%
Peach 623 169 792 78.66% 21.34%
Bowser 732 101 833 87.88% 12.12%
Yoshi 762 206 968 78.72% 21.28%
Rosalina and Luma 591 610 1201 49.21% 50.79%
Bowser Jr. 733 243 976 75.10% 24.90%
Wario 519 356 875 59.31% 40.69%
Mr. Game and Watch 708 201 909 77.89% 22.11%
Donkey Kong 673 129 802 83.92% 16.08%
Diddy Kong 495 755 1250 39.60% 60.40%
Link 924 220 1144 80.77% 19.23%
Zelda 595 188 783 75.99% 24.01%
Sheik 785 251 1036 75.77% 24.23%
Ganondorf 1073 133 1206 88.97% 11.03%
Toon Link 790 248 1038 76.11% 23.89%
Samus 721 151 872 82.68% 17.32%
Zero Suit Samus 746 319 1065 70.05% 29.95%
Pit 613 238 851 72.03% 27.97%
Palutena 504 381 885 56.95% 43.05%
Marth 1054 118 1172 89.93% 10.07%
Ike 820 124 944 86.86% 13.14%
Robin 860 171 1031 83.41% 16.59%
Kirby 788 81 869 90.68% 9.32%
King Dedede 744 176 920 80.87% 19.13%
Meta Knight 554 232 786 70.48% 29.52%
Little Mac 766 437 1203 63.67% 36.33%
Fox 811 155 966 83.95% 16.05%
Falco 704 193 897 78.48% 21.52%
Pikachu 816 108 924 88.31% 11.69%
Charizard 571 195 766 74.54% 25.46%
Lucario 604 262 866 69.75% 30.25%
Jigglypuff 865 181 1046 82.70% 17.30%
Greninja 718 167 885 81.13% 18.87%
Duck Hunt Dog 732 329 1061 68.99% 31.01%
R.O.B 638 259 897 71.13% 28.87%
Ness 961 171 1132 84.89% 15.11%
Captain Falcon 1329 79 1408 94.39% 5.61%
Villager 924 161 1085 85.16% 14.84%
Olimar 451 399 850 53.06% 46.94%
Wii Fit Trainer 532 283 815 65.28% 34.72%
Shulk 985 190 1175 83.83% 16.17%
Dr. Mario 681 259 940 72.45% 27.55%
Dark Pit 523 568 1091 47.94% 52.06%
Lucina 777 282 1059 73.37% 26.63%
Pac-Man 828 175 1003 82.55% 17.45%
Megaman 958 159 1117 85.77% 14.23%
Sonic 599 514 1113 53.82% 46.18%
Mii Fighter 473 337 810 58.40% 41.60%
Mii Swordsman 271 476 747 36.28% 63.72%
Mii Gunner 284 425 709 40.06% 59.94%

Stage Preferences (Interactive Version):

Flat-Zone X was missing from the poll for over 1,000 votes. Because of this, it has a low amount of votes. However, considering it’s like to dislike ratio, it’s probably safe to say that Flat-Zone X would be one of the most disliked stages if it was had more votes.

The legal stages in each game tend to have higher likes and percentages of likes. Since most of the respondents self-identified as “hardcore”, this is to be expected. In the same vein, the disliked stages tended to be stages with hazards, or not seen hardcore friendly.

Wii U:
Most Liked Stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville, Town and City, Delfino Plaza
Most Liked Ratio: Battlefield, Town and City, Final Destination, Smashville, Delfino Plaza
Most Disliked Stages: 75m, Pac Land, Great Cave Offensive, Dr. Wily’s Castle, Pyrosphere
Most Disliked Ratio: 75m, Pac Land. Great Cave Offensive, Flat Zone X, Pyrosphere

Most Liked Stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Yoshi’s Island, Corneria, Prism Tower
Most Liked Ratio: Battlefield, Final Destination, Yoshi’s Island, Corneria, Arena Ferox
Most Disliked Stages: Dr. Wily’s Castle, Mushroom Kingdom, Golden Plains, Flat Zone 2, Balloon Fight
Most Disliked Ratio: Mushroom Kingdom, Golden Plains, Flat Zone 2, Balloon Fight, Distant Planet

Wii U:                                                                            3DS:

Stage Name: Total Votes: Likes % Liked: Dislikes % Disliked: Stage Name: Total Votes: Likes % Liked: Dislikes % Disliked:
Battlefield 1781 1759 99% 22 1% Battlefield 1638 1611 98% 27 2%
Big Battlefield 1084 978 90% 106 10% Final Destination 1633 1588 97% 45 3%
Final Destination 1762 1715 97% 47 3% 3D Land 723 392 54% 331 46%
Mushroom Kingdom U 849 641 76% 208 24% Golden Plains 654 236 36% 418 64%
Mario Galaxy 1169 1052 90% 117 10% Rainbow Road 815 593 73% 222 27%
Delfino Plaza 1141 1086 95% 55 5% Paper Mario 838 511 61% 327 39%
Mario Kart 8 1061 891 84% 170 16% Mushroom Kingdom (Brawl) 641 184 29% 457 71%
Mario Kart Circuit (Brawl) 656 311 47% 345 53% Jungle Japes (Melee) 823 521 63% 302 37%
Luigi Mansion 903 761 84% 142 16% Gerudo Valley 996 859 86% 137 14%
Jungle Hijinks 826 544 66% 282 34% Spirit Train 865 600 69% 265 31%
Kongo Jungle 64 1071 957 89% 114 11% Brinstar 622 374 60% 248 40%
Skyloft 1101 1007 91% 94 9% Yoshi’s Island (Brawl) 1016 975 96% 41 4%
Bridge of Eldin 875 691 79% 184 21% Dream Land 686 498 73% 188 27%
Temple 1146 1037 90% 109 10% Corneria (Melee) 955 890 93% 65 7%
Pyrosphere 910 426 47% 484 53% Unova Pokemon League 795 600 75% 195 25%
Norfair 704 410 58% 294 42% Prism Tower 954 874 92% 80 8%
Port Town Aero Drive 719 498 69% 221 31% Mute City 851 700 82% 151 18%
Woolly World 867 657 76% 210 24% Magicant 1022 763 75% 259 25%
Yoshi’s Island 743 586 79% 157 21% Arena Ferox 902 840 93% 62 7%
The Great Cave Offensive 1076 433 40% 643 60% Flat Zone 2 601 221 37% 380 63%
Halberd 1002 925 92% 77 8% Reset Bomb Forest 740 433 59% 307 41%
Orbital Gate Assault 840 567 68% 273 33% Warioware 687 447 65% 240 35%
Lylat Cruise 893 736 82% 157 18% Distant Planet (Brawl) 520 236 45% 284 55%
Kalos Pokemon League 1061 894 84% 167 16% Tortimer Island 670 544 81% 126 19%
Pokemon Stadium 2 1079 989 92% 90 8% Boxing Ring 890 774 87% 116 13%
Onett 882 733 83% 149 17% Gaur Plain 832 585 70% 247 30%
Coliseum 798 724 91% 74 9% Balloon Fight 659 279 42% 380 58%
Castle Siege 871 776 89% 95 11% Living Room 621 334 54% 287 46%
Palutena’s Temple 962 508 53% 454 47% Find Mii 624 367 59% 257 41%
Flat Zone X 332 152 46% 180 54% Tomodachi Life 729 544 75% 185 25%
Skyworld 639 398 62% 241 38% Pictochat 2 588 395 67% 193 33%
Gamer 1012 786 78% 226 22% Green Hill Zone 617 419 68% 198 32%
Garden of Hope 659 435 66% 224 34% Wily’s Castle 962 456 47% 506 53%
Town and City 1359 1334 98% 25 2% Pac-Maze 865 554 64% 311 36%
Smashville 1510 1469 97% 41 3%
Wii Fit Studio 721 580 80% 141 20%
Boxing Ring 946 845 89% 101 11%
Gaur Plains 975 669 69% 306 31%
Duck Hunt 1079 954 88% 125 12%
75 m 1060 144 14% 916 86%
Wrecking Crew 711 363 51% 348 49%
Pilot Wings 893 791 89% 102 11%
Wuhu Island 916 830 91% 86 9%
Windy Hill 722 579 80% 143 20%
Dr. Wily’s Castle 1064 507 48% 557 52%
Pac-Land 953 266 28% 687 72%


So that’s it for today. I hope you enjoy reading the data. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Again, please help promote the poll: tinyurl.com/SmashPoll

Thanks! I look forward to sharing the final results!

Challenge Guide Super Smash Brothers 3DS

SEE OP for Challenge List

Quick Multi-Man Melee Guide:

Cruel Melee: Based off of this video:

Using Wario, run to the edge and jump off. Then press forward. During your short invincibility frames, grab the opponent and throw him backwards. Wario is used because he will knock the other Miis back while back throwing. Once the throw is complete, chase the Mii off the stage, and hang on the ledge again. Rinse and repeat until you have reached at least 4.

Endless Melee: Based off my experience:

Use Bowser. The only attacks you need are smashes and down aerial. Stand on a platform and try to time the smashes so it hits all the Miis. Every 25 K.Os a fighter comes on the stage, thus disrupting the easy 5 K.O. Mii kills. They should also easy to K.O.

3 Minute Melee:

Use a similar approach to Endless Melee.


Homerun Contest: Based off of this video:

Use Ganondorf. Forward smash 2 times, then Forward A attack 8 times. Pick up the bat and smash quickly. You should get over 1,000 M.

Smash Bomb:

The key point is timing. Once you hit the bomb, the timer starts. The bomb blows up at 0, even if you are in the process of hitting it. Before starting, touch the bottom screen to see the whole screen and to figure out where to aim. The higher the damage the bomb receives, the further it will fly/ the speed it flies will increase. First aim for the top section and try to clear as much as possible. Then, aim for the bottom section by smashing the bomb into the back wall.

Smash Run:

The getting 1st place with all fighters in Smash Run takes a long time to complete as the prep is 5 minutes, and then a battle follows. Here’s my preferred load out for most of the fighters.

(Green Speed Icon) 走行速度アップのスビードバッジ: +17 Speed, -23 Attack: (Special Ability:走行速度アップ Increases speed by 1.3) -2 load out *REQUIRES A4 on Page 2 of challenges to unlock

(Red Attack Icon) アート回復のアタックバッジ +13 Attack, -33 Defense (Special Ability: アート回復 heals a little damage every so often.) *REQUIRES B7 on Page 2 of challenges to unlock

I either then went with:

(Green Speed Icon) ジャンプ強化のスピードバッジ +21 Speed, -33 Attack (Special Ability: ジャンプ強化 increases jump by 1.2)  -2 load out *REQUIRES B6 of Page 3 to unlock


(Red Attack Icon) ハイパースマッシュのアタックバッジ +13 Attack, -27 Defense (Special Ability ハイパースマッシュ Increases smash time by a bit, but increases damage by 1.3) **REQUIRES A6 on Page 2 of challenges to unlock

In Smash Run, speed and attack are essential in order to move around the map quickly and get more power ups. There is a chance that shield items will not help you in the deciding round as you could get “Climb to the Top” or “Race to the Finish”, so I generally ignored them. I choice these not because of the stats, but because of their special abilities. The healing equipment is particularly useful as you move around the field. The other ones that are unlocked with page 3 challenges may be better, and I’ll update this post if that is the case.

For Items I generally went with the following:

水平ビーム (Red icon, Purple beam shooting to the right): Shoots a beam to the right of you.
オート回復 (Blue icon, Heart with a timer and sparkles) Heals you.
天の光 (Red icon, Light around a green figure) Surronds with you with a heavenly light. damaging enemies
ふっとびリング (Red icon, Green figure surrounded by two rings) knocks enemies back

Each item has different levels, so you will collect the same item 4 times. So after you collect a bunch, you will have a lot of choices on how many times you can use that item/ability in Smash Run.

Match Types:

Free For All
Team Battle
For Glory style
Mr. Saturn
Race to the Finish
Climb to the Top
Defeat the Enemies (Smash, Mario, Kirby and Kid Icarus themed)
Multi-Man Melee

The only challenges I have left are the finish on 9.0/ collect all of X/ finish X with all the fighters. Let me know if you have additional questions.