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Indie Representation in Smash:

Warning: This article is my personal opinion!

Social media is currently on fire, as many indie fans and developers are feverishly supporting their characters to be included as Sm4sh DLC. As of right now, there are four main contenders.

Commander Video:

Commander Video’s trophy was only revealed in the American Nintendo Direct (His trophy segment was not featured in the Japanese Direct). Has a full release on both the Wii and 3DS. He is almost synonymous with the word Indie because of his numerous cross-overs/ references in other indie games.

Had a game released on the Game Boy Color. I haven’t played any of her games, and I’m unfamiliar with her creator. I know that her newest game is multi-platform. The first time I ran into this character was through Smash speculation, if that means anything.

From Cave Story. One of the first mainstream indie games, and has a full physical release on the 3DS. The original developer, Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya is Japanese, which would help his chances. As far as Cave Story goes, it is an incredibly unique game, and have been released on a ton of platforms– multiple times.

Shovel Knight:
Probably has the most support right now due to his beautiful Smashified, but I see his chances very low. The main reason is that his game has not been released in Japan yet. Furthermore, while Shovel Knight is a great game, it doesn’t have legacy like the other characters do. 3rd party characters need legacy, and within indie legacy Shovel Knight has the least in this short list.

Personally, I believe none of these guys have a chance of getting in as Sm4sh DLC. (Read about how I think Sakurai picks the roster here, for a more indepth reason) I’m also suspicious that some are using the poll in order to advertise their characters/ franchise in general–especially Shantae as Way Forward include their Kickstarter link while including hashtags for Smash. The Western indie scene is really behind in Japan. In the latest Nintendo Direct, they featured Little Inferno and The Swapper– games that came out 2-3 years ago in the West.

Furthermore, they are not iconic like Pac-man, Sonic, Megaman or Snake. There’s tons of 3rd party characters that are way more iconic than these characters. If Nintendo wanted to show support for Indie titles, then they should include more trophies for various indie titles, or even assist trophies. But playable characters are on a whole different level. Indie games have a steep up-hill battle to climb to even be considered.

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Then, bash my choices here.