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The Case for Bayonetta’s Chances: The Controversy and How it Can be Solved!

Hello loyal readers, Spazzy_D here.You may be familiar with some of my previous “Case 4” articles for Source Gaming.In those write ups I made cases for such characters as Snake, Bomberman, and even the Prince of Persia.

Today we will be doing things a bit differently. Platinum Game’s Bayonetta has proven to be a very divisive character amongst the Smash fanbase.The following is my good friend BluePikmin11’s case for why Bayonetta should be in Smash Bros .That, however, is only half of the story.Stay tuned for my own personal reasoning behind why Bayonetta should not be in Smash!


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A Short F.A.Q. for the last few D.A.Y.S.

There’s been an influx of new information over the past few days. In particular, Sakurai has released two new books, and Sakurai’s latest Famitsu article: Ryu, Roy and Lucas join the Battle! which was translated by Soma.  With this, I’ve seen some misinformation about both of these topics, so I figured I would address them head on. Also, this will give some insight in how Source Gaming operates, so it’s well worth the read.

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“Winning and Losing” Sakurai Famitsu Column vol. 2

Note: Do not repost the full translation. Please use the first two paragraphs and link to this translation. For additional information, please read this post.

Weekly Famitsu April 25th, 2003 Vol. 2

Winning and Losing

In the previous column, I wrote that I “play video games every single day [1].” That quickly turned out to be a lie. Currently, I don’t have any days off to play video games, and I’m in full work mode. Working is hard, but it’s a lot of fun.

Now, prehistorically, or even far before the humans were born, organisms have participated in the competition of life. I feel that no matter how far culture may advance, “winning” and “losing” will be powerful stimuli that are engraved into our DNA.

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“The Act of Balancing” Sakurai’s Famitsu Column vol. 480

Today, Source Gaming is bringing you the full translation of Sakurai’s latest Famitsu column, “The Act of Balancing”. This is brought to you by the efforts of Masked Man, Soma, X Kan from Kantopia and myself.The reason I brought on so many people for this translation is because I’m fully aware that this is a controversial topic within the Smash community. Furthermore, I wanted multiple opinions on word choices to ensure the best possible translation. Special thanks to かるび on Twitter for the scan.
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Reminder: Sakurai Isn’t Using Smash to Advertise Nintendo — He’s Celebrating it.

Please note: the following is an opinion based article. You are allowed to disagree with me.

E3 will happen very soon. With everyone’s eyes are on the future of Nintendo (sorry no NX reveal!) I’m taking the opposite approach. I’m looking at the past of Smash to see how Sakurai has approached the series and what this means for the upcoming DLC.

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Smash 4 DLC: The Case for the Prince of Persia

That logo is definitely in the background.  What’s he trying to jump over here?

Character Background: The Prince of Persia is not a single character, but rather a group of eponymous princes that players take control of in order to navigate through a magical world inspired by Middle Eastern folklore.  Every iteration of the Prince is known for his fluid motion, extreme agility, and penchant for swordplay.  Perhaps the most famous version of the Prince, the one that made his debut in 2003’s The Sands of Time, is also known for his ability to control the flow of time itself through the use of a mystical dagger.

The Prince of Persia franchise, debuting in 1989, consists of over a dozen titles that have sold over 20 million copies combined.  Originally developed by Brøderbund, the rights to the game were acquired by Ubisoft in 2001. The 2D entries into the series pioneered a genre known as “cinematic platformers.”  Games in this genre are characterized by the realistic movements of their protagonists (often through the use of rotoscoping techniques.)  Other well known cinematic platformers include Oddworld, Blackthorne, and Flashback.

Nothing quite like wall running and precision platforming while using that GameCube Analogue stick.

Reasons for inclusion: As mentioned in the Rayman article, Ubisoft and Nintendo have a long history as collaborators.  Ubisoft is arguably Nintendo’s strongest source of Western third party support, and the Prince himself has a strong Nintendo legacy of his own.  The first game in the series, simply titled Prince of Persia, was originally released on the Amiiga but quickly found its way onto both the NES and SNES.   Every main line entry into the franchise since then, with the exception of 2010’s Prince of Persia reboot and 1999’s Prince of Persia 3D, has appeared on a Nintendo home console.  In addition to this, the franchise has also released several games as hardware exclusives on Nintendo handhelds.

As a brand, Prince of Persia is a very well known commodity.  The game series was adapted into a major motion picture by Walt Disney Pictures in 2010.  The film set out to be the “next Pirates of the Caribbean,” but unfortunately fell far short of that lofty goal.  The film was a critical failure (it currently sits at a 36% “rotten” rating on RottenTomatos.com,) but it did manage to earn a worldwide gross of $335,154,643.  That number is enough to make the Prince of Persia the highest grossing video game adaptation of all time.  The commercial success of the movie, as well as the wide variety of movie merchandise and tie-ins created for it, give the Prince a notoriety far beyond that of most video game characters.

You know who doesn’t have his own Lego set?  Sonic.  +1 to the Prince.

Reasons for exclusion:  Many of the general issues that affect Rayman’s chances also adversely affect the Prince.  Chief among them is the somewhat strained relationship between Ubisoft and Nintendo.  Still, the two companies remain on friendly terms and there is no reason to think that a deal could not be worked out if the demand is there.  The other main point is that the Prince is a character created by a Western game studio.  The only character of this type to make it into Smash as of yet is Diddy Kong.

16-Bit Prince looks like Toad.  If that doesn’t make Nintendo fans want him, I don’t know what will.

The Prince himself is also known to use realistic weaponry, such as daggers and swords, in his game.  This is likely not a huge issue.  Many of the characters that are already playable in the Smash Bros. series are sword users, and his daggers are far removed from most real world knives due to their ornate design.

The series has largely been supplanted by Assassin’s Creed in recent years, another game that focuses on an agile protagonist with many Middle Eastern themes.  These games are still quite different from the Prince’s games, though, and Ubisoft has expressed interest in revisiting the Prince of Persia franchise in the future.


What is Smash Bros. without music? Here are a few tracks you can look forward to if the Prince of Persia makes it in.

Smash 4 DLC: The Case for Simon Belmont

Simon Belmont

Simon, as he looked in the 2013 3DS game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. Look at that manly ginger beard!

Character Background: A member of the Belmont clan of vampire hunters, Simon Belmont is a holy warrior with unmatched resolve. It is his duty, as the inheritor of the legendary Vampire Killer whip, to strike down Dracula and his demonic minions whenever they might arise from their slumber. The forces of evil are a powerful lot, but luckily for us Simon has been trained from birth for this fight and is armed to the teeth with an arsenal of divine weaponry, ranging from explosive holy water to cross shaped boomerangs.

Castlevania is a franchise with multiple playable heroes, but Simon is the original and one of the most iconic. He is the hero of the very first title in the series, the Famicom Disk System title Castlevania, as well as the reworked NES/Famicom version of the game and it’s direct sequel, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. The franchise has had over 30 entries since its 1986 debut, many of them going on to sell millions of copies and be critical darlings (I’m looking at you, Symphony of the Night.) The latest game in the series to appear on Nintendo hardware, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate for the 3DS, featured a reimagined Simon Belmont as a protagonist.

The many looks of Simon Belmont. The guy goes through a lot of hair dye.

Reasons for inclusion: Castlevania is one of the most iconic NES and SNES franchises. The series has appeared on four Nintendo home consoles and on everyone of the companies hand held systems. The first four titles in the series are often found on “best of” or “top ten” lists for the systems they were made for.

Just look at this list Nintendo Power published in 2008 of the top 20 NES game of all time:

1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
3. Mega Man 2
4. Super Mario Bros.
5. Metroid
6. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out
7. Contra
8. Super Mario Bros. 2
9. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse
10. Ninja Gaiden
11. Mega Man 3
12. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
13. DuckTales
14. Castlevania
15. Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

16. Maniac Mansion
17. Bionic Commando
18. Dragon Warrior IV
19. Final Fantasy
20. Kid Icarus

Castlevania NES cover (Hey look, it’s Conan with a whip!)

Simon himself is the most reoccurring lead character in the series, and has a look that would help him stand apart from the rest of the Smash Bros. fighters. “Barbarian in a leather skirt with a whip” is a pretty unique combination of attributes, after all. His fighting style is also a perfect fit for Smash Bros, since his skills with a whip and the series sub weapon system (which features items such as knives, flames, axes, and boomerangs) could easily translate to a fighting game move list, and has in fact done so twice: first in 2003’s Japan only party fighter DreamMix TV World Fighters, and then in 2008’s Castlevania Judgement.

He is also the only remaining non-playable cast member of Captain N that originated in a video game. Can you guess which three characters are supposed to be Simon, Pit, and Megaman?

Reasons for exclusion: Konami and Nintendo aren’t exactly the best business partners at the present time. The last games that Konami produced for the 3DS were released in 2013. They have yet to publish a title for the Wii U that is not a virtual console release of an old NES or SNES game. Worse yet, there are currently no known Konami software titles in development for the Wii U. Huh, that seemed really familiar.

Castlevania is also not the premier franchise it once was. Recent titles in the series are lucky to reach a million in sales, while Metal Gear Solid titles routinely break that threshold with ease. Snake himself stands in the way of any other Konami vet as well. He has seniority as a “veteran character” so it is likely we will never see another Konami character if Snake hasn’t made it back in first.


What is Smash Bros. without music? Here are a few tracks you can look forward to if Simon makes it in:

If you enjoyed this piece, check out the case for Snake here!

How Does Sakurai pick the Roster?

I choose you…Dark Pit!

Reading the Smash 2 e-mails/ poll results, interviews with Sakurai, reflecting on the games, and looking over cut content I think I have an approximation on how Sakurai thinks. I have noticed that with the sole exception of Sheik (who was part of Zelda’s original moveset), every character choice in the Smash franchise is one of the the following:

1. They are a protagonist in the game.
2. They are a recurring character in the series.
3. They represent hardware or an era.

That’s it. No exception. More characters follow rule #1 than rule #2. For  rule #3, they add one per game (Game and Watch, R.O.B, and Duck Hunt respectively).
I know some of you are about to say, “Hey! What about Lucina or Dark Pit?”. Those characters were originally costumes who were upgraded late into development. Therefore, these are exceptions as they were not planned.

By looking at the Smash 2 e-mails/ poll results and Sakurai’s thoughts, I believe he chooses characters based on the following criteria:
(All examples are based off the transition between 64 and Melee, but they apply to the series in general. I ordered them based on speculated importance to Sakurai.)

1. Characters already in the series. He tries not to cut characters between games. Everyone from Mario to Jigglypuff was added into Melee.
2. Characters that filled a role. In 64: the lack of women and baddies are recurring e-mails to Sakurai. Sakurai realized this was an issue. So Peach, Zelda filled the women quota. Bowser, Mewtwo for the villain role (Dedede was also considered, but Sakurai didn’t want to add his own characters in Possibly false information). “Filling a role” can also be introducing a new series to the fighter lineup.
3. Characters that had huge amount of support or are highly recognizable by the general public.This is Bowser, Peach, Mewtwo.
4. Characters who were planned, but were scrapped/cut because of time constraints/ limitations. Bowser, Mewtwo for 64-> Melee
5. Characters that piqued Sakurai’s interest– but are obscure/ not heavily requested. Mr. Game and Watch, Ice Climbers, Dr. Mario, Zelda/Sheik,  Ayumi Tachibani [considered], Takamaru (Considered?). Usually retro by nature. The e-mail that could have inspired Mr. Game and Watch will be on page 10 here (Need to translate it first).
6. Lastly, Clones if extra time: Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Pichu.

Important to note: Ganondorf was much more popular in the Smash 2 poll than Zelda, but Zelda was prioritized, while Ganondorf was ‘extremely lucky to get in’ (Japanese Melee page). Ganondorf does fulfill criteria #3 and #4…but in the end it was #6 that got him in. It’s impossible to say whether or not he was on the Project Plan though.

As you can see, the more criteria they fill, the more likely they will be added into Smash.

What do you guys think? Let me know!

Smash Reader Response Page 1: Hidden Menu, and the Salt Begins

After Smash 64 was released, Sakurai opened the Smash 64 website. There, he regularly updated the page with interesting tidbits about Smash 64 development, and answered fan questions. I realized that most of these fan responses have not been compiled, nor translated so I decided to start translating them for the community. I’m amazed about how much we still can learn about the series. I’ve kept the original Japanese for reference, and so readers fluent in Japanese may check my translation. Comments will be made in orange.

These are taken from this page.

K.T さん
Smash Brothers will be a long hit! Congratulations!スマッシュブラザーズ現在もロングヒット中!

Thank you very much. It’s because of everyone’s help.
I made this the first entry on this website.


K.K さん
I think this game is really deep (mechanic wise) and interesting.本当に面白い奥の深いゲームだと思います。

I would really like to see Smash Brothers 2 with lots of characters (Even some minor ones!) and stages. If you are working on it,  don’t say anything and go ahead and make it.


Lastly, if you are working on Kirby 64, please make him that cute.


K.C さん
I always use Donkey Kong. Please make the next installment!!! Please!!If you don’t make it, I’ll put a cure on you! (Lol)

Of course, I’m lying!!

いつも ドンキーを使ってます
ぜひ 次回作も作ってください!!! お願いします!!

作ってくれないと のろいますよぉー(笑)

This is one of my favorite e-mails. It reminds me of a girl who wanted to give me a dowry….but that’s a story for another day.

007 さん
This is a really good game. Please Make Smash 2! And then, let’s have a big battle! [Japanese Smash Brothers name]いいですね、かなりいけてるゲームですね、
では、Let’s 大乱闘!

In most of the messages, I heard demands to make “Smash 2”. It’s been said so much that it almost hurts.メッセージの中でもっとも多かった要望は、

If only Sakurai knew….

Tomoko.Y さん
I’m not very good at action games, so I was hesitant to buy it…but I’ve enjoyed it.(I’m weak, but maybe it’s because my hands are too small (Speed, Timing and Skill) so I can’t play. (T_T)アクション弱いので買うとき迷ったんですが、

I would be thankful if the unlock conditions were made a little easier. (;_;)。 (I won’t give up even though I have never encountered Ness. However, I did find the Sound Test (T^T))


*About the ending graphics found in the version sold abroad

If there was a way for me to see this I would be happy, but I guess it’s impossible.


For people with small hands, I have good news. I’ve heard that Hori recently started selling a smaller controller.手の小さい方に朗報です。最近ホリ電機さんから
小さいコントローラーが発売されたようです。これを使って、がんばって!With regards to to the graphic endings found in Smash 64: There is a hidden switch in the Smash menu….try to find it.それと、海外版エンディングのグラフィックについては、

It can be accessed here. This is the only way to see the ending graphics in Japan. It also tells you who made each graphic. Naturally, Sakurai designed the Kirby one.

SHO さん
Note: the website is no longer accessible.

I’m doing something similar to you (^^).So, I’d like you to forgive me. (^^) I’m going to delete my messaging board this month. However, most of the contents are the same…!

I can’t compete with an official homepage, so I I’d figured I have to close my website. What do you think?

となると、内容がほとんど同じに. ..!


“The Smash Brothers Club House” right?
Even though I can’t contribute, I always looked at it.
This website’s “Smash Battle!!” is written by one person.
However, it’s difficult to have a bulletin board without proper administration, so I decided to make the “Online Smash Manual”.  (After all, I have to make my next game and other things). So, this page can’t have two way talk, which I think is important from the bottom of my heart.『スマブラ部遠征合宿所』ですね?
心から願っています。Essentially, Sakurai acknowledges the importance of having a bidirectional community. Because of the limitations on time, he decided to make a dedicated website. It’s interesting to see how Sakurai has later opened several lines of communication throughout Smash’s history. With Brawl and Smash 4, he used daily postings to communicate directly to the fans.

わたりひ さん
I have never seen such an informative official page like this. You can feel the love of the creator (crying).こんなに濃いオフィシャルページは見たことがないです。
「ドンキージャングルだ」(ちがう) はウケた(笑)

No idea what the bold part could mean. I feel it’s a joke, based on Sakurai’s answer.

Hey~ Come home (Faint)
You want to go home alone? (Angry)


レタス さん
I enjoy Smash Brothers.スマブラ、楽しいです。

I heard the single player was quite difficult and you had to try many times in order to win, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

However, I’ve enjoyed fighting against the computers under a variety of different settings. For example, on hard CPUs, setting the handicap high is fun. I enjoy making my adversaries fall.




Out of the 77 techniques (Is that correct?), I’m very good at the Meteor Strike. It feels so good!  After that when you they invincibility (?) t’s difficult, but I like the double edge nature of it.

かなり得意です(笑) 気持ち良すぎ!


It seems that you aren’t making Smash 2 right now, but if you are I’d like you to add more characters. Of course, I’d buy a Disc Drive version for 500 yen (Lol). I look forward to seeing what you make!



E.Y さん
Not only is there Nintendo characters, but also 2D fighting mechanics which I like. Also, the game is incredibly deep, so I’m extremely happy!!

Even though it’s been awhile since the game has been released, I still play it with everyone almost daily. No one ever says “Hey, let’s play a different game”.

Now, we play 2 on 2 tag match. However, Donkey Kong is the villain (lol). When he is carrying your ally away, you have to shoot him with Samus’ Charge Shot.

After, we sometimes use Item Switch and put on only Beam Sword. There we play, “Big Edo Swordfighting Mode” (lmao).






The game, the operation of the game, the concept, and the character’s charisma are all perfect. From years from now, we will still hold this game in high regard (No exaggeration!!)
I’m really happy with the small details too. The bonus game time attack, the characters illustration, the various bonuses (Like Star Finish), the Vs Mode Option menu, that Mario isn’t alone in Classic, the character’s attacks, the voices, the taunts, the hidden characters hidden in the background, the original game music…the game is full of “entertainment”!



This game has both an absurd amount of content and “entertainment” which really pull at my heart strings! 


There are a lot of rule settings that you can enjoy. It would be nice if this page could introduce you to some settings…


宝山りふぁ さん
Everyone seems to love Smash Brothers, but I don’t have any opponents so I’m lonely.スマブラみんなで盛り上がるけど、

I would like Nintendo Entertainment to have a campaign~
Afterwards, I would like a special Smash Controller
Make it cheap so even children could buy it. I want 4, controllers。


I love the opening! I was moved~. I want the sound track.
Fox…he actually doesn’t say “Duty Complete”, he says “Mission Complete” right? How about Captain Falcon’s taunt? What is he saying?


Can you add characters and stages with the 64DD? “Mario Pack” would add Mario characters and Mario stages. I love Mushroom Kingdom~ You also treated Luigi really well! I love Luigi.


However, Pokemon is an anime…~
Even though it’s Nintendo All Star…
Jigglypuff isn’t that well known.
More popular…other characters exist…that aren’t Pokemon…


Ahh, that’s right. Fox says “Mission Complete”. Captain Falcon’s taunt says, “Show me your moves!”. If you bought the Dance Dance Revolution controller (For PlayStation) , it would have the same thing written. That was a coincidence. A coincidence.

[Show me your moves!(おまえのワザを見せてみろ!)]と言っています。ダンスダンスレボリューション(PS)のコントローラーを買ったら

Can’t…stop laughing at this one. Love the saltiness and Sakurai ignoring the Jigglypuff comment.

H.Y さん
I’ve put a ton of hours into Smash Brothers. I’m really strong. Please hope a competition at the Makuhari Messe (In Chiba). It’s very close to me.
幕張メッセなんかで大会やってほしいです、 近いこともあり。This is just me boasting but, I can beat the level 9 computers with no damage. My total score for 1P is 120000 points. I’ve cleared Smash the Targets in about 3:30. Thanks for hearing my idle chat.

てなわけで自慢、 サシ無敵、comLv:9ノーダメージで勝てます。


T.O さん
Smash Brother’s is a really great game.I’m pretty confident in my Smash Brothers skill, but I’d like to show it at an official tournament. However, I live in the country side so I guess there won’t be a competition (near me).

Please hold a Smash tournament in Awaji Island! I will train really hard. Sorry for the sudden e-mail m(_ _)m.



それでは、これからも頑張って下さい。失礼しますm(_ _)m

A nation wide tournament! I hear a lot of those requests.I have thought about hosting one, but without going ahead and doing it yourself, it would be difficult to meet people with high skill level. Of course, I’m leaving it to the community…..


This one was really difficult to translate. Would greatly appreciate input.

カジ さん
Interesting!! Smash is such a novel idea.面白いです!! 斬新なアイデアですし。

I think it’s great that you have this official website with all the information. I very much look forward to seeing what’s next!

とても いいことだとおもいます。

If I made websites like this for all my upcoming games, I think my head would hurt. However, I’m glad you like the website.


まるやま さん
I use Link.I’m very bad at action games, but I finally started with Zelda 64.

Ness is too difficult. When he doesn’t come back from his PK Thunder, I almost cry. However, I triumphantly cleared Very Hard with Link. (I cleared the Kirby arm 3 times).

Even though I’m this bad, would you still call me a gamer?





Yeah, I think your clearly a gamer…Improve your technique by playing versus.


K.T さん
I enjoy Smash Brothers so much! And Kirby is too cute!スマブラおもしろすぎです。そしてカービィかわいすぎ!。

I also read the ほぼ日「樹の上の秘密基地」. I enjoyed reading the various people who supported the project. Need to fix this

応援の声が スタッフの方々だったとか色々解って、面白かったです。

I would like you to make Smash Brothers 2. In addition, I would like a any new Kirby 64 game. I look forward to seeing what Hal Laboratory releases next. Good luck!

あと64のカービィ シリーズなんでもいいから出して欲しいです。

Read Shigesato Itoi’s homepage, “Almost daily Itoi Newspaper [Popular Name Almost Daily” here. It’s very interesting.

う-ろん・あおや さん
On how to remove the “Motion Sensor Bomb” plus put: “Avoid it and pass through it quickly”. It’s very practical advice.
Just as I imagined, I enjoy play Smash. I enjoy that even “Golden Eye” was drawn from in battle. HAL Laboratory is the best!


感想 さすがに面白いです
対戦の楽しさは「ゴールデンアイ」に 迫るものがあります

Because of this, I added “Avoid it and pass through it quickly”. If you are close to a bomb, please try it out.


K@Z さん
“Smash Brothers” has so many unique characters that it has a high name value. However, I don’t feel that it’s naturally “Epic” but I have a good feeling. But, I guess I should call a game I play for 30 minutes every day “epic”.


I got something useful. If you make “2”, I will buy it, but please make a disc drive version.


Please release Mother 3. With that, good-bye. Long live Smash Brothers!


「MOTHER 3」も年内に出してくださいねー。

Please hurry up and make Mother 3. > Mother 3 developer
Never mind, he’s working extremely hard on it every day. Making games is difficult, so please wait a little longer.


S.M さん
I’ve really enjoyed Smash Brothers. Link’s Up B, and Down B, Mario’s fireball. The hammer item, the Super Mario stage…all are amazing. I don’t know about kids these days, but people my age are really enjoying the game (I’m only 20 years old though).

I clearly remember Mario Brothers. You’ve already completed the experience, so making 2 might be difficult but if you are able to do so, I’d like you to make it.

From here, make a game that adults and children can enjoy on the N64. I eagerly look forward.

アイテムのハンマー、 スーパーマリオのステージ、全部最高。

うちらの世代には嬉しすぎます。 (ちなみに俺は20才です)

もう完成度が高いので、 2は難しいのかもしれないけど、


There’s more than a mountain’s worth of stuff to do in Smash Brothers. However, I’m glad that you enjoyed the game. Anyway, you said that you turned 20. That’s the year I first made Kirby.


T.E さん
You need to made a sequel.
If you make the rules similar to other fighting games, then the number of fans would decrease. So without changing the rules, I would like you to just add characters.

If you release just characters, some people might be like “uhh”, so please add characters with the 64DD.

Personally,I love Goldeneye, so I would like to see James Bond but I’m guessing there’s copyright issues. 00 Agents are crying (Lol).






When I think of it, adding characters by 64DD is a popular request. If I sell it for 500 yen, Hal Laboratory might be forced to shut down (joking!).


dsk さん
It’s a simple concept, but it’s fun. This is how games should be made.



I extremely enjoy that the weak Jigglypuff, and Luigi are in the game. (However, I end up using Mario the most).

Then,I’m extremely happy that you put extreme affection into each of the borrowed Nintendo’s beloved characters. I can feel that you really honored each character when you made them. 

Each stage was really well made. In the Metroid stage, when Ridley flew I cried. It’s good that you didn’t pick a generic fighting Pokemon but you went with Jigglypuff instead.

For me, midway in my twenties, who grew up on Nintendo I am extremely happy with this game. I’m glad that it will expose more people to Nintendo’s characters.

I like all the fighters.
It exceeded my imagination on the VS results screen, the losers are clapping for the winner. I think it’s a great performance.

I know you said you don’t have any current plans to make Smash 2, but I eagerly look forward to it. Good luck.






スマブラ2楽しみにしています。 がんばってください。

Thanks for having a good understanding. This game aims to include things that are in sports. Your body won’t break down, and damage is increased in numerical value but there are such things like rules, time limits and points so there’s a lot going on with the losers clapping for the winners.

There’s misunderstandings in the game, but during play I think people forget the physical damage. I wonder if that’s okay?

What? If it’s like sports then why did you name it “Smash Ken” like Kenpo? If you don’t think about really difficult things, then it’s poisonous for your body.





I’m very unsatisfied with my translation of the second half of this answer.Feel like I’m missing something. 

H.T さん
I was looking forward to Smash before it came out. I reserved my copy at Lawson, and bought it on release data. I enjoyed it just as I expected….no more than my expectations. I usually fight against my younger sister, but she’s not that good at action games, and recently I’ve been able to clear Very Hard with No Continues.

Recent fighting games take a long time for beginners to get used to them, but Smash is very easy and very deep.


You said that you don’t have plans for Smash 2, but if you are able to make it, I’d like it. Also, I’d like you to please increase the number of characters for Smash 2.  Including the hidden characters, there are 12 characters which is pretty small. Excuse my long drawn out ramblings. Please try your best.



If I look at recent fighting games, I feel that 12 fighters are a low number. However, please forgive me this time. It wasn’t a port, there was no know how, and the character’s physiques are pretty different; so this was the limit without spending a lot more time. (When I say it like that it seems likes an excuse).

R.K さん
At first, I thought 1 Player Mode was extremely difficult, but now I can clear it with ease.

I think this is a game I can play for 5, 10 years from now. But, my friends say they don’t want to versus me. It puts me in a real bad mood.



Try playing with Auto-Handicap with 3 or more fighters. You can also change the rules.

So What’s the Deal with Sheik’s Bits (In Smash)?

Taking a short break from examining the data in Smash.

I recently watched this video:

At first, I didn’t understand the issue. For me, it was always clear that Sheik was just Zelda in disguise. However, as the video states, there is some controversy over whether Sheik is still female as Impa or Zelda uses magic to change form. So, I decided to investigate the claims further. I don’t intend to provide a definitive answer, instead I’m merely investigating the claims and explaining my own thoughts.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Nintendo of America has changed sex in order to avoid transgender controversy in the States.


Before I really begin, there’s a legitimate argument that since Smash is not canon, the Sheik in Smash is different from the Ocarina of Time version of Sheik (Especially Brawl, as that Sheik was based off of a Twilight Princess rendition of the character). I’m only commenting on the text that’s in Smash today.

For this blog post, I will be using a Japanese copy of Melee and both the Wii U and 3DS trophy/ instruction manual reference. Unfortunately, I do not have a Japanese copy of Brawl nor could I find Sheik’s trophy text online. If you have it, please send it to me and I’ll update this post. Lastly, please take note of the colored text.

I figured I’d start with the description for Zelda/Sheik’s down-b move. Surely, the answer would lie there.

シークチェンジ: シークに変身します。変身中にダメージを受けると、変身がキャンセルされます。

Literal translation: Sheik Change: Transform into Sheik. If you take damage during your transformation, the move will cancel.

This is the key word: 変身します (Henshin Shimasu) – a metamorphosis; a transformation, a disguise. Personally, whenever I hear the word I think of Viewitful Joe.

So, let’s look at the trophy text for more clues:

Here’s Sheik’s Melee Trophy Text:

Sorry for potato quality.


This is Zelda’s alter ego. Using a variation of the name of the ancient Sheikah tribe, she appears before Link and teaches him melodies instrumental to his success. It’s believed that she’s not just a quick- change artist, but rather that she is able to instantaneously alter her clothing and her eye and skin color by using her magical skills.

Literal translation: Zelda’s transformation form. Calls themselves the last member of the Sheikah, a tribe said to be extinct. They appear in front of Link teaching him an important melodies. It’s thought that the change not simply a metamorphosisbut they use powerful magic to switch over; not only the clothes (of course), but also the physique, eye color and even the skin color change in an instant.

Japanese does identify sex within the language (which adds to this debate!), so I chose to go with the neutral expression “they” in my version. Not as different as I expected. Not sure why they dropped the part of Sheik saying they were the survivor of the Sheikah Clan but that’s irrelevant for now.

変身(Henshin) and 変態(Hentai) are very similar words, so it’s important to understand the difference.

…No, not that kind of hentai! Baka!

I found numerous sites that explained the difference.

Essentially, 変身 is to change one’s outside appearance. Think Viewtiful Joe, or Power Rangers. Several sites that I’ve read stated that an important aspect of 変身 is that you can change back.

変態, is to change your substance, to become something else/ someone else. Like a werewolf or a butterfly.

切りかえる – switch over, to change, to replace, to exchange.

Henshin and Hentai are extremely close, but the difference is important. The text says that Sheik is only temporary changing her outside appearance. Before I draw my own conclusions, let’s look at Smash 4 3DS/Wii U.

『ゼルダの伝説 時のオカリナ』でシーカー族の 生き残りとして登場する。その正体は、ゼルダ。 ガノンドロフから逃れるため変装した姿である。 忍者や盗賊のような衣服を身にまとっている。 『スマブラ』では、ゼルダとは対極をなすように スピードを活かしたき攻撃が得意なファイターだ。 手数で攻め立てて、ダメージを蓄積していこう。

America: In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Sheik claimed to be a surviving Sheikah. However, this was just a cunning disguise for Princess Zelda so that she could escape Ganondorf. In Smash Bros., she’s the complete opposite of Zelda, striking with fast attacks that can keep an opponent off balance.

Europe:  Sheik is introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as the “survivor of the Sheikah”, although it turns out to be Zelda, who took on the disguise to hide from Ganondorf. Sheik’s ninja-like speed is a real contrast with Zelda’s, and it allows for sneaky, fast-paced attacks that overwhelm opponents before they can even react.

The European version of the text is much closer to the original Japanese.  As you may have noticed, they took out 変身. Instead, the 3DS version refers to it as a 変装, a disguise. 

The green text is untranslated. It says that Sheik wears the same kind of clothing that a ninja, a thief, etc would wear.

Ranma ½ is a series that deals with a similar situation. Depending on the temperature of water, the main character changes sex. When describing the main character, Ranma Saotome on the fan wiki, the community still refers to Ranma as a “he”, even when “he” is his girl form. This probably because gender identity is extremely complicated and touchy subject.

Essentially, there are four main identifiers for sexuality. Sex, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation. There’s more, but for simplicity sake I’m only covering these ones.

Sex: Are you biologically male or female, or somewhere in between?
Gender: What are the societal expectations/ feelings on how a particular sex should act? Ex: a women should wear a dress while men shouldn’t.
Gender Identity: Where you believe you personally fall in on the gender scale.
Sexual Orientation: What you are interested in.

In Melee and Smash 4, Sheik’s sex could be male or female, but in the end it doesn’t really matter. Sheik is still Zelda, and Zelda clearly identifies herself as female. She is only taking on the form of Sheik as a form of protection from Ganondorf. It’s not a permanent change, as she throws away the disguise to return to her original self. In the end of OoT, she show’s interest in the Hero of Time (unlike Midna).

What do you guys think?