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A Short F.A.Q. for the last few D.A.Y.S.

There’s been an influx of new information over the past few days. In particular, Sakurai has released two new books, and Sakurai’s latest Famitsu article: Ryu, Roy and Lucas join the Battle! which was translated by Soma.  With this, I’ve seen some misinformation about both of these topics, so I figured I would address them head on. Also, this will give some insight in how Source Gaming operates, so it’s well worth the read.

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The End of Smash DLC

Ryu, Roy and Lucas have finally joined the battle! Many fans were surprised to see all three characters released at the same time. Everyone immediately became excited with the idea that DLC will continue to be pumped out for “Smash for 3DS/Wii U” until Sakurai’s arms really do fall off. Today, I’m here to crush those dreams, and offer a much more realistic view of Smash DLC. I’m so sorry.

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Profiting from Inkling

One of the most talked about characters for Smash 4 DLC are the Inklings from Splatoon. Even before the game’s release, fans were begging and pleading for their inclusion. After Splatoon’s launch, the game’s Miiverse is filled with comments and images asking for the characters to be playable.

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Miiverse Translations Week 2

Click on the Miiverse category to see additional translations! Thanks again to BluePikmin11 for sending these my way.



Reasons why “Mr. Smash Ball” is a popular topic among the ladies:

*He’s noticeable even when he’s not doing anything.
*It’s really cute when he floats (softly) in the air.
*But he strikes really hard
*(When he has an aura around him, he’s really dangerous
*He lends his power at the critical moment. And you can request it.
Robin: I wonder who I should vote for the new fighter…
Robin: Fighters like Bandana Waddle Dee or King K. Rool seem to be really popular…
Chrom: It seems that you are lost…

Here’s a follow up post by the same author:

For a long time (she’s?) been been delegated to Peach’s alt so she couldn’t join the battle…
Daisy: …
Don’t easily dismiss Princess Daisy either!

Pac-Man: Hey…even in invisible Smash you can’t even see everyone’s clothes.
Pac-Man: I wonder why?
Mewtwo: Since it’s been a long time since I battle I have a headache…
Dr. Mario: Well, that’s because of that
Dr. Mario: That is Mew’s pain


Ranto is part of Super Smash Brother’s name in Japanese.

Mew: Whats the matter big poo?
Mewtwo: Little poo, don’t get close to this toilet!
Water that fights against bacterial flows out.
Mew: Really?
Mew: What an awful toilet…

If the Chorus Men were in…
All together now!
Chorus Men using Off Waves (One of Tabuu’s moves)?

Palutena: Yet again, I’m faced against weaklings in the battlefield


MewThree joins the battle!?

The current state in 2015.
(Note, this poster says this is who he sees from each region online. It’s also not a popular post in the Japanese Smash Miiverse at all)

Ninten is singing the song!

Gaur Fields
Shulk: What are you doing at a place like this Jigglypuff?
Jigglypuff: WAAAAA! Shulk changed clothes while walking!!!

I can change my clothes too! (A parody of “I can change the future”)

Shilk: Jigglypuff…


Chrom Joins the Battle! HEY LET ME JOIN!


The battling princess

There’s Sigma..!!
(<- Him)
Sigma: Today will be the day that you will stop breathing
Pigma: I’ve kept you two waiting…hahaha
Zero: Exe, how would you like fried pork for dinner tonight
Exe: Well…

Villager: Because my opponent is frightening, I’m going to to fling this thing at them. After all, I am a Virgo.
Nook: A virgo?


I opened the party ball before the official celebration with my telepathy.

4/15 advanced distribution.


This is just a drawing of the error code 107-3117. This error-code displayed if you tried downloading Mewtwo before his actual release.

Here I am, battling such a pathetic weakling.
Your friend, Loid (From Earthbound 0. Pun on ‘Roy’)
Loid: You can rest here my friend.
Ness: There’s something different…

Little Mac: Just like Mario or Captain Falcon’s game…let’s have a racing game with all of our characters.
Doc Louis: but all our members are boxers…


Ness…my friend…
M.T. Mewtwo
(The title is a parody of Monday Late Show, a variety show)
Villager, the bachelor, who lives his life with a preference on turnips.


An investigation on the Villager’s secret.


DLC Econ 101: DLC and Diminishing Marginal Utility

With Nintendo adding DLC to the newest Smash Brothers game, I wanted to take some time and look at the economics behind this. This is the first in a series of article to explore DLC for Smash Bros and how economic theories affect the company’s decisions.

With DLC in Smash, a deep-seated dream of an ever expanding roster may now be realized, and fans will be clamoring for every character under the sun. It may seem like Sakurai could make millions of characters, and fans are so feverish that Nintendo could profit from these millions of characters. Regardless of what we may believe, Sakurai will be limited on the number of characters he can make. On one hand, there just isn’t enough time in the day to make that number of characters. Even still, if Sakurai could fulfill every hope and dream, the greatest limiting factor to making characters is the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

What then, is the Law of Diminishing Utility? Investopedia defines it as “A law of economics stating that as a person increases consumption of a product – while keeping consumption of other products constant – there is a decline in the marginal utility that person derives from consuming each additional unit of that product.” In other words, the more you consume, the less you like it the second time. The best example is food. Say you are eating Ice Cream. Like any self respecting human, you love ice cream. The first one you have really satisfies you, which we refer to as “utility.” You like it so much, you have another. This time, you didn’t like it as much, but it’s still good. So you have another, and another. As you keep eating ice cream, you don’t like it as much. Eventually, it makes you sick, which we refer to as negative utility.

So how does this relate to DLC? Naturally, with each DLC character that is added, marginal utility (the satisfaction from each additional unit) declines. That is, we get less and less enjoyment for each new addition, and, from Nintendo’s standpoint, spend less and less money. Even though fans were excited for Lucas’s inclusion, it may not have been as exciting as Mewtwo’s inclusion. The benefit we derive from DLC declines as more content is added. If Nintendo abuses DLC, consumers could reach a point of “negative utility,” where we resent the DLC and even become hostile towards it.

So the questions remains, how much DLC does Nintendo make? Marginal Utility is hard to estimate. It is almost impossible to quantify because marginal utility is unique from person to person. This is where the ballot comes in. The ballot is actually a sneaky way to get consumers to willingly give Nintendo this information. The more unique responses Nintendo gets from the ballot, the more DLC they can produce. If Nintendo gets a significant amount of responses, this means consumers are warm to DLC and marginal utility, that is, the utility for each additional character, is low. Each additional character Nintendo adds diminishes utility no matter what. Since fans tell Nintendo exactly who they want, they can determine which characters to focus their limited resources on.

Even with this data, it may be hard to determine when Nintendo should stop or keep going. As I mentioned in my predictions, I expect Nintendo will do at least 4 additional characters. Based on reactions from fans to Lucas and Mewtwo, it seems that fans are very open to DLC characters and marginal utility will decline at a slower rate. In the end, we’ll have to wait and see how much additional content Nintendo will make and how much fans are willing to purchase it. In the end, there are multiple reasons why Nintendo will or wont produce DLC characters. Economics is still a good start.

Please leave any comments or questions in the comments. I will be doing more on DLC in the near future.


Smash DLC Japanese Ballot Translations

Greetings, fellow Smashers! I’ve read a fair number of Smash Ballot submissions in English, and it got me wondering what kind of things people in Japan were writing on their ballots. I picked out a handful of submissions I stumbled across online and translated them for you to read at your leisure. It’s interesting to see how many characters overlap with the Western submissions I’ve read. Likewise, there were also a few rather unusual character choices.

Without further ado, enjoy!

Name: Keita

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Character: Nono

Game: Fire Emblem Awakening

Reason: She’s my wife.

For better or for worse, this “waifu” justification isn’t terribly uncommon. I also couldn’t stand Nowi or Nono in-game, so I’m happy keeping them out of Sm4sh. #TeamGaius

Name: Maimai

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Character: Geno

Game: Super Mario RPG

Reason: I genuinely just want to see Geno come to life in beautiful HD. He also has a wide variety of moves, so I think he would be a really fun character to use.

I’ve browsed a fair number of tweets, and I’m pleasantly surprised to see so many people supporting Geno. (It’s also pretty surprising someone so much younger than me even knows who he is!)

Name: Bluedonbe02

Age: N/A

Gender: N/A

Character: Donbe

Game: Shin Onigashima (Part 2)

Reason: The game’s great music often overshadows its characters, but I’d really love to see Donbe in action.

Bluedonbe02 is correct: the game’s soundtrack is quite nice!

Name: Eiji

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Character: King K. Rool

Game: Donkey Kong Country 2

Reason: Sm4sh didn’t include very many heavy characters, and a big reason why I want K. Rool. If you base him off of his appearance in DKC2, he could turn invisible and stuff. He has a wide variety of moves available to him, so I think he’s definitely cut out for Smash, Mr. Sakurai!

There are a number of “weighty” characters, but in terms of “big and bulky” characters, I guess there really are only a handful in Sm4sh: Bowser, DK, Dedede, and Charizard.

Name: Schneid

Age: 99

Gender: Male

Character: Medicham

Game: Pokémon Series

Reason: First of all, when Medicham Mega Evolves into Mega Medicham, his attack power skyrockets higher than any other Fighting-type Pokémon—even Mega Mewtwo X! In the games, he can unleash a threateningly powerful High Jump Kick. In that sense, I think he naturally makes the perfect representative of the Fighting type. I would love to see him Mega Evolve for his Final Smash.

Secondly, even though Medicham earned a Mega Evolution, he is still unfortunately overlooked. His High Jump Kick proves ineffective against popular Ghost-types like Gengar and Aegislash. Even if you try to cover that weakness with other moves, Pokémon X & Y saw the incredible rise of Talonflame and its Gale Wings. As a result, Fighting-types saw a relative drop in popularity. Boasting massive attack power and nothing more, Mega Medicham was unable to compete against more nimble Fighting-types like Breloom. Instead, everyone reserved their valuable Mega Stone allotment for more powerful Pokémon like Mega Kangaskhan or Mega Gengar.

Thus, I would like you to let Mega Medicham enter the fray and enjoy the spotlight as the strongest character in Smash Bros., just like in the original games. Thanks!

His age is most likely a joke, but I suppose we can’t discount the possibility that Mr. Schneid is actually a seasoned Pokémon veteran.

Name: Azemeru

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Character: Aeron & Elena

Game: Pandora’s Tower

Reason: They showed up as trophies in Sm4sh, and their game was recently re-released on the Wii U’s Nintendo eShop.

Interestingly, the game has yet to be released on the Nintendo eShop in the US. They announced it for EU, though, so I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until the game is re-released in the States as well.

Name: Randorudi

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Character: Inkling

Game: Splatoon

Reason: Even though the game has yet to be released, Nintendo’s new Splatoon enjoys considerable popularity and has a lot of support. Ever since the game’s reveal at E3 2014, people have been enchanted and impressed by its original gameplay (TPS-style paint wars), cool atmosphere, and unique character designs full of personality. The Internet is already full of fanart and music arrangements, and Club Nintendo has already begun releasing Splatoon goods. That’s why I’d like you to let the Squid (a.k.a. the “Inkling”) join the fray in Sm4sh. I think she (or he) would really shine in this massive collection of Nintendo characters. Please give it some thought!

Whether it’s as Sm4sh DLC or as a fighter in Sma5h, I have no doubt that the Inklings will be fighting alongside Nintendo’s best and brightest sooner or later.

Name: Wasako

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Character: Mega Kangaskhan

Game: Pokémon Series

Reason: She’s tough and really cool.

And super-broken! Even if Mega Kangaskhan did show up in Sm4sh, I’m sure she’d just get banned in that game, too.
Playful jesting aside, I can see mother and child working just like Rosalina & Luma.

Name: Lumaru

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Character: Ryuta Ippongi

Game: Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!

Reason: Yo! I want Ryuta Ippongi to fight in Sm4sh! He’s popular, he already has 3D animations, and I think he’d be perfect as a fighter or as an Assist Trophy!

Ouendan 2 on the Nintendo DS sold about 270,000 copies! Even though the Ouendan games were only released in Japan, the series is even popular overseas as “Elite Beat Agents”! Ouendan and the EBA appeared in Brawl as trophies!

You can see him pumping his fists in the DS game! From jabs to tilts to Smashes in all directions, he’s got all the right moves! For his special moves and his Final Smash, he could summon a meteor, call one of his teammates—anything! Not even a hunk of frozen space rock can keep him down: he’s unstoppable!

Hailing from Yuuhimachi, Ryuta is the leader of the esteemed Ouendan. His goal is to cheer on the people of the world, giving them the power to overcome any obstacles! That’s why I think he’d make a great Assist Trophy! He could be just like Victini! I want to see him cheer on the other fighters!

It’s been seven years, and people are still anxiously awaiting an Ouendan sequel! I’d be happy even if you just port his trophy from Brawl to Sm4sh! Please!

Even though he went way over the 500-character limit, this guy was easily the most passionate of all the posters I’ve seen this far. I suspect he might be the ouendan’s secret fourth member! Lumaru was also the person I found who actually wanted their favorite character to become an Assist Trophy.

Name: Ebijuu

Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Character: Gunvolt

Game: Azure Striker Gunvolt

Reason: I think Gunvolt would have a fighting style unlike any other combatant in Sm4sh. He could evade oncoming attacks using his Prevasion ability, hurl lightning rods at foes, and summon a Flashfield to shock enemies with a powerful electric attack. He could have an EP Gauge to power his electric abilities that gradually refills over time. Some of his attacks, like his Voltaic Chains, would be perfect for a Final Smash. It would also be cool if, instead of having the crowd cheer for Gunvolt, Lumen would start singing a song—just like in the game!

I had never heard of this game until I read this guy’s post, but it looks like your standard Inafune fare. Could be fun, though! Also, the last boss looks ridiculous in the most wonderful way possible.

Name: Gachou

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Character: Chrom

Game: Fire Emblem Awakening

Reason: I thought his treatment in Sm4sh was kind of overkill, especially since he’s a protagonist just like Marth and Ike. How come you let Robin and Lucina join the fray but not the main character?

Because they aren’t bland, blue-haired bladesmen like Chrom? Er, I mean… Moving on!

Name: Kelvin

Age: N/A

Gender: N/A

Character: Klonoa

Game: Klonoa Series

Reason: 1) The games have a special place in my heart.

2) Bandai Namco Studios helped with the development of Sm4sh.

3) His humorous nature and the action elements from his game would be a perfect fit for Sm4sh.

I’ve never played any of the Klonoa games, but his design is excellent!

Name: Pokémon & Puyo Puyo Lover

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Character: Lulu

Game: Madou Monogatari Puyo Puyo

Reason: 1) She’s cute and sexy.

2) She has a wide variety of physical attacks that would work very well in Sm4sh.

3) I want more female characters.

Since I know nothing about the Puyo Puyo games and failed to find any official English resources on the matter, I left out the names of all of Lulu’s special attacks in item #2.”

Name: Barney

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Character: Swampert

Game: Pokémon Series

Reason: Swampert can learn a plethora of different moves, including Surf, Waterfall, Rock Slide, Arm Hammer, Earthquake, Ice Beam, and Avalanche. His ability to adapt to a variety of situations matches perfectly with what Smash Bros. is about.

Moreover, there aren’t really any truly “heavy” Pokémon on the current roster, so I think he would bring something new to the table. Given that Swampert [Mudkip] is one of the first Pokémon you can choose in the latest games in the series, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I think he’s also quite popular right now.

Just thinking about Swampert Mega Evolving and rampaging around the battlefield in Sm4sh gets me so excited. Please let him join the fray!

Doesn’t Charizard count as “heavy”? It doesn’t matter, though, because I herd Sakurai lieks Mudkipz better anyway.

Name: Meamea

Age: N/A

Gender: Female

Character: Fiora

Game: Xenoblade Chronicles

Reason: Although [spoilery stuff happens], Fiora bravely fought onward, not lamenting her fate. Of all the female heroines I’ve seen, she stands out as the most charming. If she ends up joining the roster, she would stand out from the rest by unleashing quick dual-blade attacks and utilizing a variety of Arts in combat. Her palette swaps could reflect various kinds of equipment, and her Chain Attack could bring Sharla and Melia into the spotlight… My imagination is running wild!

Honestly, I’d be happy if Sakurai just included all seven party members from Xenoblade as playable characters in Sm4sh. Since my beloved Dunban was relegated to the role of Mii Costume, however, I’ll take Fiora as a solid second choice.

Name: Akumyan

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Character: Snake

Game: Metal Gear Solid Series

Reason: (beginning is cut off), and Snake is no exception. In Smash Bros. Brawl, Snake boasted a unique playstyle and impressive firepower, and we can’t forget his fighter analysis codec conversations. He exuded appeal—and it’s precisely that sort of appeal that Sm4sh so desperately needs.

Given Kojima’s current situation and Nintendo’s relationship with Konami, I don’t think Snake’s chances are looking too great. Plus, I prefer the Kid Icarus: Uprising conversations anyway, but that’s a matter of personal taste.

Name: Tsuchihata

Age: N/A

Gender: Female

Character: Pete

Game: Harvest Moon

Reason: Since a non-combatant like the Villager from Animal Crossing joined the fray, I think it would be great to see another heartwarming character like Pete from Harvest Moon in Sm4sh, too! He could attack with a scythe, hammer, axe, and other farming tools. I also envision him ringing a bell to direct cows to ram opponents. He could even heal himself by cooking up a home meal, or weaken foes by feeding them a failed recipe. Instead of using his farming tools to drive away the pesky wild dogs that plague the farm, I’d love to see him use them to fight the other characters in Sm4sh!

Sakurai has already proven with Villager and Wii Fit Trainer that just about anyone can become a fighter, so why not Pete? I could see a lot of overlap with Villager’s moveset, though.

Name: Gum Guy

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Character: Ashley

Game: WarioWare Series

Reason: I know Ashley’s already an Assist Trophy, but I want to play as her! Even if it’s too late for her this time, at least promote her to a playable character in the next game!

Ashley’s AT in Sm4sh was already quite polished, so Sakurai and the gang could easily just use her model as is. Plus, that new gothic march remix of Ashley’s Theme feels like a waste without her on the battlefield!

Smash 4 DLC: The Case for Simon Belmont

Simon Belmont

Simon, as he looked in the 2013 3DS game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate. Look at that manly ginger beard!

Character Background: A member of the Belmont clan of vampire hunters, Simon Belmont is a holy warrior with unmatched resolve. It is his duty, as the inheritor of the legendary Vampire Killer whip, to strike down Dracula and his demonic minions whenever they might arise from their slumber. The forces of evil are a powerful lot, but luckily for us Simon has been trained from birth for this fight and is armed to the teeth with an arsenal of divine weaponry, ranging from explosive holy water to cross shaped boomerangs.

Castlevania is a franchise with multiple playable heroes, but Simon is the original and one of the most iconic. He is the hero of the very first title in the series, the Famicom Disk System title Castlevania, as well as the reworked NES/Famicom version of the game and it’s direct sequel, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. The franchise has had over 30 entries since its 1986 debut, many of them going on to sell millions of copies and be critical darlings (I’m looking at you, Symphony of the Night.) The latest game in the series to appear on Nintendo hardware, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate for the 3DS, featured a reimagined Simon Belmont as a protagonist.

The many looks of Simon Belmont. The guy goes through a lot of hair dye.

Reasons for inclusion: Castlevania is one of the most iconic NES and SNES franchises. The series has appeared on four Nintendo home consoles and on everyone of the companies hand held systems. The first four titles in the series are often found on “best of” or “top ten” lists for the systems they were made for.

Just look at this list Nintendo Power published in 2008 of the top 20 NES game of all time:

1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
3. Mega Man 2
4. Super Mario Bros.
5. Metroid
6. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out
7. Contra
8. Super Mario Bros. 2
9. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse
10. Ninja Gaiden
11. Mega Man 3
12. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
13. DuckTales
14. Castlevania
15. Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

16. Maniac Mansion
17. Bionic Commando
18. Dragon Warrior IV
19. Final Fantasy
20. Kid Icarus

Castlevania NES cover (Hey look, it’s Conan with a whip!)

Simon himself is the most reoccurring lead character in the series, and has a look that would help him stand apart from the rest of the Smash Bros. fighters. “Barbarian in a leather skirt with a whip” is a pretty unique combination of attributes, after all. His fighting style is also a perfect fit for Smash Bros, since his skills with a whip and the series sub weapon system (which features items such as knives, flames, axes, and boomerangs) could easily translate to a fighting game move list, and has in fact done so twice: first in 2003’s Japan only party fighter DreamMix TV World Fighters, and then in 2008’s Castlevania Judgement.

He is also the only remaining non-playable cast member of Captain N that originated in a video game. Can you guess which three characters are supposed to be Simon, Pit, and Megaman?

Reasons for exclusion: Konami and Nintendo aren’t exactly the best business partners at the present time. The last games that Konami produced for the 3DS were released in 2013. They have yet to publish a title for the Wii U that is not a virtual console release of an old NES or SNES game. Worse yet, there are currently no known Konami software titles in development for the Wii U. Huh, that seemed really familiar.

Castlevania is also not the premier franchise it once was. Recent titles in the series are lucky to reach a million in sales, while Metal Gear Solid titles routinely break that threshold with ease. Snake himself stands in the way of any other Konami vet as well. He has seniority as a “veteran character” so it is likely we will never see another Konami character if Snake hasn’t made it back in first.


What is Smash Bros. without music? Here are a few tracks you can look forward to if Simon makes it in:

If you enjoyed this piece, check out the case for Snake here!

Smash 4 DLC: The Case for Snake

With Smash DLC now being a reality, I thought this would be a good time to break down possible DLC candidates.  This will be part one of what will (hopefully) be a comprehensive break down of viable third party characters for DLC.  As it stands now, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS has a total of three third party characters, those being Sonic the Hedgehog, Pacman, and Megaman.  Conspicuous by his absence is Solid Snake, the only non-returning third party veteran.  In honor or our fallen soldier, we will be looking at what I see as the top three DLC contenders from his home company, Konami.

The perfect disguise

Solid Snake

Character Background: Solid Snake is a soldier of fortune from the Metal Gear franchise. Part of the elite special forces unit Foxhound, Snake is a true super soldier.  He is a  man who specializes in the impossible, a living weapon and expert spy that has been tasked with destruction and disarmament of the titular Metal Gear units (bipedal nuclear armed tanks) time and time again.

Metal Gear NES edition (that cover is totally not just a frame from the movie Terminator that’s been painted over)

The series roots are in the 1987 release of the game Metal Gear on the MSX2.  Most Western fans are more familiar with the NES/Famicom port of the game as the MSX2 had a limited release in the region.  The franchise is a pioneer of stealth-gaming that has repeatedly revolutionized the  genre over the past three decades.  It looks to do so again with the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain later this year.

Reasons for inclusion: Snake is really a no-brainer.  He is a veteran of the Smash Bros. series, and while he may not fit in with the rest of the cast on the surface, his gritty “mature” outward appearance is part of his appeal.  He has a unique aesthetic, moveset, and a gaming world that adds a lot of charm to the Smash Bros. universe. Case in point: his in game Codec conversations from Brawl.

These  conversations provided players with a fun and interesting way to learn more about the characters found in Smash Bros.  In them, Snake would use his two way communicator (the Codec) to ask for advice about the characters he was facing from various members of his supporting crew from the Metal Gear franchise.  These Codecs were so well received, in fact, that Sakurai felt the need to include a similar feature in Smash Bros. for Wii U in the guise of “Palutena’s Guidance.”

I’ve been cut, Colonel!

Snake is also a highly recognizable gaming icon.  The Metal Gear series is one of the longest running and most successful in gaming, with over 39 million units of software sold since its inception. Not only that, but the character  has been on Nintendo hardware for over 28 years, most recently in 2012 with Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

Reasons for exclusion: Konami and Nintendo aren’t exactly the best business partners at the present time.  The last games that Konami produced for the 3DS were released in 2013.  They have yet to publish a title for the Wii U that is not a virtual console release of an old NES or SNES game.  Worse yet, there are currently no known Konami software titles in development for the Wii U.  This includes the newest Metal Gear Solid titles, which are not being ported despite also releasing on inferior hardware (in this case the Xbox 360.)

Will old man Snake and his fabulous mustache forever be doomed to Sony exclusivity?

There is also the issue of Metal Gear’s legacy with Nintendo.  Snake may be a gaming icon, but he is not a Nintendo icon.  He is much more closely associated with rival console manufacturer Sony, and has in fact only been featured in one non-port on a Nintendo video game system (the 1998 Gameboy Color game Metal Gear: Ghost Babel.)  While the original Metal Gear was ported to the NES, it was done so with no input from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and is considered a vastly inferior version.  The game is so different, in fact, that Kojima himself does not consider it a true part of the Metal Gear series.

This last point was once a positive in Snakes favor.  Hideo Kojima and Masahiro Sakurai are friends and it is a known fact that Snake’s inclusion in Smash Bros. Brawl is largely due to this.  Kojima is now leaving Konami, so this is now at best a neutral point.


What is Smash Bros. without music?  Here are a few tracks you can look forward to if Snake comes back.

If you enjoyed reading this piece, check out the case for Simon Belmont here.

Indie Representation in Smash:

Warning: This article is my personal opinion!

Social media is currently on fire, as many indie fans and developers are feverishly supporting their characters to be included as Sm4sh DLC. As of right now, there are four main contenders.

Commander Video:

Commander Video’s trophy was only revealed in the American Nintendo Direct (His trophy segment was not featured in the Japanese Direct). Has a full release on both the Wii and 3DS. He is almost synonymous with the word Indie because of his numerous cross-overs/ references in other indie games.

Had a game released on the Game Boy Color. I haven’t played any of her games, and I’m unfamiliar with her creator. I know that her newest game is multi-platform. The first time I ran into this character was through Smash speculation, if that means anything.

From Cave Story. One of the first mainstream indie games, and has a full physical release on the 3DS. The original developer, Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya is Japanese, which would help his chances. As far as Cave Story goes, it is an incredibly unique game, and have been released on a ton of platforms– multiple times.

Shovel Knight:
Probably has the most support right now due to his beautiful Smashified, but I see his chances very low. The main reason is that his game has not been released in Japan yet. Furthermore, while Shovel Knight is a great game, it doesn’t have legacy like the other characters do. 3rd party characters need legacy, and within indie legacy Shovel Knight has the least in this short list.

Personally, I believe none of these guys have a chance of getting in as Sm4sh DLC. (Read about how I think Sakurai picks the roster here, for a more indepth reason) I’m also suspicious that some are using the poll in order to advertise their characters/ franchise in general–especially Shantae as Way Forward include their Kickstarter link while including hashtags for Smash. The Western indie scene is really behind in Japan. In the latest Nintendo Direct, they featured Little Inferno and The Swapper– games that came out 2-3 years ago in the West.

Furthermore, they are not iconic like Pac-man, Sonic, Megaman or Snake. There’s tons of 3rd party characters that are way more iconic than these characters. If Nintendo wanted to show support for Indie titles, then they should include more trophies for various indie titles, or even assist trophies. But playable characters are on a whole different level. Indie games have a steep up-hill battle to climb to even be considered.

Tell me how I’m wrong in the comments below.
Then, bash my choices here.

Japanese Discussion on Smash DLC Pt. 1: Shovel Knight, Gender Bending, and more!

Okay, so I had this great idea of translating most of the Smash 2ch thread. I figured it would give everyone a good idea of 1. ow Smash is discussed in Japan (It’s not that different than in English) 2. What characters are being talked about. This is a very long post, but I hope it’s informative for the English community.

Since this poll is open until October, this will be a multi-part series. I don’t plan on always translate 2ch threads. Instead, I’d like to get various sources. I might go with Miiverse for my next part (probably in a week, so subscribe!). Here’s what some Japanese people are saying about the Smash Ballot in Japan. Comments made by me are in orange.

NOTE: 791 was mistranslated. I’m really sorry for the confusion. It should be correct now. Correction by TheMaskedMan on Neogaf aka Aeris.

68 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 13:52:22.90 ID:JVJRRUTJ

I ended up casting a vote for Cooking Mama
She’s an unexpected character and will sell abroad, so I think it’s a good choice.

なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 14:02:26.95 ID:iKbWYuQj>>68
/⌒ヽ γ⌒ヽ
(    V    )
\      ∠_
/         _)
/──–、    /
.       /_) (\  /   /
/・ノ ・`ー’ /   \
/ iヽし__,.ヘ し⌒ゝ__ノ
| ヽ_,、__ノ  cj (    もっと良い適任者が居ると思いませんか?
ヽ 7 /     ヽ_ノヽ
i、二,._   /`く
し’-、/ ̄ ̄__/
(`ーレ’ ̄ ̄
/ //
( / /
 ̄ _ソ

Don’t you think there’s a better choice?

92 :なまえをいれてください 転載ダメ©2ch.net:2015/04/03(金) 14:30:53.35 ID:4mtXcMuL
Where’s Pichu’s revival?

97 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 14:34:36.79 ID:j4MKypIT
Roy (and others) are on the verge of being useless.Even if he (they) are included, I don’t think anybody will use them.

114 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 14:51:44.55 ID:q1yHvfv7自分の欲しいキャラのために他のキャラをディスるようなやつが

120 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 15:02:00.34 ID:3VOwDaqT追加DLCへの期待を込めて外付けHDD買ってきたわ

127 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 15:15:30.12 ID:UoarDloG
Even if Nintendo releases a DLC, I would prefer a packaged version.

128 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 15:16:35.42 ID:wL3/gUYw
I welcome a packaged version one way or the other.

129 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 15:17:13.95 ID:JuEVooin
I’ve downloaded most of the Wii U games. I can quickly play my favorite games like Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Hyrule Warriors or Dragon Quest. This year, I’m going to add Xeno Cross and Splatoon too…

131 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 15:21:55.43 ID:In4HQSrT
I ‘ve played Mario Kart and Smash Brothers for several hundred hours so even if the loading is only a second faster, downloading is the way to go.

135 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 15:28:48.35 ID:QPOTSBDi
It’s amazing~ Mewtwo, Lucario and Greninja will be able to battle together. In X, I really wanted to see Mewtwo and Lucario fight against each other.

137 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 15:35:36.54 ID:UoarDloG
That’s right. Squirtle and Ivysaur have a chance of coming back now!!

140 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 15:46:37.34 ID:zBLFSES3
It’s time to add people’s favorites like Lucas and Wolf and get rid of characters like Dark Pit.

150 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:16:12.60 ID:zBLFSES3
There’s nothing with Lucas on the 3DS? I wonder if they are still developing it.

151 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:16:32.47 ID:In4HQSrT
Are you guys going to buy the Mii Fighter costumes?
To be truthful, I’m not going to buy anything expect for the fighters.
I haven’t used the Mii Fighters once.

152 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:19:23.60 ID:sOWtBvxu
I’m going to buy the whole set.
I’m only going to use Zelda and Proto Man.

154 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:24:54.48 ID:In4HQSrT>>152
Proto man is really cool-
The cap is a mask type so I’m almost into it.
I might just buy that costume.

155 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:25:03.44 ID:ISn9sehS
Aren’t there a lot of people who like Mii Fighters?
As for me, I hate them.

161 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:39:25.23 ID:rTYuhyvc>>135
I want to realize my dream of fighting Wendy and Birdo.

162 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:42:01.69 ID:GjTnoMax
Geno and others can make an appearance. It seems they are popular.

163 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:44:52.69 ID:E8TmgqO8
Finally Geno and others can appear, huh?

167 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:53:00.30 ID:UoarDloG
Geno? Where does he come from?

171 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:57:30.50 ID:WwRb//ts
Doesn’t (former) Square own the rights for Geno? I feel it might be difficult.

176 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 16:59:22.51 ID:LvTfe8Ru
Even though Geno is a highly request character, there’s a chance that Geno can make an appearance as a Mii outfit.

183 :なまえをいれてください 転載ダメ©2ch.net:2015/04/03(金) 17:03:10.25 ID:jk6lzxGg        ’、…‐-`、ー-、ト、ト、
ヽ、 、 ``  、 ’,   i i `i..__
.      、> 、_ヽ、ヽ、 `、 !  ,’ ,’  ノ  <
_>-ァ’ ¨´´ ̄``    - 、   ‐<
>’´ ‘´// .//==ヽ、 ヽ ヽ.  ヽ
‘フ´// 〃.∠../.ニエニ….ヽ. lヽ、ヽ、 ミ
ノィ´ 〃/ .ィ7>-、   ,.-<`i┘ヽ、`ミ
.      ノイ /r’7| ! !゚」    !゚」 ! ルヘ.ヽ、≦
ノィ_ ィヘ.ーl.  ̄ 、,   ̄ l_ノル’^`
‘´ ノノ`’r!   ー__-‐  イハ〈
_, ィ’てて`r、    _,.∠┴ァ ,.ニニ二.`ー、_
,.イ´-‐”⌒)ミ`ー`┴”`”~´   //..:..:..:..:..:..ヽ ヽヽ
〃/..:..:..:..:.メ>-‐’,.ニ ̄¨二, ̄{ {..:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:ヽ ヽメ
. 〈 (..:..:..:..:.:.:.i´ij 「{ .{{..:(〇)..:..} }7ヽ.ヽ、:.;:. ‐’,.二二二くメ

Can you guy who I voted for?*
*There’s a pun using Roy’s name in the original Japanese sentence.

184 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 17:03:53.44 ID:LvTfe8Ru
Of course I voted for Ice Climbers.

185 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 17:04:22.15 ID:UoarDloG
If Roy doesn’t have a Melee voice set then the value is reduced by half.

192 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 17:16:52.70 ID:QPOTSBDi
Wolf is probably almost in the game.
>>183: Give up on Roy.

198 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 17:23:22.25 ID:yGfnph1e
I wanted to vote for Paper Mario, but I’ve given up on as he’s not perfectly new?
I’ve decided to be realistic and divert my vote to Bandana Waddle Dee who can move like Kirby.

202 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 17:27:58.22 ID:SuFxEVPS
If Geno appears, I would literally cry but, I think Chobo’s or Cloud should appear first.

204 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 17:29:14.45 ID:ISn9sehS
Square still holds the copyright for Geno!
(Suggesting him) is just a joke.

205 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 17:31:54.35 ID:JVJRRUTJ>>198
When I look at Waddle Dee, I don’t really see a unique personality. And he’s not established as a master spear user. Mewtwo changed from having a big head in Melee, to a nice bone structure so I think the skeleton doesn’t really matter.

237 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 18:26:20.18 ID:6SkyIj3Q

Character: Cloud
Title: FF7

The people who write that really shouldn’t be allowed to leave the hospital.

248 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 18:38:03.55 ID:wSqbaWBDmii

Mii Fighter 2 Pack:
Wolf Set (Brawler type)
Roy Set (Swordsman Type)
Captain K. Rool Set (Shooter Type)

263 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 18:58:07.60 ID:PXFi7CuF
I wonder if Dixie has a chance as she’s a helper trophy in Smash Tour…

266 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 19:05:35.26 ID:uk5PV+r3
I requests Megaman Zero and Tharja

271 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 19:11:11.10 ID:qhHslVEg
I happy to see Earthbound (Mother) as DLC
Being realistic, I think Mewtwo -> Lucas (Wolf) and 2-3 more characters

276 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 19:18:56.28 ID:wL3/gUYw

In reality, an unarmed Ganondorf is really strange. Unaramed Ganondorf is compatible with Black Shadow, and there are many people who want an original moveset Ganondorf that  uses a sword or magic attacks.

277 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 19:19:19.07 ID:6BFhcYXY
For Pokemon its Pichu, Squirtle and Ivysuar. Afrer that it’s Sceptile right?

279 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 19:24:31.72 ID:KZ2ohLI5
Even though Ganondorf’s moves can be moved to fit Black Shadow’s perfectly, there will be complaints that Ganondorf isn’t an ancient character master anymore.

280 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 19:26:01.48 ID:Gysf5hZI
Those people (that say that Ganondorf should be changed) are in the minority so you can ignore them.

Why is Krystal supposrt so low?
Doesn’t she have a spear? And a personality around the spear? Furthermore, she’s even a women!

284 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 19:30:35.75 ID:7TQ0cmtV
Hey, I’m really dissatisfied that there aren’t any new Zelda characters.

288 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 19:32:16.84 ID:Dsptnqcz
Black Shadow has no compatibility issues with Ganondorf’s moveset but as for me, I always imagined him as having moves like a Pro Wrestler. He would drop kick with his side smash like Bowser.

289 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 19:33:39.03 ID:qhHslVEg
I think Magolor would be a better choice than Waddle Dee but Sakurai probably wouldn’t approve
I wonder if he will include anything new…

294 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 19:39:56.74 ID:pehs4xJ8
Waddle Dee doesn’t really have impact…but he’s no longer in Dedede’s moveset and
Bandanna Waddle Dee and a Ribbon pair, like Rosalina and Luma would be good I think.

304 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 20:03:03.55 ID:NwuGlV/H
Boynetta please! I wonder if it would be impossible for her to get in, as it was a D rated game (CERO) for all the blood.

317 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 20:18:05.46 ID:8zzionLT
I don’t want just Final Destination style levels, I’d like battlefield style or Smashville styles too.

319 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 20:19:33.73 ID:M03e9zxf
I wonder when Fire Emblem: If (the new FE game) is released abroad if Kamui will appear…

336 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 20:52:27.68 ID:DVQQf2nd
A foreigner who cried when they saw Lucas return

338 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 20:55:24.79 ID:UoarDloG
Foreigners always put all their power into it. I’m happy, but I’m not going to cry about it (ha).

348 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 21:10:21.62 ID:phfDt+e5
ここ10年で産まれた  Within the last 10 years
主な任天堂の新キャラ  The major New Nintendo characters

カラテ家     Karate Joe
川島隆太    Kawashima
バーバラ様    Barabara
しずえ      Isabella
パリ夫   Pari Husband??
カラス Karous
ヤングクリケット Young Cricket
キャプテンレインボー  Captain Rainbow
安堂ケンサク  – And-Kensaku
イズン Zangeki No Regileiv character
イカ  Inkling
ベヨネッタ   Bayonetta
一本木龍太 Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan character
カッサー  Perry (Super Princess Peach)
ピンクル Pinkle
イヌジ  Rusty
ジロー Dillon
ハコボーイ Boxboy

ほか Others?

360 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 21:32:18.93 ID:KZ2ohLI5>>348
Add Isa and Kachi.   (Sin and Punishment)

371 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 21:49:13.79 ID:YnuTpV8+
I wanted a Zelda characrer. With Midna and Giriham as Assist Trophies, my want has turned to Toon Zelda.

373 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 21:51:34.14 ID:4mtXcMuL
For Zelda, I want the Zelda from Link Between Worlds to make an appearance

374 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 21:52:00.66 ID:aoVRwJQJ|
In reality we don’t need Wolf or Roy.
We already have 2 Fox-ish characters, and 3 Marth-ish characters, so I’m not going to vote for them.

389 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 22:11:41.40 ID:ZKXifuvs
I wonder what Lucas’ customs will be.

396 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 22:14:36.31 ID:VTXYshbB
>>389 PMのネスのフラッシュまんまきそうだ
It looks like Ness’ Project M Flash.

449 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 23:07:58.77 ID:1p5gFWvO
ディクシー Dixie
ウルフ  Wolf
キャサリン  Birdo
ベヨネット  Bayonetta
ワルイージ  Waluigi
I expect some of these guys to be in

450 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 23:08:04.15 ID:hepEFlD0リザードン&ゲッコウガやルキナ&ルフレのときみたいに派手なPVで
I could see a surprise reveal video like in the Charizard/ Greninja or the Robin/ Lucina video. “Dixie Kong joins the battle” and then from the shadows, “King K. Rool joins the battle” would be the best development.
But I think just developing DKC2 DLC would be difficult.

500 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 23:40:41.76 ID:5SNJEyEz
>>491 キャサリンは3DSのゴルフ以外プレイヤーになってないからなぁ
Birdo has only only playable on the 3DS Mario Golf (recently)
If there is a 3rd pack for Mario Kart, I’d like to see her in it.
For some reason, Nintendo has recently dropped Birdo. Even though, she’s the only transgender in Mario Kart

501 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 23:41:28.04 ID:ISn9sehS
>>500 ちょっとまって、キャサリンってニューハーフだったの?
Wait a second…Birdo is transgender?

510 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 23:50:12.18 ID:hepEFlD0
>>501 ニューハーフというかオカマだよあいつ
A transgender is just a male transvestite

514 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 23:55:28.67 ID:qhHslVEg
Birdo is a male transvestite but abroad because of gender discrimination she’s establish as a female.
Just like Vivian in Paper Mario

516 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/03(金) 23:57:19.06 ID:5SNJEyEz>>512
By the way, isn’t Yoshi genderless?
Birdo and Yoshi are a (without gender) couple? Isn’t that the case?

520 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:01:38.77 ID:xG3h1nXv
>>518 世の中にはブス専もいるんだよ!
In the world there are people who are attracted to ugly people!  There’s a word for this?? God I love Japanese.
I love Birdo, Wendy, Pom Pom. That’s right.

524 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:05:28.08 ID:Q7mhgo8r
I wonder if Dixie or King K. Rool will come.

526 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:06:08.77 ID:pOTwVBPu
今さらだけどミュウツー参戦の英語版、ミュウツーの逆襲(Mewtwo Strikes back!)になってるの細かいな
リュカのLucas comes out of Nowhereもなんか元ネタあるのかな
Mewtwo’s splash screen in the English version is Mewtwo’s counter attack (Mewtwo Strikes back), which is a small detail.
I wonder if Lucas’s “Lucas comes out of Nowhere” is also an original joke
When I translate it into Japanese, it means “Lucas turns up” It seems very American Comic book-like.

528 :悲しみが雪乃のように積もる夜に:2015/04/04(土) 00:09:12.77 ID:HgHfAw7o
I know there’s a Nowhere Island

529 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:09:55.35 ID:pOTwVBPu>>528
No WhereとNow Hereかけてるのか細かいなあ
There’s a small distinction between No Where or Now Here.

534 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:12:29.01 ID:thA4SYXf
come out of nowhere で「どこからともなく(=忽然と)現れる」みたいな意味になるはず
それとノーウェア島(英語だと Nowhere Island)をかけてるんだろうね
“comes out of nowhere” has a meaning like “Comes out of nowhere (suddenly). In addition, Nowhere Island (In English Nowhere Island).

535 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:13:31.07 ID:1ppP23np
As it turns out, we can’t protect from the Pink Gold Peach.

540 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:17:07.04 ID:z7sZk5uQ
マホロア ウルフ ブラックシャドー クルール ハデス グフー デミス ギーグ ホウオウ マムー タタンガ
It would be nice if there were more villains.
Magolor, Wolf, Black Shadow, King K. Rool, Hades, Vaati, Demise, Gigya, Hoho, Wart, Tatanga.
Villain fighting pack.

541 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:17:27.14 ID:pOTwVBPu
Rick, Coo, Kine are more than three
Something about a minigame? Sorry I don’t know Kirby Dream Land 2.

542 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:20:47.84 ID:MvQ4/a4b
I want Black Shadow.
Please make his cape longer.

543 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:21:45.62 ID:bFhSIj4n
I want Coo.
With him always flying, he have all his moves be projectiles.

560 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 00:38:00.35 ID:+o6xc8iLスネーク、しっかりしてよ!!スネーク!!

576 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 01:03:06.91 ID:iOtrVCSD
I heard there were considering Lucas for the 64 version too…

599 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 01:41:03.60 ID:oMHctRrK
We don’t need DLC, just start making the next game without Sakurai

652 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 04:05:36.67 ID:Ma5rIkoF



Wolf from Starfox
King K. Rool from Donkey
Ridley from Metroid
Black Shadow from F-Zero
Jet Black? from Fire Emblem
Hades from Kid Icarus

There’s a lot of choices.

657 :なまえをいれてください 転載ダメ©2ch.net:2015/04/04(土) 04:26:43.99 ID:4DTICsWq
It’d be no good if King K. Rool got in without Wolf
Ridley is being voted by foreigners, but he’s already a stage boss.

658 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 04:29:25.37 ID:d8TZBiFE
If you were to ask me who I think it more fun, K. Rool or Ridley I would say the later.
To be blunt, it would make the game less fun if they put a badly designed character like K. Rool.
But if Ridley made it in he would look like Charizard and would be a boring character.
I would want normal characters like Rayman.

659 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 04:37:48.59 ID:7LS9FiFX
If you can play as Ridley, they would need to do something like Galactica Mode in UMVC 3.

663 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 05:07:21.94 ID:ommbq7k6
バーバラ様に任天堂音ゲー代表として出てもらいたい バンブラ 応援団 リズム天国ネタ大盤振る舞いで
Barbara could represent Nintendo’s rhythm games, like Band Brothers, R. Heaven, Osu, Elite Beat Agents

678 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 05:33:04.94 ID:E7STJulc
Since there’s already big characters like Donkey Kong, Bowser, Dedede, Charizard I expect K. Rool to join them

679 :なまえをいれてください 転載ダメ©2ch.net:2015/04/04(土) 05:33:31.96 ID:4DTICsWq
Speaking of which, didn’t they just release Donkey Kong 64 (on the Virutal Console)
I’d like (K. Rool) to be in 64 style.

680 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 05:36:28.14 ID:KhqYwj8K
Paper Mario has some potential issues, but without them I think he’d be a good character.

683 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 05:37:01.37 ID:uj/9tP7D
Donkey Kong Country 3 has had pretty bad treatment
But I feel that Baron K. Rool is a serious villain

694 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 05:58:31.40ID:D2bPflKe
4610 people answered who they voted for ranking.
(This is TheNerdyOne_’s poll!)

703 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 06:08:45.46 ID:KhqYwj8K
>>694 日本語でおk
Japanese is ok.

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This isn’t a block vote.
Even though it’s 4,500 people it’s a little one sided based on where it was held.

Lots of argument about Ridley. If it’s good that he’s a stage gimmick or not. Didn’t feel like translating more Ridley talk. The people are pretty split.

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I want the Inkling but because they are so unique it might be really difficult.

723 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 07:22:49.91 ID:nkDToWe3
ここがダメだよ未参戦キャラ 1.06

アイクラ    表向きは3DS勢との釣り合いを取る為。本心は投げ連さよならグッバイ
スネーク    任天堂ハードに出てないのがまず第一。コジプロとの関係ありきだった
レイマン    国内知名度最低クラス。今更いわっちの贔屓で解決出来る問題ではない
リドリー    現役ファイター達とサイズが合わない。サムスを鷲掴み出来るレベル
クルール    レア社とのゴタゴタでDX、X期にドンキー作品が全面停滞。知名度ダウン
ディクシー   寸での所でX参戦ならず。企画段階ではDDとペア参戦という噂もあった
スカポン    権利でゴタゴタしてる間にファミコン世代が遠のく。埋もれた為印象弱め
バンカズ    権利をマイクロソフトに引き取られる。支持層が多いだけに惜しい存在
ロイ       諸事諸々で出す理由がない。マイチェン組の立場も危うくDLC低調予想
ベヨネッタ   エロすぎ。問題外
ボンバーマン コナミが権利を保持。シリーズは万人受けと言える存在感ゆえ希望多め
ペパマリ    キノコ勢多すぎ問題。特徴からG&Wのコンパチというわけにもいかず
These are the reasons these characters are bad.   1.06

Ice Climbers:  Publicly stated to be taken out due to the 3DS. Trurth is, they were thrown out. Good bye.
Snake: The first reason is he hasn’t been on Nintendo’s consoles. And there’s also the fact that Kojima doesn’t have a good relationship.
Rayman: He’s not well known in the country (Japan). And there’s nothing that can be done to fix that now,
Ridley: He doesn’t match the size of the fighters in the game. He can easily grab Samus in his game.
K. Rool: Because of confusion with Rare, between Melee and Brawl there were no new use of him. His familiarity is down.
Dixie:There is a rumor she was suppose to fight in Brawl, as a Diddy Pair.
Sukapon: Confusion over the copyright since the Famicon era. It’s been a long time and is now buried. Not that impressive
Banjo Kazooie: The copyright is owned by Microsoft. A lot of support but its a regrettable situation.
Roy: There’s not many reasons to put him out as DLC. Have low expections for a minor change DLC.
Bayonetta: Too erotic. Out of the question.
Bomberman: Konami has the copyright. The series is said to have sold over 10,000 copies and is wanted by many.
Paper Mario:  The problem of having too many reps from the Mushroom Kingdom. Said to take some traits from Game and Watch.

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It might be disagreeable, but I really want Ryu in the game.

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>>694 キノピオ隊長がわりと上位でキノピオ隊長に入れた俺歓喜
I would be really happy if Captain Toad was placed higher.

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Sakurai should open the character rankings to the public
So the self-satisfied, useless votes stop.

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キノピオ  戦闘力皆無。歴戦のファイターと同じ土俵にはまず立てない
ちびロボ  同上。アシストフィギュアとしての道も絶たれた
クロム   剣士キャラとしての特徴を出せない為ボツ(桜井談)。Mii着せ替えワンチャン
W101勢  知名度不足。アシストフィギュアからも弾き出される。Mii着せ替えワンチャン
リズ天勢  デマ情報にリストアップされる程度と知名度。まーくんの閃きが足りない
クリスタル ウルフがこぼれた時点で未来は絶たれた。GCスタフォ作品の業は深い
テイルス  他社勢は1社1キャラが限度と桜井談。ディクシーの予定が立てばコンパチ可能?
Vジョー   既に参戦して実績を残している。Mii着せ替えがあれば御の字だろう
クラッシュ  PSハードを牽引したものの迷走。捨て子とも言える不遇の存在
ポケトレ   嫌がらせで交換連打が流行った為リザードン一本立ち。残り二匹は可能性アリ?
ピチュー  「最弱」のレッテルを貼られ十数年。DLCとして購買意欲をそそれるのか?
ジーノ   スクウェアと揉めて権利が面倒臭いというのがファン内の常識。嘘参戦画像は数え切れない

Toad: Has no fighting strength. Can’t stand in the same arena as the other figures.
Cibi Robo: Same as above. Hasn’t even been an Assist Trophy.
Chrom: Thrown away because he doesn’t have any defining swordsman trait (Sakurai)  Can be made with Mii Fighters
Wonder Red: Low familiarity. Didn’t make it as Assist Trophies. Can be made with Mii Fighters.
R. Heaven: Gained familiarity after the false information rumor. Only Marshall can make it.
Krystal: Wolf will probably be announced soon, so Krystal will be cut off. The GC Star Fox game is deep.
Tails: Sakurai said from other companies they will only select one character. With plans for Dixie can he exist at the same time?
Viewtiful Joe:  The time has already passed for his inclusion. Isn’t it enough just to change the Mii clothes?
Crash Bandicoot: Straying from supporting Playstation. Like an abandoned child, it’s a harsh reality.
Pokemon Trainer: Charizard was separated because it was annoying to change out. Do the other two have a chance?
Pichu: “Most weak” label has stuck around for over ten years. Does that really excite you to buy him as DLC?
Geno: It’s common to have fans dispute Square’s ownership of him. There’s been a number of fake leaks.

739 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 08:06:09.21 ID:nkDToWe3
デイジー     ピーチの色替えとしてDXより健在。需要はともかくコンパチは容易
ワルイージ    既にアシストとして参戦。作品として一本立ちしていないのも立場を弱くする一因
キャサリン    ホモ。コンパチは容易
ブラックシャドー 原作がマリカと張り合える要素無く作品展開打ち止め。コンパチの芽はある
インパ       どのインパで行くのかが問題。シークコンパチは容易だが魅力に欠ける
インクリング   通称イカ娘。参戦当確レベルとファンの間で話が進むが、未知数である
ナックルズ    ソニックのお供で位置付けはパワータイプ。他社枠なのが難点
ゴエモン      ブランド完全消滅。現在スタッフは任天堂のサードパーティとして活躍
リュウ(スト2)  スレに変な人達が沢山沸くのでやめてください
リップ       任天堂生え抜きのパズルゲーム。既に武装を剥がれ戦闘不能
アルル・ナジャ  セガが権利を保持。海外知名度の低さが難点
Lv5関連      数年で作品を食い潰す制作スタイルが長期的な知名度維持に繋がらない

ありがとうございます! 参戦出来ないの理由を読むが面白かったです。

Daisy: She has been Peaches’ alt since Melee. If she gets enough votes it’d be easy to add her.
Waluigi: He’s already an Assist Figure; Hasn’t hd an original game, so his case for a fighter is weak.
Birdo: Gay. Making a clone of her would be easy.
Black Shadow: Mario Kart has rivaled his series, and there isn’t a new game being in developed. Could be a semi-clone.
Inpa: What Impa is the question. If you make a Sheik clone then she would lose her charm.
Inkling: Popular name: Ink Daughter. She seems to have a lot of support, but the exact number is unknown.
Knucles: Sonic’s friend that’s a power type. Has the issue with 3rd parties.
Goemon: The brand has disappeared. The staff is now in 3rd party studios.
Ryu (Street Fighter 2): Street Fighter has a lot of weird, vocal people so please stop.
Arle Nadja: Sega owns the copyright. Has low name recognition abroad.
Level 5: Their style is to produce one title for several years until it eats itself, so they don’t maintain their brands.

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The Teslagrad protagonist

774 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 08:54:34.96 ID:Mp84+lKy
There is a strange character who is ranked 1 in that poll, but I translated the names. Sorry if I made a mistake.
1 ショベルナイト  Shovel Knight
2 その他  Other
3 キングクルール King K. Rool
4 スネーク  Snake
5 ロビン  Isaac
6 ウルフ  Wolf
7 アイスクライマー Ice Climber
8 ベヨネッタ  Bayonetta
9 インクリング   Inkling
10 ワルイージ  Waluigi
11 レイマン  Rayman
12 ペーパーマリオ  Paper Mario
13 ロイ  Roy
14 リドリー  Ridley
15 バンジョー&カズーイ Banjo and Kazooie
16 ジーノ  Geno
17 ワンダレッド Wonder Red
18 ボンバーマン  Bomberman
19 スタルキッド  Skull Kid
20 バンダナワドルディ  Bandanna Waddle Dee
21 ディクシーコング  Dixie Kong
22 レイトン教授  Professor Layton
23 キノピオ隊長  Captain Toad
24 コーラスメン  Chorus Men
25 シモン・ベルモンド Simon Belmon

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Please put Ashley in.
Because she’s cute.

782 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 08:58:38.48 ID:Mp84+lKy
>>774続き Continue
26 ナックルズ   Knuckles
27 逆転裁判 Pheonix Wright
28 ゼロ  Zero
29 クロム  Chrom
30 ミドナ  Midna
31 フシギソウ  Ivysaur
32 ジュカイン  Sceptile
33 悟空  Goku
34 インパ  Impa
35 シュレック  Shrek
36 ソラ Sora
37 クリスタル Krystal
38 ゼニガメ  Squirtle
39 テイルス  Tails
40 ビューティフル ジョー Viewtiful Joe
41 ちびロボ  Chibi Robo
42 クラッシュ バンディクー Crash Bandicoot
43 ギラヒム  Ghiriham
44 ピチュー  Pichu
45 リンカーン  Lincoln
46 キノピオ  Toad
47 ゾロアーク  Zoarak
48 シャドウ  Shadow
49 バシャーモ   Blaiken
50 シャンティ  Shantae

I think it’s interesting to have the cut Pokemon in it.

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Seeing no Captain Rainbow on the poll makes me sad. What’s a Shovel Knight?

784 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 09:00:23.65 ID:Ma5rIkoF
Why is there Dragon Ball mixed in?

788 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 09:10:16.49 ID:nkDToWe3
Shantea should hurry up and release a game domestically (in Japan)

791 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 09:14:35.00 ID:S06nIibU
Shovel Knight and others, and Splatoon which haven’t gone on sale yet
It’s like saying to Japan “release it” “release it”
Foreigners aren’t that different.

The original version had a mistranslation here. I’m really sorry.

(Some Roy discussion)

805 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 09:37:04.93 ID:goVRltvP
Stop suggesting Roy
If we get Roy it will get in the way of a another character being release

(More talk about Roy, Sonic, Lucina, Marth. Don’t feel like translating anymore tonight.)

1000 :なまえをいれてください:2015/04/04(土) 14:23:35.88 ID:WIA6iBSY
If I’m the 1000th post, Pichu will come back as DLC.

So there you have it, Pichu is confirmed.
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