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Miiverse Translations Week 2

Click on the Miiverse category to see additional translations! Thanks again to BluePikmin11 for sending these my way.



Reasons why “Mr. Smash Ball” is a popular topic among the ladies:

*He’s noticeable even when he’s not doing anything.
*It’s really cute when he floats (softly) in the air.
*But he strikes really hard
*(When he has an aura around him, he’s really dangerous
*He lends his power at the critical moment. And you can request it.
Robin: I wonder who I should vote for the new fighter…
Robin: Fighters like Bandana Waddle Dee or King K. Rool seem to be really popular…
Chrom: It seems that you are lost…

Here’s a follow up post by the same author:

For a long time (she’s?) been been delegated to Peach’s alt so she couldn’t join the battle…
Daisy: …
Don’t easily dismiss Princess Daisy either!

Pac-Man: Hey…even in invisible Smash you can’t even see everyone’s clothes.
Pac-Man: I wonder why?
Mewtwo: Since it’s been a long time since I battle I have a headache…
Dr. Mario: Well, that’s because of that
Dr. Mario: That is Mew’s pain


Ranto is part of Super Smash Brother’s name in Japanese.

Mew: Whats the matter big poo?
Mewtwo: Little poo, don’t get close to this toilet!
Water that fights against bacterial flows out.
Mew: Really?
Mew: What an awful toilet…

If the Chorus Men were in…
All together now!
Chorus Men using Off Waves (One of Tabuu’s moves)?

Palutena: Yet again, I’m faced against weaklings in the battlefield


MewThree joins the battle!?

The current state in 2015.
(Note, this poster says this is who he sees from each region online. It’s also not a popular post in the Japanese Smash Miiverse at all)

Ninten is singing the song!

Gaur Fields
Shulk: What are you doing at a place like this Jigglypuff?
Jigglypuff: WAAAAA! Shulk changed clothes while walking!!!

I can change my clothes too! (A parody of “I can change the future”)

Shilk: Jigglypuff…


Chrom Joins the Battle! HEY LET ME JOIN!


The battling princess

There’s Sigma..!!
(<- Him)
Sigma: Today will be the day that you will stop breathing
Pigma: I’ve kept you two waiting…hahaha
Zero: Exe, how would you like fried pork for dinner tonight
Exe: Well…

Villager: Because my opponent is frightening, I’m going to to fling this thing at them. After all, I am a Virgo.
Nook: A virgo?


I opened the party ball before the official celebration with my telepathy.

4/15 advanced distribution.


This is just a drawing of the error code 107-3117. This error-code displayed if you tried downloading Mewtwo before his actual release.

Here I am, battling such a pathetic weakling.
Your friend, Loid (From Earthbound 0. Pun on ‘Roy’)
Loid: You can rest here my friend.
Ness: There’s something different…

Little Mac: Just like Mario or Captain Falcon’s game…let’s have a racing game with all of our characters.
Doc Louis: but all our members are boxers…


Ness…my friend…
M.T. Mewtwo
(The title is a parody of Monday Late Show, a variety show)
Villager, the bachelor, who lives his life with a preference on turnips.


An investigation on the Villager’s secret.


Smash 4 DLC: The Case for Bomberman


Bomberman NES: A better design than Bomberman: Act Zero

Character Background: Somewhere in the Bomber Nebula, on Planet Bomber, lives Bomberman. A staunch defender of his planet, he has the ability to generate bombs from his hands, but beware, as Bomberman is not immune to his own armaments.

The Bomberman series, also known as Dynablaster in Europe, originated on the MSX in 1983. The game found its biggest audience on the Famicom/NES, selling over a million units on the platform globally. The ‘White Bomber’ has starred in over 70 games since his creation, making him one of the most prolific video game characters of all time. While the series is best known for its strategic top down action titles, the franchise itself has branched out over time to include a wide variety of genres and game types.

Just in case anyone was doubting he was an industry icon, here is Bomberman’s own Kart Racer. (Just like Sonic, Megaman, and Pac-Man)

Reasons for inclusion: Bomberman is the defacto mascot for the now defunct Hudson Soft. Not only was he front and center on a majority of the companies’ promotional materials, he was also the signature character that was chosen for kart racers, puzzle games, and other assorted spinoffs. For all intents and purposes, he was the companies’ Mario. This alone makes him the best possible candidate to represent Hudson Soft in Nintendo’s premiere party brawler. While it may not seem necessary to feature a company that is no longer developing games in Smash Bros., Hudson Soft is important enough to Nintendo history to warrant consideration. They created dozens of software titles on Nintendo consoles beginning with the NES and concluding with the Wii. If you are curious of the level of trust between the two companies, all you have to do is realize that Hudson Soft developed the first eight Mario Party games.

Yes, Bomberman has a Kangaroo friend that he rides. His name is Louies. That’s also the name of his species. Hudson Soft unfortunately never made “Louies’ Story” or “Louies’ Island,” though.

Bomberman himself holds the distinction of being the only third party character to appear on every Nintendo handheld and home console prior to the launch of the Wii U and 3DS. The ‘White Bomber’ even had an official crossover with current Smasher and Nintendo icon Wario in 1994’s Wario Blast. In that game Bomberman had to stop the greedy Wario, who was on a search for treasure, from carelessly destroying Planet Bomber. He also traded blows with veteran Smash Bros. guest character Solid Snake in DreamMix TV World Fighters.

The Bomberman design is cartoony but distinct, an attribute he shares with many characters currently in Smash Bros. Something else he shares with much of the Smash cast, including all of Smash for Wii U’s current guest stars, is that his appeal extends beyond video games. Bomberman has appeared in several mangas over the years and is even the star of his own anime!

FACT: Anime Bomberman is super cute

Reasons for exclusion: In March of 2012, Hudson Soft ceased to exist. The company merged with Konami and all of its intellectual property become part of the Konami brand. The reality of the situation is that Nintendo and Konami aren’t exactly the best of friends at the moment, and that Bomberman is a Konami property. Being a Konami character would also mean that he has to contend with Snake and his veteran status.

Another point of contention is that the IP has been largely dormant outside of the mobile games market for some time now. The last Bomberman to release on a dedicated gaming device was Bomberman Live: Battlefest for Xbox Live in 2010. A new 3DS Bomberman was planned before the Hudson Soft – Konami merger, but the game was unfortunately cancelled.

That is Smash Bros. without music? Here are a few tracks you can look forward to if Bomberman makes it in.