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Do Not Expect a Ton of DLC Characters

I’ve seen a lot of people believe that Sakurai and his team are going to pump out a ton of DLC characters. This is not the case. Today, I’m going to break down our translation, and why we decided to include “only several”. Sites like Siliconera have slightly altered the meaning, thus raising fan expectations to a much higher level.

Translation is incredibly tricky, especially when translating Japanese to English. This is because Japanese can be very ambiguous and is very relevant on context. For example, Japanese is one of the languages where pronouns are regularly dropped.

As of right now, we have seven translators working on translations. The benefit of having so many translators is that we discuss the translations before we post them on Source Gaming, thus raising the probability that our translations will be accurate. It creates considerable more work for us to check each other’s translations, but it is worth it to provide the fans with accurate, unbiased translations.

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Reasons to Subscribe

We have an exciting future for Source Gaming ahead. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on beefing up both the content and translation staff at Source Gaming. At the same time, I’m also encouraging people to subscribe and have pleaded with other blogs and media creators to recognize the amount of effort we have put into our humble site. Today, I’d like to list (only) several reasons why you should subscribe to this blog.

Made by splat from Smashboards

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A Short F.A.Q. for the last few D.A.Y.S.

There’s been an influx of new information over the past few days. In particular, Sakurai has released two new books, and Sakurai’s latest Famitsu article: Ryu, Roy and Lucas join the Battle! which was translated by Soma.  With this, I’ve seen some misinformation about both of these topics, so I figured I would address them head on. Also, this will give some insight in how Source Gaming operates, so it’s well worth the read.

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The Definitive Unused Fighters List in Smash

Update 4: There is a cut mini racing game from Super Smash 64.
Update 3: Sonic was originally planned for Brawl. According to the History of Sonic, Sega initially refused causing him to be temporarily dropped.
Update 2: Sonic was indeed planned for Melee. I found the full magazine scan, so it’s no longer possible misinformation.
Update 1: Mii Fighters and Pac-Man were briefly considered for Brawl. They’ve been included in the list below.

Seeing your favorite characters battle it out is probably the highlight of any Super Smash Brothers game. Character selection is a closely guarded secret by the series director, Masahiro Sakurai, but over the years he has released juicy tidbits. This entry will outline all of the characters that did not join the fight in each iteration.

For clarity’s sake, I’ve decided to separate each game into three categories: considered, planned and scrapped. Considered are characters that Sakurai and his team thought about putting into Smash. Naturally, this list will always be largely incomplete. Planned characters are characters that made it into the planning stage, but were not started. The last category is scrapped characters, which are characters that nearly made it into the game, or have left over data in the game.

There is a possibility that some characters are miscatergozied in this post, as we have incomplete pictures of the development cycles. Within each title, I will identify common rumors I have read online, but as far as I can tell are not actually based on fact. In this post, there are a ton of links. This is to allow readers to double check the research that was put into this. Of course, the biggest challenge in writing this post was finding reputable sources and quotes for every character.

In some cases, I’ve linked to posts that I have translated. This was done for the benefit of English speakers. In each of these posts, I’ve included the original Japanese so readers may confirm my translation. Please comment with additional sources, or inquires about certain characters. I tried to be as thorough as possible, but I might have missed some. Without further ado, here’s the the list.

Super Smash Brothers 64:

Considered: Planned: Scrapped:
Mewtwo Bowser
DededeRacing Mini Game

 The first game in the series, Super Smash Brothers 64 was developed with a low-budget, and few staff members. Even though it seems common sense now, Smash was not seen as a promising franchise as Nintendo was wary that people would not enjoy a crossover fighting game featuring their mascots. Furthermore, Masahiro Sakurai attempted to revolutionize the fighting genre as he got rid of complex button inputs and lifebars.

Ganondorf wasn’t considered for 64, but I couldn’t help but include this amazing piece of art.

Since Smash 64 had limited resources, there are characters that were planned, but did not made it into the final game. Bowser, Mewtwo and Dedede were confirmed by Sakurai himself when conducting a hypothetical, “If there was a Smash 2” poll (Japanese Source Here). There likely are additional characters planned but, as far as I know, no hard evidence for any other characters exist. Sakurai confirmed that Bowser and Dedede were being worked on for about half of the development of Smash 64 in a Smash 2 response. It’s unknown whether Mewtwo had any work done on him.

The information about the cut racing mini-game can be found here. No additional information is known at this time.

Possible Misinformation:

Sakurai planning Sigurd for Smash 64, seems to be an unfounded rumor. No official sources could be found, making this pure speculation. Fire Emblem is the only non-64 series to receive their own breakdown in the Smash 2 polls, which guaranteed Marth, and eventually Roy’s inclusion in Melee.

Meowth was probably not planned for Smash 64. I found no reference in any of the e-mail responses, despite claims that he was scrapped in favor of Jigglypuff. People tend to forget that Jigglypuff was popular due to her role in the anime at the time.

Pit in Smash 64 being dropped because they couldn’t get his wings working seems to be an untrue rumor. If this was true, I believe we would have heard about it during Brawl, which I’ve been unable to find a source on.

Super Smash Brothers Melee:


Considered: Planned: Scrapped:
Saki Amamiya
Mach Rider
Ayumi Tachibana
Banjo and Kazooie
James Bond
Balloon Fighter
Urban Champion
Sprout Tower (Stage)
Summit (Stage)
Sukapon (Item)
Kingdom of Akaneia (Stage)

Late in the development, the clone characters, Dr. Mario, Roy, Young Link and Pichu were added. Interestingly, Ganondorf was the last character in, and was extremely ‘lucky’ to make it as he was not originally planned. Since Captain Falcon’s model and moveset fit, and because of his popularity in the Smash 2 polls, Sakurai decided to add him in at last minute.

Additional characters were most likely considered, as Sakurai had the Smash 2 poll data. I’ve only included characters that were outright confirmed by Sakurai, or have an interesting history.


Sakurai was asked by a fan what character he would like to see in Smash 2, and Mach Rider was the response he gave. He was most likely joking though, as he said he ‘wanted to include him based on his funny name’.  In an earlier response, he does say that his generation turns to Mach Rider or Takamaru. However, it’s unknown how much consideration was actually given into these characters as he outright stated that Takamaru’s chances of appearing in Smash 2 were low .

A Sin and Punishment character (Most likely Saki) was very briefly considered for Melee (Japanese). In his comment, Sakurai stated that he had no plans for a Sin and Punishment character, as a moveset did not come natural when thinking of a character.

Toad was at least considered for Melee. Not only was he ranked 9th on the Smash 2 polls, but Sakurai also said that he expected Toad to appear in Smash 2 in a reader response. Sakurai used the word “appear/ come out” and not “join the battle”/ “join the roster”; so it’s unknown how likely a candidate Toad was during Melee’s development. Like Wario, it is possible that he was dropped in favor of less Mario representation.

Ayumi Tachibana, one of the main characters in Famicom Tantei Club, was confirmed to have been considered for Melee during a recent NicoNico interview. Sakurai decided not to include her in the final roster plan, as she lacked familiarity abroad. In the Melee emails (Japanese), Sakurai stated that without a new release in the series, Ayumi Tachibana probably wouldn’t join Smash Brothers.

In an e-mail response asking about including a character from Rare (Japanese), Sakurai stated that it was difficult to include a character from Rare for various reasons. While some may see Banjo and Kazooie’s inclusion as natural, they couldn’t make it in due to ‘adult circumstances’ (This most likely means copyright).

In a similar vein, James Bond was considered for Melee. Again, “adult circumstances” led to him not being included. Sakurai actually lists the reasons here (Japanese). The reasons are: Can’t have realistic guns in the game. Can’t use the actor’s likeness. Since the game is originally based on a movie, the copyright won’t go through. Lastly, it’s owned by Rare.

Ice Climbers were chosen as Melee’s retro representation. In one of the Smash 2 e-mails, Sakurai discussed how important it is to have a wide selection of characters in order to appeal to the various demographics. When the Ice Climbers got their Japanese Melee character page, Sakurai included other characters that were considered for the Ice Climbers spot. These include Balloon Fighter, Urban Champion, Bubbles (from Clu Clu Land) and Excitebike.

Not a character, but Sprout Tower was considered for a stage at the start of Melee’s development (Japanese). Summit (Ice Climbers) was also considered (Japanese). Interestingly, ICETOP is a name of a cut stage. Reportedly, it can be loaded but it’s Icicle Mountain without music.

Planned and Scrapped:

During Melee’s development, Kojima (at his son’s request), asked Sakurai if Solid Snake could be in the game. Since Melee was pretty far into development, adding Snake was impossible. When starting Brawl’s development, Sakurai then asked Kojima if Snake could join the battle.

The source for Sonic being planned for Melee Edge magazine in Australia. Yuji Naka spilled the beans on Sonic’s possible inclusion in Melee. In it, Yuji Naka states that it was very close to happening, but because of time constraints, it was impossible. However it, “left the door open for future collaborations”.

Here’s the source information for for the magazine:
Edge Magazine (Australia Edition) Issue 04 (January 2005)
Author:Future Publishing
Subject:Edge Magazine (Australia Edition);

was planned for Melee. Sakurai has mentioned that he was concerned with overrepresentation of certain series, so some characters that were planned got dropped. Wario was the 3rd most popular character on the Smash 2 ballots (After Bowser and Peach). On a Melee site, Sakurai stated that if he had the time to add one more character, he would have added Wario (Japanese). See possible misinformation for additional information on Wario.

Lucas was planned for inclusion in Melee. However, due to Mother 3 being in development hell, Ness was brought back. This is outright confirmed on Ness’ Japanese character page for Melee (Japanese) and in a reply by Sakurai.

was going to be an item in Melee (Japanese).  Sakurai mentioned Sukapon twice in the reader response. He says that Sukapon was cut because of “adult matters”, and that players would’ve been able to ride Sukapon. The bonus text relating to Sukapon was on the site, but it has since been deleted. Unfortunately, the Melee site didn’t allow it to be archived, so we don’t know how many points the bonus would have given. Since Sakurai said “adult matters” it’s plausible that there were legal complications which lead to Sukapon being cut entirely. I found a Japanese blog, supposedly written by someone who worked on Joy Mecha Fight, that stated that the contract for the game was lost, which is the reason Sukapon was cut. The contract was found, hence the Virtual Console release in Japan. It’s unknown the actual validity of the blog.

Not a character, but Kingdom of Akaneia (Fire Emblem) was scrapped from Melee (Japanese)’s stages. It was going to have machines that threw stones at the castle, and have appearances from a dragon and a sorcerer. Due to various circumstances it was cut. AKANEIA was found in the debug menu of Melee, and trying to access it crashes the game. Furthermore, the game’s Fire Emblem track is named AKANEIA.

Luigi’s plan in Melee was decided before Sakurai knew about Luigi’s Mansion (Japanese). His high pitch voice is based off of Mario Kart. “Assist Capsules” were thought of during Melee’s development but were removed for an unknown reason (Japanese). Giga Bowser was made as a reaction towards Bowser’s modern design. Sakurai notes that the old Bowser was really scary, and he wanted to incorporate that. However, since the design has changed, he had no choice but to include the modern version as a playable character (Japanese).

Venusaur, along with other Pokemon, were originally going to appear on Pokemon Stadium (Like Saffron City in 64) (Japanese).

Fire Emblem trophies were planned for the game, but they were too complex so they were not a priority (Japanese).


Update:I got in contact with the original poster for the following information. After careful consideration, we both determined that the information was illegitimate. Therefore, anything from the original post is open to debate as some parts of it are purely speculative.

Not all characters that appeared in the intro movie for Melee were intended to join the fight according to the Japanese official site. Sorry Ridley, Wolf and Samurai Goroh fans.

There is no reliable source for Wario actually being seriously, “considered for a Mario clone but he deserved better”. In addition, I haven’t been able to find hard sources on Japanese character discussion. Sakurai did say, “If I cut all the clone characters, I wouldn’t have been able to even add one new character. However, I could have made Wario using the same body shape and attacks as Mario” (Japanese). He also states that if he cut Roy and Marth or Mewtwo, he might have been able to add Wario, but the Mario representation was too much (Japanese). There’s nothing there that says Wario was cut for deserving better.

Dedede being next in line, or Sakurai choosing between Dedede and the clones, might also be false information. No Japanese sources exist for this comment. Considering that it Sakurai has stated that there was no option between one new character, or the clones in the Melee polls, I’m leaning towards this being false.

Wolf as a Fox clone might also be misinformation. The only source I’ve been able to find is a Neogaf user, who has since been banned. He claims that the information came from a Famitsu article, but provided no scans nor the date of the article. This was said by the same guy that claimed Wario was considered as a Mario clone. Based on Sakurai’s comments about not all characters in the opening movie being planned, and the questionable legitimacy of that user, I believe that this accusation is false. Sakurai mentioned that Peppy’s voice actor was wondering if Peppy was going to be a playable character. Afterwards, he mentioned that fans would really like to see the Starfox team complete (Japanese).

Super Smash Brawl:

At GDC 2008, Sakurai stated that a lot of characters were originally planned, but also many were scrapped so that they could focus on, ‘balancing series representation and making each character unique’.

Brawl’s character selection was essentially completed by July 7th, 2005. The only exception was Sonic, as he was a late addition to the game (Japanese). Sonic was added due to his overwhelming popularity in the ballots (Mainly from the West). This means that characters like Wolf, Toon Link, and possibly Jigglypuff might have dropped at one point from development.  For additional information about Brawl’s development, check out DarkErmac’s comments on reddit for additional information about this theory.

UPDATESonic was planned from the very beginning. However, Sega initially refused to have the hedgehog join the fight.

“Early on, Nintendo asked SEGA if Sonic could be included in the game, but the Haneda company refused. It was only later, when the development of Super Smash Bros. Brawl was nearly finished,
that SEGA changed its mind. This is why the game’s release was delayed.”

History of Sonic, page 210.
Thanks to Sur and Naoshi for providing the quote and source.

Just like Melee, additional characters were surely considered as Sakurai had the results from the Smash 3 ballots. The official site for Brawl was completely replaced by Smash 4’s site. Luckily, I was able to capture all of the poll results by using the Wayback Machine.

Considered: Planned: Scrapped:
Blastoise (Pokemon Trainer)
Mii Fighters
Confirmed: Dr. Mario, Mewtwo, Roy, Dixie.Highly Likely: Toon Zelda/ Toon Sheik.
Speculated: Plusle and Minun


Takamaru – Brawl response #71, #121, #139, #165, #284 all argue that Takamaru should be a playable character, but Sakurai did not give a  response. Flip at NinDB posted:

If the GBA port of Nazo no Murasame sells well, then I will consider Takamaru.
In the same paragraph, he mentions that the GBA port of Kid Icarus was the final deciding factor in the inclusion of Pit as well. He knew Pit was popular, but he didn’t think he could be a “top-seller.” Lo and behold, Kid Icarus was the number one selling title in the Famicom Mini Series and thus Pit was included.

However, I’ve been unable to find the original source of this comment. Additional help finding this source would be appreciated.

Sakurai stated that finding representatives from new series was difficult as many of the characters did not have the fighting spirit, despite being really popular. The Villager and Nintendogs were explicitly named in an Iwata Asks. Most likely, they were only briefly considered.

In the previously mentioned interview (Japanese), Sakurai stated that Blastoise was briefly considered for Pokemon Trainer. However, he felt that having a representation for each of the stages of evolution would really balance the character out.

Pac-Man was briefly considered. Sakurai stated that Miyamoto approached him with the idea, but Sakurai thought it was a little “far-fetched”.

Mii-Fighters were also briefly considered, but Sakurai decided against it.

In a Nintendo Power Article, Sakurai said that “Ridley would be impossible”, “very slow”,and that the team would have to work very hard in order to make him work as a playable character. Interestingly, Ridley was possibly going to be an assist trophy, as leftover data has been found. His role as an assist trophy was most likely changed to a boss role during development.


AKA: The forbidden seven.

Of the characters with leftover data, Mewtwo, Roy and Dixie arguably had the most work done on them. Roy has a unique victory fanfare while Mewtwo had a unique victory fanfare and a Wii remote sound. Dixie had a working prototype at one point, as she was originally envisioned to have a tag-team mechanic, just like in Donkey Kong Country 2 (Japanese). However due to complications in programming, she was dropped and Diddy was made into a full character by himself. It’s unknown how far each of these characters got into development, or when they were dropped as the team worked on various aspects of the game at the same time. Since the other three (and arguably Dixie too) have less references to them, it’s plausible that they were dropped earlier in development.

Toon Zelda/ Toon Sheik are obvious from their filenames. However, it’s unknown whether Toon Sheik was actually Tetra or not. It is highly likely that this is the case, as Toon Link’s design was inspired from Wind Waker and Tetra was made to be Wind Waker’s Sheik. Despite this, it is not 100% confirmed as Sakurai has never talked about this character.

Plusle and Minun draw considerable debate within the community. The files are labeled, pra_mai, which kind of corresponds to their Japanese names, PURASURU and MAINAN(プラスル&マイナン). The main point against them is that the Ice Climbers, and the Dixie/Diddy combo, had two separate character files. This could be explained by Plusle and Minun using an unknown mechanic where they weren’t separated. Furthermore, they do not use the Gamefreak localization for their names, nor the original Japanese. Despite this, it’s interesting to note that Plusle and Minun, along with Pichu and Mewtwo, are all special criteria Pokemon trophies in Brawl.

Super Smash 4 3DS/Wii U:

Considered: Planned: Scrapped:
Speculated: a Rhythm Heaven character
Confirmed: Ice Climbers
Speculated: Dr. Mario Stage
Brain Age Stage
Electroplankton Stage
Swapnote Stage

Additional characters were most likely considered. However, I’m only including the characters that Sakurai himself has stated were considered. Like Melee and Brawl, clone characters (Lucina, Dr. Mario and Dark Pit) were added late into development. DLC for Smash 4 was formally announced on April 1st.

Takamaru was (once again) considered as a playable character in Smash 4. In a NicoNico interview with the voice actor for Takamaru, Sakurai mentioned that he briefly considered adding the unique swordsman as a playable character. However, because of lack of name recognition Sakurai decided against it.

Chrom was briefly considered before deciding upon Robin. Robin was picked as he was more unique than Chrom.

Ice Climbers, officially were scrapped due to issues on the 3DS.

Note: This is my personal opinion, and should not be treated as fact. This is open for debate: Personally, I think that 8 Player Smash might have also played a role in them getting scrapped, despite claims by Sakurai saying they were working on the Wii U. This is because many of the 8 Player stages have removed components which require some artificial intelligence (A.I.). These include boss characters, stages with breakable walls, and even background effects. I believe that that the team could not make 8 Nana’s A.Is. work on many stages. It’s also interesting to note that some characters like Wii Fit Trainer actually have less bones in 8-Player Smash. This causes her thumbs up pose to look a little different– depending on what mode you are playing.

It is speculated that a Rhythm Heaven character was scrapped. This is due to the order of the emblem database that I uncovered while digging through the files. No additional files for the character were found, thus it is a mystery which representative would have been chosen and how long they were being developed. According to the Gematsu leaker, this would have been the Chorus Men. This is a very hot topic within the Smash community.The next article that I’m working on is an in-depth discussion about the potential validity of the Gematsu leaks.

Numerous stage references were found in the Wii U files. These are all speculated, but it’s assumed that Dr. Mario was going to have a home stage (with the Virus’ as boss characters) Furthermore, Brain Age had a blank emblem file present in the Wii U. It’s speculated that this file would have been used on the stage select screen. Furthermore, a reference to the emblem still exists in the emblem database (brainage).  Electroplankton? (Plankton) has an emblem reference, and so does “diary”. “diary” is speculated to be a Swapnote Stage, as いつの間に交換日記 (Literally: Exchanging Diary over Spotpass) is the Japanese name. However, no further evidence seems to exist to confirm or deny these theories. It’s also unknown if all these stages were planned for the Wii U version, or if they are leftover data from the 3DS version.


I believe I provided a comprehensive list of all the unused characters in each of the Smash Brothers game. Please let me know if I made any mistakes or if you guys find additional sources. I will not accept information without legitimate attribution. Special thanks to Flip at NinDB, and Sir llpalazzo at Starman for laying the groundwork for this post. Additional thanks to Spazzy_D (Check out his amazing DLC article) and Frostwraith for giving me suggestions. I spent over 20 hours researching and writing this post so give me a shot out on Twitter. Stay tuned for more great content at Source Gaming.

Who Does PushDustIn Support for Smash DLC?

Check out SmashChu’s thoughts!

I’m not including characters already in the game. Takamaru, Waluigi, Ridley, etc. I believe these characters have a chance for Smash 5, but I seriously doubt they will make it in as DLC. I’m also convinced that Wolf will be announced during E3, along with a “Season Pass”, as they have not announced Lucas’ release date nor pricing.

One of the best points of Smash 4, was how many new series were given player character representation in the game. Personally, I would like to see them continue to draw from new, unique IPs in order to give us really unique characters–both in play-style and art-style. I also take into great consideration on how I believe Sakurai chooses characters.

My overall top three choices:

Chorus Men – I believe these guys have the best shot. Also, I would really like to see them.
I’m even more convinced of Gematsu Leaks, as they actually do have an aggressive DLC plan. Furthermore, I found a series reference to rhythm in the emblem database in the Wii U version of the game. The order of the database strongly suggests that they were planned characters. In addition, they do have a new game coming out in the summer (In Japan), so I think Nintendo will announce a digital release of the new Rhythm Heaven game at E3 (Along with the Chorus Men as playable DLC in Smash). If they do not make it into Smash, then they will surely by in the next game, as Rhythm Heaven is a huge Nintendo IP.

Potential Issues: They were cut/ moved to DLC for a reason. Perhaps the development team ran into issues realizing the concept. Many people claim that since the Ice Climbers had to be cut because of the limitations with the 3DS/ potentially 8-player Smash in Wii U, that the Chorus Men would make no sense. I believe that if the Chorus Men are playable, that the other two members wouldn’t have an AI like Nana. For starters, an AI controlled Chorus Men would actually not be representative of the games. Rhythm Heaven, like the name implies, is focused on rhythm, so they would have a moveset based on that. It makes the most sense for the player to control the 1st Chorus Man. The other two would do their attack after a certain amount of time. The player controlled Chorus Man might be in the background of the stage, like Pokemon Trainer.

Inkling– Runner up. Would really love to see him/her in the game.
The Inkling has huge support online, and many people are insanely hyped for Splatoon. The game has a great art style, and a unique play-style to boot.When Splatoon was announced, Nintendo received tons of fan art. Splatoon seems to be a major IP for Nintendo, as they are releasing amiibos, and have included hats in the new Mii Plaza update. The gameplay is unique, and everyone who has played it says it’s really fun. I could easily imagine an inspired moveset with this character. Lastly, they could have different outfits/ gender as alts. The series, like Pikmin before it, has a great future.

Potential Issues: The game is so new. Pikmin and Captain Olimar weren’t included with Melee (He did get in as trophy), even though that was a new major IP. I think if enough fans request the Inkling, his/her chances will greatly increase. I’m not sure if the game could handle 8 players shooting ink all over the map, if that was part of the move-set, but I’m sure Sakurai could figure something out.

Professor Layton has a good chance. His series has been exclusive on the DS and 3DS, and has widespread popularity and recognition even among non-hardcore gamers. His series has inspired an anime movie, manga and even novels in Japan. Furthermore, his series is extremely successful and still relevant. I haven’t played any of Professor Layton games, but they are also extremely well received. The only major hurdle to his inclusion is the fact that his games aren’t made by Nintendo (Level-5 develops them). However, Nintendo has published his games, and has a good relationship with Level-5.

Honorable Mentions:

Wonder Red– Extremely popular on Neogaf, and Twitter. Kamiya is friends with Sakurai which would help his inclusion. Music and trophies from the game already appear in Smash 4. The main issue is that there are no plans to develop a sequel. Kamiya may revisit the franchise, but it didn’t sell that well. I don’t think Sakurai will include a newcomer from a game that isn’t going to turn into a series. I think he would be great, and bring a unique playstyle to the cast.

Paper Mario – Another Mario!?
I enjoy the Paper Mario series. They are fun, charming games. I would love to see an inspired Paper Mario character in the game, and I think it’s about time for the series to have full representation. However, I feel that Paper Mario–by himself is not iconic enough. If I show people a picture of Paper Mario, they will likely say “Mario”, and not “Paper Mario”. Dr. Mario does not have this issue. Paper Mario only distinguishes himself from regular Mario through movement and his world. My suggestion to the Paper Mario support group on SmashBoards was to get behind a partner combination. Personally, I believe that the fairy from the Wii version would make the most sense. While not the best game in the series, the Tippi would allow Paper Mario to change into various forms (like a paper airplane) for some of his moves.

Chibi- Robo– one of my most wanted newcomer/new series rep, but he has a lot of issues.
First is his size (too small for Smash!). He’s known as really small character, even in his game. While Olimar is actually really small, he appears normal size in the game, and appears on alien planets. Chibi-Robo, like its name suggests is a small servant and interacts with “giant” humans within the game. As much as it pains me to say it, he would probably work better as an assist trophy.

Non-New Series:
King K. Rool/ Dixie (One):
I feel that the Donkey Kong series should get another player character, but I’m not sure which one. I’m leaning a bit more towards King K. Rool overall, as there would be more variety in appearances among the DK series (And I really like his voice in DK64– yeah! Thank you!). But, I think Dixie could really use her hair for a unique play style and might have better recognition among people in general.

Toad/ Captain Toad:
Highly recognizable. The only potential drawback is that Toad already uses a Toad in her moveset. Captain Toad, however, is a recurring character in the Mario universe and does have his own game. His lack of jumping in his normal game might be seen an issue, but the creator said that he can’t jump because of his heavy backpack. Therefore having a move set based on having a backpack with tolls available (and not being able to jump) versus not having tools available (but being able to jump) could be really interesting.

Jimmy __ or 9-volt:
I love the Warioware series. I like Wario Land more, but I think it will be awhile until we same a true Wario Land style game. I don’t think these characters have a good chance of getting in, but they would be interesting.

Jimmy is a great character from the Warioware series, who could be an interesting fighter. Not as popular as Ashley, but Ashley is already in the game as an assist trophy.

9-volt would be a great meta character, as he could use Nintendo hardware for his moveset. His Final Smash could cause the game to “crash”.

We need a new Advance Wars game for this to happen (We also just need one in general!). With no new games in a while, his chances are pretty low in my opinion.

Maybe in Smash 5 category. Retro characters:

The next three are all sports related. Currently, there are no sports-themed characters in the roster, and these types of games are important to Nintendo’s history. However, I don’t think these characters will push the DLC sales, so I don’t think they will be chosen.

Ice Hockey (NES) or  Golf (NES) – Another Mario!?!
These characters would use their respective sports equipment to fight. Golf was one of the highest selling games on the NES (and Mario got an alt based on it), which increases its’ chances.

Kensuke Kimachi – From 1080 Snowboarding.
The series is basically dead, which makes him a very unlikely choice. He was featured as a trophy in Melee, and music from the series was picked for Brawl…but I don’t think anything from 1080 has made it into Sm4sh. Would work better as an assist trophy.

Perception of Smash DLC in Japan:

I held a Smash Poll before the DLC was announced. Check out the results here. Also, follow me on Twitter for more updates.


After the Rayman Leak, some users on Smashboards asked me to look into the general attitude of Smash DLC in Japan, and what characters are being requested. After looking into it for the last couple of days, I’d like to share the results. I was quite surprised on how similar opinions were, with some minor differences.

The latest fake Rayman leak is still seeing highly popular new  user created content on English Miiverse, while the Japanese community has mostly ignored it, and instead has kept posting about Valentine’s Day. It makes sense as the leak largely impacted the Western community. Also, as I showed in my previous post, some Japanese gamers were a little confused on who Rayman was. I further prove this, as Rayman has not been requested by many Japanese gamers.

In order to gather the character data, I looked on a wide variety of websites and manually counted references to characters. It’s not totally inclusive; as I’m sure I missed a lot of opinions. I collected over 430 “votes”, and 131 unique characters. In instances where the comment stated that they wanted a group of characters back (such as all the cut veterans), I added +1 to every character that it applied to. Please note, that I looked for posts/ sites/ tweets that were posted before the Rayman “leak”. I didn’t count any references to Mewtwo.

The Data:

(An earlier version of this post had an incorrect overall graph)

Here’s the ranking (Note, there are a lot of “ties”). Characters grouped with the same color have the same number of “votes”.

リュカ Lucas
ウルフ Wolf
スネーク Snake
アイスクライマー Ice Climber
ロイ Roy
ピチュー Pichu
キングクルール King K. Rool
クリスタル Krystal
ディクシー Dixie
ペーパーマリオ Paper Mario
カスタムロボ Custom Robo
デイジー姫 Daisy
ワドルディ Waddle Dee
ロビン Isaac
ゴエモン Goemon
天国 R. Heaven
ジバニャン Jibanyan
ジーノ Geno
いか娘 Inkling
アルル・ナジャ Arle Nadja
ロクマンゼロ Megaman Zero
リュウ Ryu
ボンバーマン Bomberman
フシギソウ Ivysaur
ゼニガメ Squirtle
クロノア Klonoa
クラッシュ・バンディクー Crash Bandicoot
キノピオ Toad
ワルキューレ Valkyrie
レオン Leon
ブラックシャドー Black Shadow
ビューティフルジョーViewtiful Joe
バンジョー&カズーイ Banjo and Kazooie
テイルズ Tales Character
ちびロボ Chibi Robo
ゾロアーク Zoroark
スカポン Sukapon
ジュカイン Sceptile
アシュリー Ashley
ワルイージ Waluigi
レイマン Rayman
ミカヤ Mikaya (FE)
マロ Maro (Super Mario RPG)
マグナ Magmun (Kid Icarus)
ベヨネッタ (Bayonetta)
ヒルダ姫 Princess Zelda
シャドウ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Shadow the Hedgehog
ザンギエフ Zangief (Street Fighter)
サーリャ Tharja(FE)
キャサリン Birdo
カメックス Blastoise
エンデ Pandora’s Tower character
ウェアホッグ Werehog (Sonic)
アイアイ AiAi (Super Monkey Ball)
鷹丸 Takamaru
シレン Shiren



Japan loves their cut veterans. The clear majority of requests are for cut veterans. The top six are all veterans.
Here’s a graph that shows veteran support when compared to each other.

The most requested veteran is Lucas. Some users worried about the lack of an official localization for Mother 3, as it could hurt his chances for being marketable. However, the majority of users were pretty positive about his chances and quite “feverish”.

In second place is Wolf. Like Lucas he is a fan favorite. Some users have cited the upcoming Star Fox Wii U game as improving his chances. ChronoBound, who worked on the original, “Most Wanted Characters in Japan” post has stated that Wolf was highly requested pre-Brawl in Japan.

Snake landed in third place. Some worried about the lack of Konami support as hurting his chances with coming back. However, his unique moveset is missed. One poster suggested a soldier from Advance Wars taking on Snake‘s moveset.

Ice Climber(s) lands in fourth place.  Ice Climbers were cut due to issues with the 3DS hardware. Some posters suggested that they should only come back for the Wii U version (the DLC roster doesn’t have to be the same), while others have suggested that Nana and Popo should be costumes of each other, and the pair gimmick should be scrapped. I believe if it wasn’t for the 3DS hardware limitations, they would have a serious shot at being #1.

Roy is in fifth place. Since I focused my information collecting on post-release results, I believe Lucina might have damaged his standings a bit. Some posters joked that “Roy” was already in the game. (Get it!?)

Ivysaur and Squirtle were shown less love than the other cut veterans, even Pichu. Anytime the former were mentioned, they were mentioned in together. Some posters mentioned that since the Pokemon Trainer wasn’t going to come back, Ivysaur and Squirtle had a low chance of returning.  A lot of posters claim, ‘nostalgia’ for Pichu. I think Dr. Mario’s return to Smash 4 has helped Pichu‘s popularity in addition to his “cuteness”.  In the same vein, Young Link did not make it in the top percent at all. Other suggestions of Link were Midna + Wolf Link and Link who uses Masks.

“A/B Ranked” Newcomers:

King K. Rool
had the most outcry. I saw some discussion on whether or not Nintendo actually had control over the King’s copyright (they do).  A lot of posters noted that the Super Nintendo/ Famicon versions of Donkey Kong are high sellers, and that he has popularity abroad. Also, the Kremlins appearing in Smash Run has helped. King K. Rool has had steady popularity in Japan, and has been requested for awhile.

Paper Mario and Custom Robo have pretty sizable support. I think the Paper Mario stage in the 3DS helped bring support for Paper Mario. There seems to be a lot of debate about the potential Custom Robot inclusion as the series isn’t popular outside of Japan and hasn’t had a new game for a couple of years.

Krystal has some support, and is ranked higher on the mention list…but honestly I don’t really see it as “feverish” as the other characters. Usually she just pops up in a list with no justification.

Ridley also had some support. However, after he was revealed to be a boss character in the Wii U version, his support dropped.

Daisy has quite a bite of “feverish” support. Saw some posts of people being disappointed that Rosalina made it into Smash before Daisy.

Waddle Dee has about the same level of support as Daisy and Goemon, but some posters felt that the Kirby representation was okay as it is.

Goemon – Some posters feel that Goemon represents Konami better than Snake. However, the clear majority of posters still want Snake back. Goemon‘s lack of popularity abroad also hurts his chances.

“C/D Ranked” Newcomers:

These newcomers were mentioned, but didn’t really have “strong” support. However, the frequency of their mentions were noteworthy higher than other characters.

A Rhythm Heaven character was requested from time to time. The Gematsu Leak was translated into Japanese, but I don’t think it spread as much as it did in the West.

Geno is still getting requests. Maro was also requested. But not as much. His lack of new game hurts his chances, but fans still remember Geno.

The Inkling from Splatoon has seen some recent popularity. I think after the game is released, we will see more Japanese fans wanting her as a lot of people in Japan think she is cute.

Arle Nadja from Puyo Puyo was somewhat requested. One of the posts that mentioned her, admitted that her chances were low because of low worldwide recognition.

Ryu from Street Fighter was also requested.

Bomberman was requested.

Klonoa has his fans. Like Crystal, he was mainly just mentioned.

Surprisingly Crash Bandicoot got some mentions. Personally, I think of Crash Bandicoot as a PlayStation character, but some users really enjoyed the games.  Some arguments erupted over him fitting into Smash or not.

Toad has also got his fair share of mentions. Some of mentioned Captain Toad, but I haven’t really seen an increase in a call since Captain Toad was released.

Closing Thoughts:

Not much has changed since ChronoBound’s observations. The inclusion of some characters, like Shulk was widely celebrated, while Japanese gamers seem hurt that characters were again axed. With the inclusion of Chrom as Robin’s Final Smash, his popularity decreased a little bit. I saw some requests for Zoroark, but i think the return of Mewtwo satisfied fan’s desires for a DLC Pokemon representative.  Roy still has feverish support, but I think Lucina‘s inclusion killed some of the hype.

Let me know in the comments below if you guys have any additional questions, or if you would like me to investigate a particular character. If I get a lot of requests, I will write a follow up post.

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